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Come And Take It…

May 7th, 2008 . by TexasFred

This old flag has a special meaning to ALL Texas folk, “Come and take it” was a slogan used in the Texas Revolution in 1835.

As a symbol of defiance, the Texans had fashioned a flag containing the phrase along with a black star and an image of the cannon which they had received six years earlier from the hands of a Mexican official.

That defiance is still alive and well in Texas today.

If you are a Texas Gun Lover, if you’re a Texas historian, if you are a gun lover from anywhere, this may be our new ‘battle cry’ very soon, if you are ready to stand in defiance and tell the government, “Come And Take It”, here’s your chance to show your support.

Just click this link Come And Take It and you’ll find some really great T-Shirts, Mugs and Steins and a lot of other products, and I have a 2nd logo too, it’s available on many of the products as well.

This shop is a production of The Texas Connection, in conjunction with TexasFred.com/

McCain slated for N.R.A. meeting

May 6th, 2008 . by TexasFred
LOUISVILLE (AP) — The National Rifle Association says Republican presidential candidate John McCain is scheduled to give a speech during a forum at the N.R.A.’s annual meeting next week in Louisville.

N.R.A. spokesman Andrew Arulanandam says the U.S. senator and presumptive GOP presidential nominee will take part in the group’s Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum on May 16, the first day of the three-day meeting. The meeting will be followed a few days later by Kentucky’s primary election.

Also scheduled to speak at the forum are former GOP presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, former White House political director Karl Rove, Republican U.S. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear.

Arulanandam says Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were not invited to this N.R.A. event.

Full Story Here:
McCain slated for N.R.A. meeting

That last line had me laughing out loud, for 1 thing, I believe Barack Obama would be very afraid to show up at a place that was filled with gun lovers and gun owners, although most are sane and normal people there is always that 0.001% that’s just plain ape-shit crazy and would hide a gun in a body cavity if they thought they would get even a remote opportunity at taking a shot at the Jr. Senator from the great state of Illinois…

Last week, Sen. Barack Obama claimed that many Midwestern voters “cling” to guns and religion to placate themselves for their loss of jobs and economic prosperity. SOURCE

Anyone can understand the NRA not wanting Obama there after the bum made such ridiculous statements but the didn’t invite Hillary?? She’s into guns ya know, she said so…

“You know, some people now continue to teach their children and their grandchildren. It’s part of culture. It’s part of a way of life. People enjoy hunting and shooting because it’s an important part of who they are. Not because they are bitter. … As I told you, my dad taught me how to shoot behind our cottage. I have gone hunting. I am not a hunter. But I have gone hunting.”  SOURCE 

Yeah, well, I’m not a pilot but I’ve been up in a lot of airplanes, does that instill a sense of confidence in you?? And if there is anyone out there that truly believes Hillary and her impassioned pandering of gun owners, I have some bridge properties you may be interested in owning…

Now, on to Sen. John McCain and guns, McCain, the apparent darling of the Republican party and the leader of a bunch of ankle biting little lapdogs affectionately called McCainiacs… 

Sen. McCain is basically a pandering politico and will say and/or do anything it takes to get elected to the presidency, including, but not limited to pandering to gun owners in an attempt to gain their support and the support of the Conservative voting base, a base that he all but turned his back on in 2000…

John McCain tried running for president in 2000 as an anti-gunner. This year it appears he is seeking to “come home” to the pro-gun community, but the wounds are deep and memories long. John McCain - GOA 2008

As if there wasn’t already plenty of evidence that Senator John McCain is the wrong choice for pro-gun Republicans in the Presidential primary, the Columbus Dispatch has added one more item to the list: Buckeye Firearms Association

Nowhere is McCain’s chicanery and duplicity more jeopardous than in the area of the right to keep and bear arms. On issues relating to the Second Amendment, John McCain is a disaster! For example, the highly respected Gun Owners of America (GOA) rates McCain with a grade of F-. McCain’s failing grade is well deserved. John McCain Is A Liberal Gun Grabber

