Romney announces WH exploratory committee

Romney announces WH exploratory committee

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican Mitt Romney took the first official steps toward a second presidential bid Monday, telling supporters he had formed an exploratory committee to begin a White House run.

Romney, who has been planning a second run since losing the Republican nomination in 2008, focused in his announcement on the economy and what he described as President Barack Obama’s failed policies.

“It is time that we put America back on a course of greatness, with a growing economy, good jobs and fiscal discipline in Washington,” the former Massachusetts governor said in a video posted on his website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

He criticized Obama’s stewardship of the economy and offered a preview of his expected campaign theme: Romney is a proven business executive while Obama remains unqualified to lead.

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Romney announces WH exploratory committee

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I do NOT bite my words when I say this, Mitt Romney, if allowed to become President of the United States, will be as big a disaster as is the Disaster in Chief we are now suffering!

Let me be brutally blunt; Romney IS the founder of RomneyCare, the direct predecessor to ObamaCare, in fact, RomneyCare was the the pattern followed in writing ObamaCare.

A few years ago I participated in a discussion forum that was dominated by a disgusting, self-proclaimed Conservative that also believed himself to be the most astute authority to ever make a post concerning American politics. His screen name was Weasel Teeth. His real name is Robert Proctor, and the useless little rodent lives in Michigan.

He was a HUGE fan of Mitt Romney, and was, of course, not nearly as astute as he claimed, or believed himself to be. I hope the tags are picked up and he sees this post.

I think everyone in the United States that has more than 2 brain cells has figured it out, Mitt Romney, and his RomneyCare Plan that was foisted off on Massachusetts, was the precursor to the debacle that has become ObamaCare.

So, with RomneyCare and ObamaCare looking more like evil twins than good health care, with Mitt Romney having been outed for the slick RINO that he truly is, after all of that, does Mitt Romney STILL look like presidential material to you Weasel Teeth?

Romney, a businessman who ran Salt Lake City’s Winter Olympics, has lined up donors, staff and advisers for his second presidential bid. He lost the GOP nomination to John McCain in 2008.

Since then, Romney has written a book on government and has raised money and campaigned for Republican candidates.

Again, let me be blunt; many American Conservatives are already screaming ‘Anyone besides Obama’, and that’s their right, and to a point I have to agree, a one legged Chinese pirate would make a better leader than Barack Hussein Obama, but Romney LOST OUT to John McCain, and John McCain was the weakest offering the GOP/RNC could have ever offered.Unless they foist Mitt Romney off on us. 

I can’t speak for the little flea bitten rodent, Weasel Teeth, but speaking for me, as a REAL, Conservative, and not some guy that has delusions of grandeur and an ego the size of Alaska, I have to say, Romney should not be considered for the office of POTUS.

Why swap a Socialist, America hating Muslim for a Socialist Mormon RINO?

If American Conservatives have ANY guts at all, they will stand and tell the GOP/RNC to go to hell, NO MORE RINOs.

No more settling for the lesser of the evils. No more having to hold our noses to cast a vote.

Either produce the very best that the Republican Party and Conservatism has to offer or suffer the consequences.

I firmly believe that IF the GOP/RNC lets the voters down again, that will be the catalyst required for many on the RIGHT to actually form a Conservative Party, free and independent from the 2 party debacle that is KILLING America!

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21 Responses to Romney announces WH exploratory committee

  1. Steve Dennis says:

    I will not be voting for Romney and if the Republican party does not nominate a true conservative I will not be voting for that candidate either. I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils and will vote third party if the Republicans let us down, even if that puts Barack Obama back in the White House.

  2. I disagree. Romney isn’t Obaka. He isn’t a Socialist, he has a background of actually WORKING in the private sector. He turned the Olympics around. Yes, he brought healthcare into his state when governor. But there isn’t much of anybody on the Right that is worse than Obaka.

    That said, I’m about to trot on down to my local Placer County voting board and re-register as an Independent. I’m mostly DONE with the GOP. And I’m mostly done with the Lesser category.

    Fodder for a new post. Which I’m currently fulminating.

    Romney? Nice try. Uh — NO.

    He TOO will try to COMPROMISE with the Demorats, Leftists, Socialists, Trotskyites, Fascists, and all the other -ists and -ites.

    The time is long PAST for “compromise.”

    It’s either torches and pitchforks or. . .


  3. James Shott says:

    There being no perfect, or even near perfect, conservative/libertarian/Republican potential candidate on the horizon, I think it is useful to note the better qualities of those who are likely to seek the nomination.

    While finding weaknesses with Romney, I agree with BZ that he’s a different animal that Obama.

