Analysis: So much for change coming to Washington

Analysis: So much for change coming to Washington

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama promised to change Washington’s ways. Yet he’s as caught up in them as ever.

As the week began, Obama kicked off his re-election bid with a sunny video of people talking about their hopes and needs, the very image of life outside Washington politics.

By week’s end, Obama was mired in budget negotiations, canceling trips and scrambling to stave off a government shutdown that could only undermine the public’s faith in his leadership.

It was the messy business of governing, and how it’s going to be in this long campaign for incumbent Obama.

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Analysis: So much for change coming to Washington

The thing about this story that truly amazes me is the refreshing fairness and equality that writer Bob Feller has exhibited. Also, as equally amazing, this is from the Associated Press, a group not known for that *fair and balanced* reporting we all know and love.

Beyond the vision for economic competitiveness he wants to talk about, Obama is chasing a second term while trying to make a deeply divided government work. He got bogged down in legislative tactics in his first two years, even when he won fights on health care and other issues.

The health care fight has NOT been won, that is one point that must be stressed. Obamacare is a disaster, well, unless you’re a Union slug that sucks up to the ACLU, SEIU, the Teamsters, and several other groups that will be waivered in this magnificent piece of garbage that has been foisted off on the America people.

In this test of leadership, the White House says Obama wrangled the budget compromise he wanted, spending cuts he supported without shelving his priorities or accepting unacceptable policy changes.

His administration portrayed it as an example of bipartisan cooperation of the highest stakes.

Yet the government was on the brink of closing, and many people were wondering how that could happen, or why.

This is change?

I guess it’s all about perception Ben.

I see no victory here for anyone. I see a Liberal/Socialist anti-American asshat that conned some weak-minded libbers and easily influenced kids into voting for his *I haven’t got a clue but I am going to change America* load of crap!

And anyone that knows me, knows this; I do NOT cut the Republicans ANY slack what so ever. They are as weak, and as infiltrated as any political party can be.

There are a few new faces in the GOP that are inspiring some hope, but they are too few at this time. They are severely outnumbered by the RINOS, Republicans In Name Only, the party of Dem Lite, the party of Reach Across the Aisle, the party of compromise, the BIG TENT Party, where there’s room for everyone.

Notice I didn’t mention leadership skills at all?

In this case, the new House Republican majority, led by Speaker John Boehner, seized on a must-pass budget bill to give voice to frustrated voters and tea party conservatives who demanded spending cuts.

Yes, it was a must pass budget bill, but Boehner caved. This so-called budget cut wasn’t a drop in the bucket. Some pundit said “it was like a family making $200K a year arguing over $200.00” or something very similar to that.

There were NO winners in this battle, not in the U.S. Congress or Senate. Both sides lost, the Dems because they want to fund such nonsense as Planned Parenthood, another way to say state funded abortions, and NPR, and God only knows what else. The GOP lost because they didn’t have the GUTS to stand their ground and dare the Dems to shut the government down.

And if that’s not enough, Steny Hoyer has to go running off at the mouth.

Hoyer faults GOP for government shutdown threat

WASHINGTON (AP) - The No. 2 Democrat in the House says lawmakers trying to avert a government shutdown have come “70 percent of the way on the numbers” in budget talks, but are still fighting over social policies such as abortion and the environment.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer tells NBC’s “Today” show “there’s no deal yet, unfortunately.” The Maryland Democrat commented Friday morning, with a midnight deadline approaching.

Hoyer says “we’re pretty close,” but more work is needed. He also says “when we were in charge of the House and had disagreements with George Bush, we compromised. He says he’s “embarrassed” about putting the country on the brink of a shutdown and says “you can’t negotiate on the basis that one side gives 100 percent and the other side gives zero.”

Hoyer called it “inappropriate” for Congress to be raising the specter of an interruption of government services to the public because of its inability to settle partisan differences over federal spending policy.

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Hoyer faults GOP for government shutdown threat

Does anyone really need to know any more reasons WHY I believe the Democrats are, for the most part, the dumbest SOB’s on the face of the earth? Really?

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2 Responses to Analysis: So much for change coming to Washington

  1. BobF says:

    A fellow blogger, Vilmar, gave the simplest analogy what what took place with this budget.

    It would be like you deciding that for the next year, you would cut $39 from your budget….for the entire year. However, that $39 ignores the fact that you are amassing $50 PER WEEK (or $2600 PER YEAR) ADDITIONAL DEBT above and beyond what you earn. AND that you ALREADY have hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt accrued.

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Steny Hoyer can go straight to Hell. Another “I’ve Got Mine” DC SUCK-UP who, at the end of the day, gets driven three blocks to a DC lounge to bend elbows with all his fellow suck-up cronies on the Demorat side.

    Back-slapping all around.

    Your tax dollars at work.


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