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Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

WASHINGTON — Legislation to give some children of illegal immigrants a path toward legality failed a crucial Senate vote Wednesday, probably dooming any chance of major changes to the immigration system this year.

Supporters needed to 60 votes to advance the proposal, but the tally was 52-44. The measure would have allowed illegal immigrants who plan to attend college or join the military, and who came to the United States with their families before they turned 16, to move toward legality.

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Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote

WASHINGTON — The Senate today rebuffed a measure that would grant legal status to hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants if they attend college or join the military.

Supporters of the DREAM Act fell eight votes short of the 60 needed to keep the legislation alive, with Texas GOP Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn splitting over the bill. Cornyn voted against the measure on a key test vote while Hutchison worked behind the scenes with the legislation’s chief sponsor to find ways to make it more palatable to Republicans.

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Senate kills DREAM Act Bill

Well by God, the DREAM Act is going away, at least for now, but you can bet that at some point in the near future there will be some bleeding heart bunch of Dems and a few RINOs that do their level best to bring it back, in one incarnation or another…

Recently there have been rumors that Sen. Hutchison is thinking of retirement and wanting to come home and run for Governor, well, she can plan on retirement alright, after this BS of working WITH the DREAM Act people she won’t get re-elected to the Senate from Texas, not as a Republican, and I will campaign as hard as I possibly can against her if she comes home and DOES run for Governor, I have lost ALL respect for Hutchison now, and once upon a time I thought she was the best of the bunch, I guess I was wrong…

Hutchison has been talking the talk, but when it came out today that she was working “behind the scenes with the legislation’s chief sponsor to find ways to make it more palatable to Republicans”, well, that was it for me, it’s time for Texas to find a replacement for Sen. Hutchison and let Sen. John Cornyn take the helm as Texas senior Senator…

My fathers family came to Texas from Canada in 1919 and later settled in Louisiana, but by God they came here legally and raised their children to be Americans, not Canadian-Americans, just plain, old fashioned AMERICANS, and nothing else, and AMERICAN was good enough, and again I ask, what part of ILLEGAL is being missed by some of the Congress and Senate??

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Katrina Missteps Still Haunting Bush

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

WASHINGTON (AP) - Hurricane Katrina has many legacies for the Bush White House, none pleasant. One is the guarantee that as soon as disaster strikes in the United States, President Bush’s every move is closely scrutinized to gauge the speed and tone of his response to the suffering.

This became clear yet again on Tuesday, as the enormity of the wildfires sweeping across Southern California became apparent.

The White House reacted with what has become a familiar pattern: Bush dropped a few lines of sympathy and promised assistance into an already scheduled speech. Across the administration, aides volunteered as many facts and figures as possible about the federal contribution to the disaster response, a federal emergency to speed relief funding was declared in the middle of the night, and a presidential visit to the affected area was quickly arranged.

The White House’s handling of Katrina in the days before it hit the U.S. Gulf Coast in late August 2005 seemed set to follow this model. Bush and his aides issued repeated warnings to worried locals, conferred with officials in the region and promised Washington would do all it could to help.

But once the massive storm blew ashore, smashing Mississippi’s coastal communities to sticks and submerging New Orleans in water, the federal response turned dismal.

Missteps, that’s pretty much the defining descriptive of the entire Bush administration isn’t it, missteps, bungling, mismanagement, waste, ineffectual leadership and borderline treason, that little part about protecting the U.S. from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic, yeah, that part, our BORDER security and the ILLEGALS…

Bush is ALL OVER the situation in California right now, the wildfires and so forth, and I somehow suspect that’s because So-Cal has a lot more money and well known people than New Orleans had, not to mention those pesky little electoral votes, oh yeah, it ALL comes down to money and politics…

And if the California response doesn’t go as planned, I wonder WHO will take the blame?? You just KNOW that it won’t be the President, you DO remember right after Katrina when Bush said, “You’re doing a heck of a job there Brownie…” and then ‘Brownie’ was fired for not managing things correctly?? Now it may or may NOT have been Browns fault, but you can bet the farm on this, Bush wasn’t about to take ANY blame, Bush will NOT accept responsibility for ANYTHING…

Locals were left wanting for urgently needed supplies. Bush seemed disengaged from the crisis and then stumbled through initial appearances in the disaster zone aimed at correcting the impression. And some locals feel the White House’s level of engagement in the Gulf Coast’s continuing misery hasn’t improved much in two years.