    As BZ said, he did a good job with the Olympics, has successful business experience, and takes a pretty sensible position on MassCare. He said it was a plan for one state, not the nation, and correctly noted that in a federalist system, the individual states ought to be laboratories, trying ideas out. Other states have the option to follow those of another state that they may find value in. He never imagined the state system would be applied nationally.

    He has his problems, of course, but if my choices are Obama, Romney and somebody else, Romney has a one-in-two chance of getting my vote, depending upon who “somebody else” is.

  4. TexasFred says:

    Well, I’m with Steve on this, I’m tired of the *lesser* thing, I’m tired of being told to *hold my nose* and vote for some weak-assed candidate like McCain…

    I voted 3rd party last election and will again, I have to look ME in the eye and my personal principles will not allow me to vote for less than the best…

  5. James Shott says:

    I certainly respect your passion and your dedication to principle.

    Unfortunately, I think there is only one choice that will keep Obama from being re-elected, and that choice is most likely going to be the Republican nominee, whomever that might turn out to be.

    For me right now, nothing is more important than defeating Obama.

    Maybe the Republicans will nominate a great candidate, and we will both be happy, Fred.

  6. TexasFred says:

    A lot of people said, in 2008, ‘if you don’t vote for McCain then Obama is going to win, a 3rd party vote is a vote for Obama…’

    That was a crock…

    After it was all said and done, Obama won by a margin that took out the GOP and ALL 3rd party votes combined… Obama kicked McCain’s ass 9 ways to Sunday, and he’ll kick someones ass again if the GOP doesn’t field a candidate that IS a true Conservative and above reproach…

    I will accept nothing less, and if the GOP can’t do that, then they are not worthy of the White House either… It’s time for a political revolution in America, and I believe it needs to start right here, right now…

  7. James Shott says:

    If Obama wins in 2012, and the Democrats regain the House and keep the Senate, we are done for.

    If he wins and we keep the House and win the Senate we have a pretty good chance.

    If things stay the same, we might make a little headway, but we’ll have no way to effectively stop his administrative jihad on energy and business.

    I’m not optimistic at this point.

  8. TexasFred says:

    And Romney, or any other RINO is NO guarantee that things will go RIGHT either James… The Dems are bad and the GOP is Dem Lite…

    We, The People, either grow a set and FIGHT for America and the RIGHT, or we don’t and then the RINOs give us away just as sure as will Obama and Company…

    I had this same argument with readers in 2008, I’m not sure I will be as nice this time around, all the excuses be damned, they are being recycled, and the fact of the matter is, Obama won…

    The GOP either delivers, and we DEMAND that they deliver, or Obama wins, and as you say, “we’ll have no way to effectively stop his administrative jihad on energy and business.”

    We don’t necessarily disagree here, Obama has to go, that is a fact, but to replace him with a duplicitous RINO is NOT a win, it’s settling for the lesser of the evils, and when you settle for the lesser of the evils, you still get EVIL, no matter the party name…

  9. The GOP may well grasp at straws in 2012 with its choice of candidate.

    I tell you, I’m getting sick to death of politics. All those weasels at the committee level!

    Where is the commitment to a conservative ideology?

  10. OregonBuzz says:

    The following quote was taken from a newspaper (I think) in the Czech Republic. I’m compelled to agree with this individual.

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate, willing to have such a man for their president.
    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President.”

    I firmly believe that the American electorate as a whole is insufficient to the task of restoring our Constitutional Republic to its former greatness. Obama/Soros know exactly how to get votes. “Spread the wealth around”. Remember that line from the “One”?
    Obama has three things going for him in the next election.
    1.) A significant portion of our population that live on handouts.
    2.) About 40-45% of our population doesn’t vote.
    3.) The Hispanic (legal or otherwise) vote and the black vote.
    All of this is grim, and those of us who WILL vote our conscience are now the minority. There are no Reagans or Trumans out there anymore, and I fear there are no true Patriots ready to pick up the gauntlet in the next election.

  11. James Shott says:

    You are absolutely right, Fred: on the essential element — Obama — we agree.

    However, RE: lesser of the evils still being evil, I’m afraid we are doomed to evil, and if so, I prefer prostitution to abortion any day.

    One thing for certain: it WILL be interesting, my friend.

  12. OregonBuzz says:

    I must amend my earlier comment. I said “……….there are no true Patriots ready to pick up the gauntlet in the next election.” What I meant to say was that I fear there are NOT ENOUGH true patriots to pick up the gauntlet in the next election to have the desired effect.
    Let us pray brethren.