I could go on and on but you get the idea, McCain is sucking up to the NRA and will turn his back on the gun owners of America as soon as he’s sworn in and any way this thing goes, gun owners will become the target…

McCain may be a bit better president than Hillary and Hillary would be infinitely better than Obama but let’s face the facts, if these 3 are the best that the parties have to offer and if we are so complacent that we’re willing to accept these candidates, then come November we’re going to get exactly what we deserve…

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Obama’s appeal to working-class whites faltering, polls show

May 4th, 2008 . by TexasFred

WASHINGTON (AP) - Barack Obama’s problem winning votes from working-class whites is showing no sign of going away, and their impression of him is getting worse.

Those are ominous signals as he hopes for strong performances in the coming week in Indiana and North Carolina primaries that would derail the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton, his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. Those contests come as his candidacy has been rocked by renewed attention to his volatile former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and by his defeat in last month’s Pennsylvania primary.

In an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll in April, 53 percent of whites who have not completed college viewed Obama unfavorably, up a dozen percentage points from November. During that period, the numbers viewing Clinton and Republican candidate John McCain negatively have stayed about even.

The April poll - conducted before the Pennsylvania contest - also showed an overwhelming preference for Clinton over Obama among working-class whites. They favored her over him by 39 percentage points, compared to a 10-point Obama lead among white college graduates. Obama also did worse than Clinton among those less-educated voters when matched up against Republican candidate John McCain.

“It’s the stuff about his preacher … and the thing he said about Pennsylvania towns, how they turn to religion,” Keith Wolfe, 41, a supermarket food stocker from Parkville, Md., said in a follow-up interview. “I don’t think he’d be a really good leader.”

Just before the Pennsylvania primary, Obama said many small-town residents are bitter about their lives and turn for solace to religion and guns.

Full Story Here:
Obama’s appeal to working-class whites faltering, polls show

I am going to state this in the most PC way I can think of, anyone that supports this racist liar is a fool, it’s that simple, and this working class white guy NEVER saw any appeal in a pandering politico like Obama…

He is a closet racist as recently brought to light by his support for Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he is a suspected Muslim, quite possibly a terrorist sympathizer, Hamas Endorses Obama

He has NO experience at running anything, none, the closest he’s been to the White House was on a visitors pass, Obama worked as a community organizer, university lecturer, and lawyer before serving in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. Source

As a member of the Democratic minority in the 109th Congress, he cosponsored legislation to control conventional weapons,

Now I am guessing that conventional weapons refers to military weapons, but I wouldn’t put all my eggs in that basket either, Obama is a gun grabbing nut,
Barack Obama on Gun Control, here are some examples:

Stop unscrupulous gun dealers dumping guns in cities. (Jul 2007)
Keep guns out of inner cities–but also problem of morality. (Oct 2006)
Ban semi-automatics, and more possession restrictions. (Jul 1998)
Voted NO on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers. (Jul 2005)

This person is WRONG for America, he is wrong for CONSERVATIVE America, he’s wrong for liberal America too, but they are too blind to see what electing him president can do to ALL Americans…

If you love America, vote Conservative, Obama can’t be allowed to ascend to the presidency of this nation, he is going to give this nation over to Islam and destroy America, and I believe this in my heart, if you are as convinced as I am, please make a serious effort to campaign against Barack Hussein Obama…

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Uh-oh, here we go again: Meet Obama’s new pastor

May 3rd, 2008 . by TexasFred

JERUSALEM – More pastor problems for Sen. Barack Obama?

The man slated to become chief pastor at the Trinity United Church of Christ has called blacks “lepers” with a “skin disease,” claimed U.S. entertainment corporations operate with “disdain” for black people, and in a fiery sermon claimed retired pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright was “lynched” by the media and compared the embattled pastor to Jesus.

Otis Moss III, lauded this week by Obama as a “wonderful young pastor,” also recently refused to deny claims by Wright that the U.S. government was involved in distributing illegal drugs to minorities or spreading the AIDS virus to blacks.