Bush stumbled through his initial appearances?? Bush has stumbled through his entire presidency, the man is a walking disaster all to himself, he has ignored the most desperate in our nation, he has ignored the most helpless in our nation and he GIVES our money away to other nations of the world, well here’s a little something Bush needs to remember, charity begins at home, and as long as we have people in THIS nation that are homeless, hungry, in need of healthcare, displaced or suffering, the money that’s going to Africa for an AIDS battle, to Iraq for a useless battle, the money Bush wants to send to Latin America so they can continue their nonexistent battle against drugs, to God only knows how many other nations for some project that only matters to a select few, until OUR people are totally secure, our money needs to be spent at home, on OUR people…

Read the full story, it covers a lot of ground on what the Bush administration has and has NOT done in response to the needs of this nation, it points out, in graphic detail, what happens when a buffoon is elected the the highest office in the land…

Full Story Here:
Katrina Missteps Still Haunting Bush

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Bush seeks $550 million for Latin America’s drug war

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

WASHINGTON — President Bush asked Congress today for $550 million to help Mexico and Central America fight drug trafficking amid escalating violence, particularly on the Texas-Mexico border.

The funding request, part of a two- to three-year package that would total about $1.4 billion, is included in a $46 billion proposal for additional funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“It delivers vital assistance for our partners in Mexico and Central America who are working to break up drug cartels, and fight organized crime, and stop human trafficking,” Bush said at the White House, shortly after calling Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Mexico would receive the lion’s share of the aid package, $500 million, and Central America would get $50 million, officials said.

The aid package for Mexico, which officials have been negotiating since Bush met with Calderon in Merida, Mexico, last March, would include funds for additional Mexican military helicopters and other surveillance aircraft, drug-sniffing dogs and telecommunications equipment.

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Bush seeks $550 million for Latin America’s drug war - Houston Chronicle

Well my oh my, the Little Prince wants a big wad of money to wage a war on drugs in Latin America, isn’t that special??

I guess someone forgot to tell him, we’ve been doing that for at least 3 decades that I am personally aware of, and from stories I’ve heard, we were involved in the narcotics trade uh, oops, WAR on drugs a long time before that, if rumors are to be believed that is, I have no personal knowledge of that your honor, really!!

The Mexicans can buy their own helicopters, dogs and telecommunications equipment, contrary to popular belief, Mexico is NOT broke, they have huge oil revenues and the money that they confiscate from drug raids can go to the purchase of all that 1st class equipment el Presidente’ Bush wants to give to his amigos…

If Bush is sincere about stopping the flow of illegal drugs into the USA all he has to do is enforce the sovereignty of our borders, coast lines and air space, and I don’t mean some little half-assed effort, the inbound CAN be stopped, much as can the flow of ILLEGAL aliens into this nation, and if you think about it, if you shut down the drug flow and stop the wetbacks at the same time, you kill 2 birds with one stone, and WE, the American people, WIN…

But Bush isn’t going to do ANYTHING that will change the status of our border with Mexico, and quite likely he’ll give his amigos any amount of money they want, I mean, hey, it’s just money, U.S. TAX dollars, and we have DEEP pockets, right??

We might as well send it to Mexico to be stolen and misused…

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Hispanic group pulls conference over immigration flap

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A national Hispanic civil rights organization said Saturday it will not hold its 2009 annual convention in Kansas City because an opponent of illegal immigration was appointed to the city’s park board.

