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Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote

October 24th, 2007 . by TexasFred

WASHINGTON - Legislation to give some children of illegal immigrants a path toward legality failed a crucial Senate vote Wednesday, probably dooming any chance of major changes to the immigration system this year.

Supporters needed to 60 votes to advance the proposal, but the tally was 52-44. The measure would have allowed illegal immigrants who plan to attend college or join the military, and who came to the United States with their families before they turned 16, to move toward legality.

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Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote

WASHINGTON - The Senate today rebuffed a measure that would grant legal status to hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants if they attend college or join the military.

Supporters of the DREAM Act fell eight votes short of the 60 needed to keep the legislation alive, with Texas GOP Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn splitting over the bill. Cornyn voted against the measure on a key test vote while Hutchison worked behind the scenes with the legislation’s chief sponsor to find ways to make it more palatable to Republicans.

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Senate kills DREAM Act Bill


Well by God, the DREAM Act is going away, at least for now, but you can bet that at some point in the near future there will be some bleeding heart bunch of Dems and a few RINOs that do their level best to bring it back, in one incarnation or another.

Recently there have been rumors that Sen. Hutchison is thinking of retirement and wanting to come home and run for Governor, well, she can plan on retirement alright, after this BS of working WITH the DREAM Act people she won’t get re-elected to the Senate from Texas, not as a Republican, and I will campaign as hard as I possibly can against her if she comes home and DOES run for Governor, I have lost ALL respect for Hutchison now, and once upon a time I thought she was the best of the bunch, I guess I was wrong.

Hutchison has been talking the talk, but when it came out today that she was working “behind the scenes with the legislation’s chief sponsor to find ways to make it more palatable to Republicans”, well, that was it for me, it’s time for Texas to find a replacement for Sen. Hutchison and let Sen. John Cornyn take the helm as Texas senior Senator.

My father’s family came to Texas from Canada in 1919 and later settled in Louisiana, but by God they came here legally and raised their children to be Americans, not Canadian-Americans, just plain, old fashioned AMERICANS, and nothing else, and AMERICAN was good enough.

And again I ask, what part of ILLEGAL is being missed by some of the Congress and Senate??

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8 Responses to “Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote”

  1. comment number 1 by: TexasFred

    This is an exact copy of the letter I just sent to U.S. Sen. Kay Baily Hutchison TX (R) RINO….

    Once upon a time I had GREAT respect for you, but from this point on you have lost at least 1 supporter…

    If you don’t retire from the Senate, you can count on NOT receiving a vote or support from ME if you run for that office again…

    And if you DO retire and come home to explore a run at Governors office I will do everything in MY power to remind EVERY Conservative and Republican in Texas that you worked behind the scenes with the legislations chief sponsor to find ways to make it more palatable to Republicans, ie: the DREAM Bill, from the Houston Chronicle…

    Sen. Hutchison, Texans have strong opinions and LONG memories, and you have incurred the wrath of MANY of your most ardent admirers and supporters with this, and WE WILL NOT FORGET either…

    My story on this can be found here:

    Shame on you Senator, I have never been so disappointed by an elected official in all my life, I thought MUCH better of you than this, it’s time for you to retire, and not just from the Senate…

  2. comment number 2 by: Sage

    Good post and comment Fred,
    I have for several years contacted Hutchinson to no avail, even after my wife and grandson were attacked by a pit bull in east Texas. She is completely unavailable to any of her constituents and apparently always has been.
    I have never liked nor respected her or her decisions, especially her lack of touch with the people who voted her into her present position.
    I, like you, will do what I can to bring about her political demise in the future.
    I didn’t like Cronyn for personal reasons but that is behind me lol.
    And we do have long memories Kay…hmmmm.
    ‘Nuff said

  3. comment number 3 by: Kate

    I find it extremely disappointing that she would do that. I’ve always like her. :(

  4. comment number 4 by: TexasFred

    Sage, I have received 2 ‘canned’ responses, never anything personal, a pull it out of the file form letter from an intern I am guessing…

    And I am damned tired of it too, KBH just pushed me over the limit on supporting her, ever again…

    This was nothing more than a ‘back door’ attempt at AMNESTY, any way you cut it, and Hutchison is seriously in the casa de pero now…

  5. comment number 5 by: jo

    Carl Levin did the same thing here in Michigan,. I wrote him 2 years ago and stated he was but one of many reasons I was leaving the Democrats. I have stacks of mail from his office on his ever changing..oh yes I’m listening stance. I have been reassured many times he was changing his tune. Nope. His name is right up there with the others that betrayed us.
    Now why the hell am I still listed as a Democrat when I left ? I hate that !
    I resent it. I’d rather be called a nazi kkk crack ho.

  6. comment number 6 by: Steve Dennis

    The DREAM is dead, for now. It will be back.

  7. comment number 7 by: RTaylor

    Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-AR cannot believe we can be so mean and unfair… Like TexasFred, I come from a family of immigrants. We aren’t hyphonated Americans - but Americans. I cannot even speak my mother’s native German…..

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