The 37-year-old Moss, nicknamed the “hip-hop pastor” by congregants, will become the head of Trinity Christ in June, taking over for Wright, whose controversial remarks landed Obama in hot water.

Following a series of national media interviews given by Wright last week, Obama strongly denounced some of Wright’s statements as “divisive and destructive.”

Wright had defended his views that the U.S. was to blame for the 9-11 attacks and referred to Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan as “one of the most important voices in the 20th and 21st century.” Wright also quoted controversial Farrakhan remarks, such as his calling “Zionism” a “gutter religion.”

Full Story Here:
Uh-oh, here we go again: Meet Obama’s new pastor

I saw this story at Right Truth and it provoked several thoughts and I want to share a few of them with my readers…

I know that the Obamites are going to rant and rave and slobber all over themselves because there’s an ‘evil white devil’ in Texas that dares to bring criticism against their ‘little g’ god, and I know that Barack Hussein Obama and his woman are tired of hearing about their preacher problems in the press and on blogs such as this, but it’s only just begun to get bitter…

I have got to be totally honest with ALL of you, if we don’t stop this guy he WILL be the next president of the USA, and that is an idea I am NOT comfortable with, and if it takes castigating him on his closet racism, moonbat preachers and support of and from radical Islam, Hamas Endorses Obama, then by God those are the tactics that will be employed in an attempt to discredit Obama in every legitimate way possible…

Obama claims to have stood against Wright and his racist, moonbat rantings, but he only took that stance once he had been convinced that Wright letting the cat out of the bag regarding the lessons Obama had learned under his tutelage were ruining his, Obama’s, chances at the Oval Office…

Also, as noted in this article from Right Truth regarding Obama, “His elitist answer is more gun control in a city with some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. Does he honestly believe that the terrorism and mayhem is caused by law-abiding gun owners who fill out the paperwork, go through the background checks and pay the fees to own a gun?”

Yes, he does, and the USA will be in for the most destructive time in it’s history if this person is allowed to ascend to the Oval Office, we are already on the verge of open revolution, Obama in the Oval Office could very well push us over the brink…

Obama MUST be stopped and it’s up to bloggers like us to keep this message out there in front of as many readers as possible, I have campaigned FOR a candidate before, but this is the 1st time I have EVER actively campaigned against one…

None of the Above is becoming an even more attractive proposition every day…

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3 NYPD detectives acquitted in 50-shot killing

April 25th, 2008 . by TexasFred

NEW YORK (AP) - Three detectives were acquitted of all charges Friday in the 50-shot killing of an unarmed groom-to-be on his wedding day, a case that put the NYPD at the center of another dispute involving allegations of excessive firepower.

Justice Arthur Cooperman delivered the verdict in a Queens courtroom packed with spectators, including victim Sean Bell’s fiancee and parents, and at least 200 people gathered outside the building.

The verdict provoked an outpouring of emotions: Bell’s fiancee immediately walked out of the room. His mother cried.

Outside the courthouse, which was surrounded by scores of police officers, many in the crowd began weeping as news of the verdict said. Others were enraged, swearing and screaming “Murderers! Murderers!” or “KKK!”

Full Story Here:
3 NYPD detectives acquitted in 50-shot killing

I can see it now, Je$$ie Jack$son and Al $harpton are on the way to the lead the protest, if they’re not there already…

I can understand the frustrations of the friends and families of the dead groom, and I also understand their hurling accusations and racial insults at the acquitted officers based on those frustrations, but I also believe that their anger clouded their judgement, Detectives Gescard Isnora and Marc Cooper are black, and the last time I checked the KKK doesn’t let black guys in, it’s part of their Charter I believe, no blacks allowed, they’re kinda funny about that…

Wouldn’t the correct term for Detectives Isnora and Cooper be ‘Uncle Tom’??

And I just have to ask this question of the NYPD, who in the hell teaches your cops how to shoot??For crying out loud, 41 shots fired in an incident that took place in 1999, to kill 1 guy??

