Obama re-election launches with email, website

Obama re-election launches with email, website

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama formally launched his re-election campaign Monday, urging grass-roots supporters central to his first White House run to mobilize again to protect the change he’s brought over the past two years.

The official start of his second White House bid, in the midst of three wars, a budget fight with Congress, and sluggish economic recovery, comes 20 months before the November 2012 election.

“We’ve always known that lasting change wouldn’t come quickly or easily. It never does,” the Democrat said in an e-mail announcing his candidacy to more than 13 million supporters. “But as my administration and folks across the country fight to protect the progress we’ve made – and make more – we also need to begin mobilizing for 2012, long before the time comes for me to begin campaigning in earnest.”

He told them he was filing the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, and directed them to his new campaign website where a launch video featured clips from supporters talking about their continued backing of the Democrat.

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Obama re-election launches with email, website

I am going to say this as nicely as I possibly can: we may not survive the remainder of Obama’s FIRST regime, the Obamanation is intent on the destruction of the United States of America and is doing any and everything they can to implement programs to make that happen.

George W. Bush may not have been the best POTUS we ever had, but compared to Barack Hussein Obama, Ol’ George is a rocket scientist.

The only thing that will stop Jimmy Carter from going down in American history as the WORST President ever? Yeah, that’s right, Barack Hussein Obama. Carter loves him some Obama.

“I don’t agree with Obama on everything but I respect him and I trust him,” Ed from North Carolina says, delivering what’s certain to become a key part of the president’s pitch as he tries to re-energize liberal backers who have criticized some of his policies and independent voters who have fled from him in his first term.

I don’t agree with Barack Hussein Obama on ANYTHING, and I have NO respect for him either.

Once upon a time I was convinced that you could seriously dislike an American President and still hold at least some degree of respect for the Office OF the President. Barack Hussein Obama has rendered that belief to be null and void.

If the people that voted for Barack Hussein Obama in the last election haven’t received that WAKE THE HELL UP call, then this nation is doomed.

Maybe we need to call the Obama regime “Brokeback Presidency”… Just sayin’…

The inmates are running the asylum. But, in all fairness, if the GOP doesn’t field a candidate that can actually defeat Obama, we will have descended into the abyss to a point that we may never be able to recover the America that most of us grew up in.

Between now and the election, the incumbent Democrat will work to convince a fickle America that he has delivered change, made the right moves and earned the chance to continue the job. He will have to defend policies that have proven divisive, chief among them his sweeping health care overhaul and his efforts to boost the slow-to-rebound economy.

Barack Hussein Obama has brought CHANGE to America. Of that there is NO doubt. Here is a list of a few of Obama’s accomplishments:

1. Offended the Queen of England. Actually, that one doesn’t bother me, the Queen is not on MY personal list of priorities. But the stupidity exhibited BY Obama was incredible.

2. Bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. But in ALL fairness, Bush kissed the bastard.

3. Praised the Marxist Daniel Ortega.

4. Kissed Socialist Hugo Chavez on the cheek.

5. Endorsed the Socialist Evo Morales of Bolivia.

6. Sided with Hugo Chavez and Communist Fidel Castro against Honduras.

7. Announced we would meet with Iranians with no preconditions while they’re building their nuclear weapons.

8. Gave away billions to AIG also without preconditions.

9. Expanded the bailouts.

10. Insulted everyone who has ever loved a Special Olympian.

11. Nearly tripled our national debt.

12. Announced the termination of our new missile defense system the day after North Korea launched an ICBM.

13. Released information on U.S. intelligence gathering despite urgings of his own CIA director and the prior four CIA directors.

14. Accepted without comment that five of his cabinet members cheated on their taxes and two other nominees withdrew after they couldn’t take the heat.

15. Appointed a Homeland Security Chief who identified military veterans and abortion opponents as “dangers to the nation.”

16. Ordered that the word “terrorism” no longer be used and instead refers to such acts as “man made disasters.” 

17. Circled the globe to publicly apologize for America �s world leadership. 

18. Told the Mexican president that the violence in their country was because of us.

19. Politicized the census by moving it into the White House from the Department of Commerce.

20. Appointed as Attorney General the man who orchestrated the forced removal and expulsion to Cuba of a 9-year-old whose mother died trying to bring him to freedom in the United States. 