  13. Bob Mack says:

    Who the hell’s gonna vote for someone named after a German preposition? Of course, I also thought nobody would be stupid enough to elect an obvious Marxist with the middle name “Hussein” only 7 years after 9/11. Just goes to show you, whatever the Vegas line is on the intelligence of the American voter, always take the ‘under’.

  14. vahillbilly says:

    I pray that this clown does not get the nomination. Our country cant take too many more “leaders” like Obama or Romney.

  15. Robert says:

    Well here comes a another evinrude…

    I voted for McCain/Palin. While I wasn’t voting FOR them as much as I was voting against Obama, I do believe America would be better off NOW if they had won. We wouldn’t have “Obamacare” even if we lost the house and senate but won the WH.

    I do believe the “R’s” couldn’t have fielded a candidate that would have beaten Obama in 08. The media made an “R” candidate null and void against “Duh Won”.

    I also know that NO THIRD PARTY candidate would have been better than McCain or Obama for that matter. All I have to do to make that claim is to look at where the Third party candidates are since the election… Don’t hear much from them now, tells me they were just in it for another “Anti-vote” not a “For” vote.

    If the third party candidate that folks voted for were worth a vote in the first place, they would be worth a vote now. Matter of fact they would probably be TOPS on the list if they had a platform that resonated with conservative/independents/Republicans.

  16. Robert says:

    One more thing… I think the conservative folks better get their minds right. We have an opportunity to put fourth a VIABLE CONSERVATIVE candidate. It isn’t Romney, Huckabee, Palin, McCain, or any of the usual suspects. And if WE don’t turn out to vote for ONE CONSERVATIVE Candidate we will be faced with the 2008 problem again.

    It’s still early and there is a movement to draft ALLEN WEST to run. Herman Cain, John Bolton, Michelle Bachman and a couple others on a short list. BUT here’s the issue:
    Allen West pissed some conservatives off by voting to extend the “Patriot Act” Herman Cain pissed some off by saying he wouldn’t hire muslims, Bachman offered up cuts to vets to be on the table for budget talks….. IF our “Desired” candidate makes one or two errors in judgement and we dump them, we’ll never get one to the finish line…

  17. TexasFred says:

    Rob is right, we’ll NEVER have a candidate that is *perfect*, but by God, we can have some that can actually chew gum and walk…

    God knows we can’t stand another term for the dumbest SOB to ever make it to the White House, but again, if the GOP offers up, *the usual suspects* and not a West, Cain, Bachmann, Bolton or the like, we’re doomed…

    I am thoroughly convinced that the GOP is over and done, they have NO idea what America wants and I honestly don’t think they can spell Conservatism any longer…

  18. minuteman26 says:

    John Bolton would be my choice for POTUS as have stated before. He will give Obama a run for his money on all fronts. Should Obama gain a second term, you folks had better be prepared to take up arms as the Commies and muzzies will be turned loose with a vengence.

  19. GM Roper says:

    My two and 8/9th cents (inflation you know): It doesn’t much matter if Obummer is running his usual “demonize the Repubs” campaign for re-election or if Obummer is challenged from within the Democratic Party (which I’d love to see a more centrist Democrat (read viable blue dog) challenge him.) A challenge won’t have any effect in the long run however but it might send a few blue dog dems to the rep side.

    If we truly want to see a conservative get the nomination then we have to make our selection from the short, short list of repubs and fight like hell, fund to the max we can afford and make damn sure a Dem-Lite doesn’t get the nomination. If that happens and the Reps can nominate a fighting conservative with a huge pair of brass eggs, then we have a chance at the White House and his coat tails bringing in a majority in the Senate. However, getting the senate and the house will be no good unless we have enough to override the vetos of Obummer and that takes 67%.

    We have a fight on our hands folks, for the future of our beloved country, and we better band together and “Git-er-done.”

    Roper out!

  20. Robert says:

    You’re absolutely right Fred, We the people need to make sure we DON’T allow the GOP to put up another McCain for us. IF WE do we’re FUBAR.

    That’s why the Tea Party is such a force. Regardless of local chapters and the in fighting among the members. The IDEAL is viable. The 87 house members we sent to the House are proving to be worth the effort. These guys have changed the debate from Spend to Cut. Regardless of the numbers of the last agreement. The dynamic has been CHANGED. We must continue that effort. As I stated across the net. This is a marathon not a sprint. We must stand with those that are trying to UNFUCK the Nation. We must be energized at all times so the GOP knows we are watching them too.

    You have a great medium here Fred, you are changing your local government regardless of the reasons, the people behind you are going to VOTE conservative. We need to harness that desire to change and send 87 more conservatives to the house, and 50 to the Senate… Then the WH won’t matter as much…We didn’t get this screwed up in one election, it’s going to take more than one to UNFUCK it.

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