Amadou Diallo was an unarmed man reaching for his wallet and identification, and 50 shots to take out Sean Bell?? An individual that was also unarmed??

I’ve always felt that anything worth shooting was worth shooting at least twice, but don’t you think that firing a total of 91 rounds, and the result being only 2 dead guys is maybe, just maybe a bit of ‘overkill’??

I personally believe that the NYPD needs to teach their officers a bit of gun control, that gun control being defined as the ability to fully control the weapon being fired, thereby not wasting ammunition in a wild shooting spree…

Events such as these only illustrate just how quickly things can get completely out of hand in a street confrontation, I understand the victim and his friends wanting to have a rowdy bachelor party but I can also understand the apprehension, and even the underlying fear of the officers involved, they are the continuous targets of hatred, abuse, insults and threats, and they are on a very tight wire, and once in a while that wire snaps…

Looks like that’s exactly what happened here…

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Al-Sadr Pulls Fighters Off Iraq Streets

March 30th, 2008 . by TexasFred

BAGHDAD (AP) - Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr said Sunday that he was pulling his fighters off the streets nationwide and called on the government to stop raids against his followers and free them from prison.

The Iraqi government quickly welcomed al-Sadr’s apparent move to resolve a widening conflict with his movement, sparked Tuesday by operations against his backers in the oil-rich southern city of Basra.

Al-Sadr’s nine-point statement was issued by his headquarters in the holy city of Najaf and broadcast through loudspeakers on Shiite mosques. It said the first point was: “taking gunmen off the streets in Basra and elsewhere.”

He also demanded that the Iraqi government stop “haphazard raids” and release security detainees who haven’t been charged, two issues cited by his movement as reasons for fighting the government.

Full Story Here:
Al-Sadr Pulls Fighters Off Iraq Streets

al-Sadr blinked. And you can bet it wasn’t from fear of the Iraqi army or police, it was because of the raids being conducted by U.S. aircraft, ground support being provided by the U.S. military and artillery barrages being provided by British forces, had it not been for those 3 factors, Iraqi forces, such as they are, would be locked in a bloody struggle right now, or, should I say, more of a struggle than they already are?

This is the question I asked in a post on Tuesday, “Will al-Sadr and his cohorts blink 1st? Will al-Maliki have to return the balls he appears to have found once this is over? Is there going to be a massive push into Sadr City and Basra to oust these radical vermin?”, al-Maliki and al-Sadr both rattle their sabres and now I wonder, is al-Sadr truly a man of his word, will he be capable of controlling the actions of his Mahdi army thugs?

We shall see I suppose, time will tell, but I am reasonably sure this will not be the last we hear from al-Sadr and his Mahdi army, they will continue to be a thorn in the side of the Iraqi government as they try to establish a working democracy in Iraq.

I also wonder, has al-Maliki got the balls to actually pull this off? Does he have the power to stop his police from surrendering to the Mahdi army and turning their weapons over to them? “We can’t fight our brothers in the Mahdi Army, so we came here to submit our weapons,” one policeman said on condition of anonymity for security reasons.”, Shiite Leader Al-Sadr Defies Iraq Gov’t

I am, quite frankly, a bit surprised that al-Maliki is still alive, given the preferred methods of removal from office incorporated by the Iraqi insurgents, maybe the man has more to him than has been seen so far, maybe it’s because American forces and some really sharp private security forces have protected him that well.

Or maybe the puppeteer is pulling the right strings.

All I know for certain is this, I am very tired of hearing that even more American troops have died for this cause, I am tired of hearing how many BILLIONS of our tax dollars are being poured into a nation that will, in all likelihood, never return a penny of that cost to us, I am tired of hearing how we are fighting to help establish a true democracy in an Islamic nation, a nation consumed by a religion that will never allow democracy to live, they can’t allow it to live and remain an Islamic nation, Islam and democracy are in direct opposition to each other.