21. Salutes as heroes three Navy SEALS that took down three terrorists that threatened one American life and the next day announces members of the Bush administration may stand trial for “torturing” three 9/11 terrorists by pouring water up their noses.

22. Low altitude photo shoot of Air Force One over New York City that frightened thousands of New Yorkers. Obama *claims* he knew nothing of this and was, supposedly, outraged. 

23. Sent his National Defense Advisor to Europe to assure them that the US will no longer treat Israel in a special manner and they might be on their own with the Muslims. 

24. Praised Jimmy Carter’s trip to Gaza where he sided with terrorist Hamas against Israel. (Obama and Carter, closely related perhaps?) 

25. Nationalized General Motors and Chrysler while turning shareholder control over to the unions and freezing out retired investors who owned their bonds. Committed unlimited taxpayer billions in the process.

26. Passed a huge energy tax in the House that will make American industry even less competitive while costing homeowners thousands per year.

27. Announced nationalized health care “reform” that will strip seniors of their Medicare, cut pay of physicians, increase taxes yet another $1 trillion, and put everyone on rationed care with government bureaucrats deciding who gets care and who doesn’t. 

28. Is trying to push his socialist agenda on our school children by making direct addresses to ALL American school children. The beginning of The Obama Youth perhaps?

Does ANY of that give you great confidence in Barack Hussein Obama and his ability to continue to lead this nation? 

Yeah, I didn’t think so…

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13 Responses to Obama re-election launches with email, website

  1. James Shott says:

    Trying to find a candidate the fractured right can unite behind is going to be a real challenge.

    Whomever the Republicans select, despite how much we may disagree with certain aspects of that candidate, we MUST support, even if we have to hold our nose to do so.

    A third party candidacy will splinter the anti-Obama vote, and may just push him over the top.

    At this point I have to say that ANY Republican will be a vast improvement over the current occupant of the Oval Office. I respect John McCain’s service and like him on a personal level, but I thought he was a terrible choice for President. Even so, he’d be sooooo much better than BHO.

  2. TexasFred says:

    James — It is rare that we disagree, this is one of those times…

    Hold our noses? BULLSHIT… We demand the very best and settle for nothing less… Any time you settle for the lesser of the evils, all you get is some degree of EVIL..

    If the GOP can’t field an outstanding candidate, they are NO BETTER than the damned Dems and they need to be taken to the woodshed.

  3. GM Roper says:

    I agree Fred, I have written to Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman telling him I won’t contribute one cent to the Republican Coffers if they don’t nominate and support a conservative candidate that will take Obama to the woodshed. A RINO like McCain won’t do. I don’t give a damn who they nominate yet, I’m not behind anyone in particular (I like Blachman and Palin – though I know you don’t particularly think Palin can be Elected) But if they nominate someone like Dole or McCain because “it’s their turn (read Romney), forget it, I’ll never vote Republican again!

  4. TexasFred says:

    GM — The GOP is at that *make or break* point… A GREAT candidate and VP can make em, a weak sister and it’s all over…

    If you remember, I hammered about McCain/Palin and the fact that they could NOT defeat Obama, I was correct in every accusation.

    ANY RINO is a losing cause, and I WILL NOT hold my nose, I just can’t do that and look ME in the eye, and that’s who I answer to…

    It’s time for a REAL 3rd party, not some BS like a Ron Paul Moonbats of the World Party, but a real, Conservative party akin to the Party of Reagan…

    Hold MY nose and pull the handle for a RINO just because some moron at the GOP/RNC says so? NEVER! EVER…

  5. Steve Dennis says:

    Obama must be stopped at all costs and I hope that we do not nominate another McCain. Obama is a weak candidate and the only thing that can get him re-elected is for us to nominate an equally weak candidate. It is telling that Obama had to kick off his re-election bid this early and it is equally telling that he didn’t even appear in his own announcement video.

  6. Robert says:

    Obama must go. Liberal/Progressives MUST GO. If we are to gain any measure of our country back the debate needs to be framed between Democrats and Conservatives. Anything less is the staus-quo.

    The fact is: Democrats moved LEFT, Republicans moved LEFT now our country is a LEFT of center Country and look how it’s going. 2010 moved the Republicans back to the center. Contrary to what the idiots on the left think, that’s all we did. We still have a lot of work to do. But and this is an important BUT:

    If the GOP fields a Palin, Huckabee or Romney for 2012 it’s a move back to the left IMO.
    IF we can capture the SENATE like we did the HOUSE in 2010, then EITHER of those three may not be too bad. Hear me out before the NO PALIN/ROMNEY/HUCK start….