The National Council of La Raza said its board of directors voted unanimously to pull the conference after being unable to reach an agreement with Mayor Mark Funkhouser over his appointment in June of Frances Semler, a member of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.

“Our decision is a clear expression of support for Kansas City’s Hispanic community,” said board chairwoman Monica Lozano. “An active member of the Minutemen should not be an official representative for a city that purports to believe in diversity.”

NCLR officials consider the Minutemen, who are known for posting sometimes armed patrols on the Mexican border and picketing construction sites where illegal immigrants may be working, hostile to Hispanics. The Arizona-based organization maintains it simply wants U.S. immigration policies enforced.

Funkhouser, who has stood by Semler throughout the controversy, declined to comment Saturday afternoon on the group’s decision, saying he was abiding by an agreement he reached with local Hispanic leaders during a federally mediated session Friday.

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Hispanic group pulls conference over immigration flap

Just look at the bright side of this, K.C. will likely SAVE more money than this convention would bring in, save on police and EMS services, and additional trash pick up by NOT having La Raza and it’s filthy associates in town…

These ILLEGAL supporters need to take their meeting to a big hotel in Mexico City, and while they’re down there we can close the borders and keep them OUT of the USA…

Like that would happen with Bush in office, he’d be on the border himself just to personally welcome his amigos back home…

And to any La Raza asshat that may take a click on this story, the Minutemen don’t have anything against LEGAL immigration, it’s the ILLEGALS that stream across the border that the Minutemen take issue with, learn the difference before you criticize, your illiterate, one way hypocrisy is showing…

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IEDs seen as a rising threat within U.S.

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Chertoff vows to step up planning for bombs that have ravaged Iraq

WASHINGTON - The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI agree that the homemade explosive devices that have wreaked havoc in Iraq pose a rising threat to the United States. But lawmakers and first responders say the Bush administration has been slow to devise a strategy for countering the weapons and has not provided adequate money and training for a concerted national effort.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who told the Senate last month that such bombs are terrorists’ “weapon of choice,” said yesterday at a local meeting that President Bush will soon issue a blueprint for countering the threat of improvised explosive devices, or IEDs. Chertoff’s department said in a draft report on IEDs earlier this year that national efforts “lack strategic guidance, are sometimes insufficiently coordinated . . . and lack essential resources.”

Among the shortcomings identified in the report: Explosives-sniffing dogs are trained differently by various federal agencies, making collaboration between squads “difficult if not impossible.” Federal agencies maintain separate databases on bomb incidents. Separately, bomb squad commanders have complained of inadequate training for responding to truck bombs.

Full Story Here:
IEDs seen as a rising threat within U.S.

Bush is an IDIOT and his HSA Secretary is too…

Here’s how you respond to most instances that have IED’s involved, medical and rescue personnel, that is the response to an IED because if the bomber is doing his job, you’ll never see it coming until after it goes off…

Bush and Company can talk about preparedness til hell freezes over, if IED’s are done right the only thing you can prepare for is the aftermath of the explosion, and all the bomb squads and bomb sniffing dogs in the world won’t help us if a cell of dedicated terrorists decide to go on a bombing campaign in this nation, unless they are so stupid that they would plant bombs and then get on the phone and call in a bomb threat, and that’s just not going to happen, bomb threats are made by amateurs and wannabes, with dedicated bombers, you’ll never see it coming…

This press release saying President Bush will soon issue a blueprint for countering the threat of improvised explosive devices, or IEDs is a feel good crock of crap, Bush and Jerkoff both know it too, all they are doing is BSing the American people in hopes that the people don’t realize that our government is pretty much powerless to stop the actions of IED professionals…

You can’t check every parked car, you can’t spot out every suspicious package and there’s no way to check out every vehicle moving up and down our streets and highways, suicide, or more appropriately, homicide bombers, using parked vehicles are the most dangerous threat we face, 2nd most being homicide bombers wearing blast belts walking into crowded malls and the like, and with winter coming on, everyone is going to look a bit bulky in cold weather gear…

And if you think I’m writing all of this just so I can blast the Bush administration again, let me ask YOU a question, IF all this blueprint for action and preparedness for countering the threat of improvised explosive devices, or IEDs is so damned good, WHY isn’t it already being used to successfully protect our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq?? And why hasn’t it been shared with our allies around the world, most recently in Pakistan??

