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Blogs, ‘CIA brother’ spin zest into Carnaby mystery

May 11th, 2008 . by TexasFred

When it comes to Roland Carnaby, the truth is out there — way out there. So far out that you reach the blogosphere before finding anything that publicly connects him to his beloved Central Intelligence Agency, which he claimed to still patriotically serve when Houston police shot him down at the end of a crosstown chase on April 29.

But even that obscure, blog-world confirmation is not what it seems to be, which is pretty much what you get with Carnaby, the curious 52-year-old son of Lebanese parents who spent much of his time in bars and restaurants dropping broad hints that he was somebody, or something, else.

The “proof” of his tie to the CIA — denied repeatedly by the agency itself — comes indirectly through a Houston man, Alan Premel, who supposedly served with him and who has been linked to him on numerous Internet sites. If one believes the various posts about him, Premel is a former CIA wunderkind who won the agency’s highest award for valor before a nasty separation and lawsuit that netted him a multimillion dollar settlement.

Those posts are made on obscure blogs that ceased shortly after posting articles about Premel or in the reader comment sections of better-known, ongoing blogs. A few appear in comment sections of legitimate stories posted on mainstream news media sites.

Taken together they give a whiff of credibility to the assertions of Carnaby’s friends that he was the agent he claimed to be, especially considering they were made long before Carnaby was killed.

One of them, at the short-lived papparazzipress.com, refers to Carnaby as one of “CIA’s most experienced, talented and high-profile clandestine officers.” Another mentions Premel as a “battle hardened and battle tested CIA war hero” who was “the youngest supervisor to ever head a task force.”

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Chasing a nuke? Blogs spin tales of ’spy’ shot by HPD

OK, I am sitting here seriously LMAO…

Not kidding, this is funny way beyond the normal limits of funny…

“CIA’s most experienced, talented and high-profile clandestine officers.”

What’s wrong with that quote folks?? Anyone?? Bueller??

Think about this for a minute, “high-profile” and “clandestine“, these are words that do NOT go together in any way, shape, form or fashion, and anyone that has ever been privy to any kind of high security work is more than aware of this fact…

Carnaby and his buddy were playing ‘Get Smart’ and the Maxwell Smart character came home to bite em in the ass when they tangled with the REAL police…

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