    We sent some REAL GOOD folks to the house in 2010. IF we could match that CONSERVATIVE rebirth in the SENATE and hold the HOUSE I could live with the POTUS being less than desirable.

    The real power is in Congress anyone worth their salt knows that. Obama wouldn’t have accomplished ANY of the dumbshit he has if he didn’t have Pelosi and Reid to carry the water.

    My opinion and if I was in charge of any Republican campaign strategy I’d let the candidates fight it out in the primaries and I’d be pushing for SENATE/HOUSE seats filled with folks like Allan West, Bachman, Paul, Ryan, and the rest of the new class…

    I’m not going to spend a lot of time bashing ANY of the Republican Candidates right now. I’m going to wait and see what shakes out of the tree. All I am sure about right now is Obama must go and as of right now I would be hard pressed not to vote for a one legged, 1 toothed, transvestite hooker crack addict with a speech impediment rather than seeing Obama in office 4 more years.

  7. cary says:

    He told them he was filing the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission,

    Wonder if that includes an actual copy of his birth certificate this time?

  8. BobF says:

    How can anyone respect the office of the presidency when it’s occupant doesn’t have any respect for it? Obama has done more to bring disrespect to the presidency and belittle our nation to the world than anyone else in history.

  9. TexasFred says:

    Rob, I understand what you and James are saying, but the *ANYTHING* is better than Obama thing is NOT a valid course of action…

    Granted, a retarded monkey would be better, but it’s still a retarded monkey, we have to FORCE, by ANY means, the GOP/RNC to bring up the very best, and Newt, Palin, Romney, McCain, Huckster, none of that ilk is the best of the best…

    Sadly, those that ARE the best of the best are saying they won’t run, but a BAD Republican in office is as harmful as is that MORON we have right now…

    No more of this *ANYTHING IS BETTER* bullshit folks, we elect some weak-assed ding-dong and it’s this scenario, we either burn to death or we drown…

    All I know is, we’re dead either way it goes… NEVER SETTLE, demand and GET the best, if you can’t accept that, you’re not standing true to America and Conservatism…

  10. Robert says:

    I don’t think “Anything” is better than nothing.. But I do think we’re going to have one of the most “Right” leaning candidacy contestants we’ve had in a long time. It’s up to the majority of people in this country to put up a STRONG candidate to beat “Duh Won”

    The fight is now. Once the 2012 election is set and the players are on the ballot then we’ll have to make a decision to either vote or not to vote. All I’m sayin is I’ve seen the damage done by the uneducated voter. We got “Duh Won”…

    It’s up to us to educate the masses since the battle for 2012 just started. New media will decide 2012. ANYONE that is truly American is not listening to the alphabet networks. They have been rendered incompetent.

    What we need to do is pick a candidate we will vote for rather than WHO we won’t. The field is much smaller.

  11. TexasFred says:

    Rob — 100% agree, the fight is NOW!!

    We either kick the GOP/RNC in the ass and get this thing rolling in the RIGHT direction or we get ready to watch America DIE if that Muslim loving Kenyan poser gets 4 more years…

    It’s that simple…

  12. minuteman26 says:

    Need a strong push for John Bolton for POTUS.

  13. James Shott says:

    I certainly don’t disagree with the premise of your response to me, Fred.

    However, I think my point is illustrated by the comments that followed.

    Some people think Palin, Huckabee, et al would be great; others disagree. Some think Romney or Gingrich are best; others disagree. And so it goes.

    If you like candidate A and I like candidate B, and you trash candidate B while I trash candidate A, what happens when one of them becomes the candidate?

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I fear the right is so splintered that no one candidate will be able to attract the broad coalition that will be needed to oust Obama, and if we don’t come together to elect the non-Obama, he’ll win again, and there’s not one person on the horizon that would not be a vast improvement over him.

    Time will tell if someone actually can galvanize voters on the right; maybe someone will, but there’s such a diversity of opinion and preferences among the right, I afraid we’ll in up in a circular firing squad and have — God forbid — 4 more years of the worst presidency in my fairly long life.

    We can’t let that happen.

    It promises to be an interesting two years.

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