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Americans Ask, How Long a War?

Monday, March 17th, 2008

By The Associated Press

Americans offer their thoughts on the war in Iraq at the five-year mark:

“No one can say how long this will go on. But I think if we just stop now and pull out, it all will have been for nothing - for nothing.”

_Peggy Jo Hammond of Evansville, Ind., whose son, Pvt. Jonathan R. Pfender, 22, was killed in Iraq two years ago.

“You can’t just pull them out because you’re going to leave Iraq in a worse situation than when we started. Anyone could go in there and take power. I honestly think we’re going to have people stationed over there forever, like in Korea.”

_Ann Jimenez, 32, restaurant owner in Fresno, Calif.

“We shouldn’t be there. We lost too many men. And it doesn’t seem like a war, like a real war. They had battlefields, battlegrounds. Big things were going on. This is more a war of hide-and-seek.”

_Kathyrn Schmid, 92, of Pembroke Pines, Fla., recalling the differences between the Iraq war and World War II.

“In World War II, you were fighting fascism. Here, you are fighting an ‘-ism’ that cannot be controlled.”

_Jack Press, 81, of Plantation, Fla.

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Americans Ask, How Long a War?

I have to agree, at least in part, with nearly all of these folks…

We are going to be in Iraq for a long time to come, much like Korea, and yeah, if we just walk out, Iraq WILL be a worse disaster than it already is but if we hadn’t invaded Iraq, if we had done as we should have done and prosecuted the war on terror where it actually was instead of traipsing off on George’s Excellent Adventure, Iraq would likely still be ruled by a tyrant that treated HIS people in the most diabolical manner but we would know that HE hated al-Qaida almost as much as we do, every report and study for the last 4 years has held that to be the truth, regardless of WHAT the Bush Bots say, we had NO REAL REASON to invade Iraq when we did nor for the reasons stated…

Make NO mistake about it, Saddam was an evil SOB, he treated his own people terribly, but personally, I don’t care how he treated HIS people, much as I don’t give a damn about the hunger or AIDS in Africa or the violence in Darfur and Somalia, I care about America and killing the terrorists that attacked us, not in attacking someone that made a threat against GHW Bush, and now, because of the actions of GW Bush, we, the American people, because OF those actions, are loosely responsible for the death and destruction that has been cast upon the Iraqi people by the militant insurgency…

We (read: Bush) have created a debacle in Iraq, we have destroyed their infrastructure, but we kicked their asses and we won the war, and screwed up the peace, but, to the victor go the spoils, if we are going to be in Iraq spending BILLIONS of U.S. tax dollars for years to come we should be compensated for our expenses and expertise in nation building, since we’re doing such a wonderful job of it, just take the oil and screw PCness, as well as the Iraqi people…

If we’re going to bankrupt the American economy, if we’re going to get OUR troops killed for nothing, if we’re going to mold Iraq to OUR standards, why not just go ahead and screw ‘em too?? And look at the price of gas if we did!!

Sounds about as reasonable as most other plans floating the ‘net…

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