Bush and HSA Sec. Jerkoff are blowing smoke up your bloomers folks, they are trying to do a PR job on ALL of us, but some of us have the guts to stand up and tell YOU the truth, these people that would use IED’s to kill and maim our citizens are already in place, and they are NOT going to be breaking into military armories to obtain their bombs, what these guys use are called IED’s, Improvised Explosive Devices and I will guarantee each and every one of you reading this, I can go into YOUR home right now and make a BOMB from the contents of your laundry room, garage and with what’s in your pantry and under your kitchen sink, and so can the terrorists, with products right off the shelves of ANY grocery store, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, hardware store, feed store or 7-11 in this nation…

THAT is the part the HSA, Jerkoff and Bush WON’T tell you, that’s the part that they don’t want you to know…

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Report: Mexico drug violence could spill into U.S.

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
Report: Mexico drug violence could spill into U.S.

Drug-gang violence that plagues Mexico is worsening and could spill over into the United States, according to a new report by a consultant on Gov. Rick Perry’s Texas Border Security Council.

While Mexican President Felipe Calderon has deployed as many as 20,000 troops and federal police to battle the country’s powerful drug cartels, gangsters are fighting among themselves for dominance as the flow of drugs continues into America.

The 17-page document to be released today said that more than 2,100 people were killed in drug-related violence since Jan. 1, making 2007 the deadliest year yet.

It said the U.S. side of the border is vulnerable because law enforcement is poorly coordinated, under-supplied and sometimes corrupt.

But drug violence, which has become a part of daily life in many Mexican border communities, has not materialized to a significant extent in their American sister cities.

Full Story Here:
Mexico drug violence could spill into U.S. - Houston Chronicle

I have a surprise for you guys writing this story, it already has spilled over, they just haven’t had the running machine gun battles through the streets of a major U.S. city yet, but even that is coming…

Drug gang murders happen every day, and along the border, they happen with great frequency, and in many cases they go totally unnoticed as a drug murder, bodies are found in remote areas all the time, killed by gunshot, stabbing, beating, strangulation, who knows what other methods, in some cases it’s the Coyotes, the human smugglers, they turn on the people they are smuggling, in some instances it’s the robbers that prey on the illegals coming into this nation, double jeopardy for the illegals, they are generally carrying everything they have of value and whatever money they still have left, but in many are simply drug runners, narcotics smugglers, and they have been taken out by a rival gang, killed for control of a trade route, killed for their cargo of drugs, their bodies left to rot in the desert simply because the killers know that there’s not going to be a lot of forensic investigation done to determine much more than ‘Yep, another Mexican bought it coming in’

We don’t have the human resources to investigate and determine every exact detail of those deaths nor do we have the financial resources available, and until running gun battles are taking place in our own major cities, there will STILL be nothing more done than has been done already, and again, that is NOTHING…

Only God knows how many gangs are already in place and doing business, they ply their deadly trade, they deal in death and destruction, every day, it’s a matter of business for them, their product is DEATH, in every sense of the word, it kills those that USE the drugs and it kills those that transport the drugs and it kills innocent family members and innocent citizens every day, and what gets done about the illegals in this nation and the drug trade they conduct??

Very little, our borders are still wide open and now that the weather has cooled some, the human wave of illegals begins to come across once again, it’s never stopped but with cooling desert temperatures they come in HUGE numbers, and with that wave comes a lot more than illegals…

And one pretty simple question comes to mind on this thing too, if you can successfully smuggle people and drugs into the USA, doesn’t it stand to reason that terrorists are being smuggled in by the same people as well?? I wonder if Bush ever thought of that??

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