And another thing I am tired of is this, I am tired of being told that this Debacle in Iraq is making us safer here in the USA.

If our shores, ports and borders were actually secure, if our immigration laws, as well as the issuance of travel and student visas were well regulated and policed, there would be no way that any of the insurgents in Iraq could possibly make their way into this nation and do us harm.

As retired U.S. Navy Commander Jeff Huber of Pen and Sword said a while back, and I loosely quote, “How are they going to threaten us if our borders are secure? Attack us with their air force? Sail their navy over here with an invasion force? An air force and navy they don’t have?”

Cmdr. Huber has also points out some of the same facts that I have, on numerous occasions, we don’t have to worry about an invasion by radical Islamic terrorists and/or insurgents that would come here from Iraq or other places, they’re already here, they are living right here in the USA, right now, and it’s only a matter of time until they strike the American people.

I am only guessing with this statement, but I am of the opinion, so far, the reason we haven’t seen terrorist attacks in the USA is because of the ARMED citizenry of America, the radical insurgent factions of Islam, those that would conduct terrorist attacks on our shores, are FULLY aware that if they were do so, something like HALF of the population of this nation would rise in anger and strike out against ALL Muslims in America, with NO concern as to whether they were striking radical terrorists or innocent bystanders, it would simply be the fact that they were Muslims, and that my friends is a cold hard truth.

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Pilot’s Gun Fires on US Airways Flight

March 24th, 2008 . by TexasFred

DENVER (AP) - A gun belonging to the pilot of a US Airways plane went off as the aircraft was on approach to land in North Carolina over the weekend, the first time a weapon issued under a federal program to arm pilots was fired, authorities said Monday.

The “accidental discharge” Saturday aboard Flight 1536 from Denver to Charlotte did not endanger the aircraft or the 124 passengers, two pilots and three flight attendants aboard, said Greg Alter of the Federal Air Marshal Service.

“We know that there was never any danger to the aircraft or to the occupants on board,” Alter said.

It is the first time a pilot’s weapon has been fired on a plane under a program created after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to allow pilots and others to use a firearm to defend against any act of air piracy or criminal violence, he said.

The Transportation Security Administration is investigating how the gun discharged and is being assisted by the Air Marshal Service, Alter said.

Full Story Here:
Pilot’s Gun Fires on US Airways Flight

I can hardly wait to hear the reason for this one…

As most folks know, guns do NOT go off by themselves, it just doesn’t happen, a series of events must take place for a weapon to go off and fire a round, the safety must be released, assuming it’s a semi-automatic pistol, the trigger must be pulled and on certain auto-loaders a trigger safety and grip safety must be used in concert with one another before ANY decent auto-loader will discharge a round…

A dropped weapon might go off, but even if a weapon IS dropped, if the safety is properly engaged and in proper working order, the chances of that weapon accidentally discharging are very slim, that’s why it’s called a safety

I have been an avid gun owner and shooter for 45 years, I started shooting when I was 9 years old, and I have NEVER had a gun just go off unless I pulled the trigger, I have several loaded guns in the house right now, always have had, and none of them have EVER just gone off, it doesn’t work that way, a gun, if in proper working order, is incapable of discharging on it’s own, and if the gun wasn’t in proper working order, and the guy carrying it should know all the whys and wherefores of gun safety and maintenance, and should be capable of making a determination regarding the safety of and safe USE of his weapon, IF the weapon wasn’t in proper working order he should have known it, that’s something ALL responsible gun owners do and know…

In regards to this one going off in the airplane, there are likely at least 2 or 3 possible scenarios, either the pilot somehow inadvertently hooked the trigger housing on something and in doing so, accidentally pulled the trigger, thus causing the gun to go off, OR, he was playing with the damned thing and cooked one off out of sheer stupidity, OR, he was practicing his draw, Quick Draw McGraw at 40,000 feet…

If you have any doubts that what I say about accidental discharges is the truth, read this, Detective’s handgun discharges in courtroom’s bathroom, they spell it out in much the same way as I just did…

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