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McCain welcomes Obama with fresh criticism

June 3rd, 2008 . by TexasFred

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Republican John McCain welcomed Democrat Barack Obama to the fall campaign for the White House on Tuesday with a blistering attack on his judgment and a charge that he “voted to deny funds to the soldiers who have done a brilliant and brave job” in Iraq.

“Americans ought to be concerned about the judgment of a presidential candidate who says he’s ready to talk, in person and without conditions, with tyrants from Havana to Pyongyang, but hasn’t traveled to Iraq to meet with General (David) Petraeus, and see for himself the progress he threatens to reverse,” McCain said as his rival wrapped up the Democratic nomination.

McCain cast Obama, a first-term Illinois senator, as lacking the experience and discretion to be a wartime commander in chief, and he argued the Democrat’s calls for a troop withdrawal from Iraq would imperil the United States.

The Arizona senator mocked Obama’s promise of change for a country weary of the status quo, uttering the word “change” no fewer than 33 times.

“He is an impressive man who makes a great first impression,” McCain said. “But he hasn’t been willing to make the tough calls, to challenge his party, to risk criticism from his supporters, to bring real change to Washington. I have.”

Full Story Here:
McCain welcomes Obama with fresh criticism

OK, the Obamanation has wrapped up the necessary delegates to take the Dem nomination for president, and as I have said in numerous posts, IF it came down to a race between Hillary Clinton and John McCain, I was not taking either and would do a write in for Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter as I supported my position of None of the Above

I also made it very clear that if Obama were to secure the Democratic nomination that I would become a supporter of John McCain, and tonight that is exactly what I have become…

The blog roll None of the Above will stay active for now, at least through the Democratic convention, but barring some miracle, Obama will be the choice of the Dems and if that is in fact the outcome of the Dem convention, I will deactivate None of the Above and vacate the roll…

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s not that I don’t think John McCain won’t be a good president, he very likely will be, but I also feel that he is not conservative enough, at least not at this time, I am in direct opposition to Sen. McCain’s view on guns, at least his sometimes position on guns, it seems his position fluctuates depending on who he’s talking to, and that is a characteristic I do NOT like in ANY candidate…

John McCain tried running for president in 2000 as an anti-gunner. This year it appears he is seeking to “come home” to the pro-gun community, but the wounds are deep and memories long. John McCain - GOA 2008

As if there wasn’t already plenty of evidence that Senator John McCain is the wrong choice for pro-gun Republicans in the Presidential primary, the Columbus Dispatch has added one more item to the list: Buckeye Firearms Association

Nowhere is McCain’s chicanery and duplicity more jeopardous than in the area of the right to keep and bear arms. On issues relating to the Second Amendment, John McCain is a disaster! For example, the highly respected Gun Owners of America (GOA) rates McCain with a grade of F-. McCain’s failing grade is well deserved. John McCain Is A Liberal Gun Grabber

The 3 paragraphs above give just some of the reasons that I haven’t been able to get behind McCain and support him, another reason being his position on immigration and amnesty, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 - McCain/Kennedy, but other than that, a few little disagreements here and there, over all I think Uncle Johnny is going to do just fine, so what if he’s a half-assed gun grabber that loves wetbacks, we can deal with that, can’t we??

And there was that other little thing a while back, an ugly rumor actually, quite likely nothing more than a lie really, that had McCain possibly considering a switch to the Democratic party, Democrats say McCain nearly abandoned GOP, McCain denied it so what the hell, we can overlook a rumor here and there, right??

In all sincerity, McCain has his faults, from the list of possible Republican candidates that we had to choose from when this thing started, McCain wasn’t even in MY top 5, but he’s what we have, in many ways he’s a lot closer to the Dems and Libbers than he is to the Conservatives and to Conservative Republicans, but he’s not Barack Obama, that’s the best I can say about him at this particular time, and like it or not, we’re just going to just have to work with what we have at hand, the lesser of 2 evils has once again come into play in the great American presidential race…

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Pot, meet Clinton, uh, Kettle, so to speak

June 3rd, 2008 . by TexasFred

President Clinton is hopping mad about Vanity Fair’s recent hit piece by writer Todd Purdum.

Reportedly, Clinton was asked by a reporter at a South Dakota event for his take on the story.

Clinton is quoted as calling Purdum “sleazy,” “dishonest,” “slimy,” and a “scumbag.”

Clinton added that Purdum, the husband of his former White House press secretary Dee Dee Meyers, was a “real slimy guy.”

Full Story Here:
Bill Clinton Calls Vanity Fair Writer ‘Scumbag’

Add to former President Clinton’s regrets this campaign season a stream of invective while commenting Monday on an unflattering article in Vanity Fair magazine.

“President Clinton was understandably upset about an outrageously unfair article,” Jay Carson, a spokesman for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, said after her husband’s remarks appeared on the online Huffington Post, “but the language today was inappropriate and he wishes he had not used it.”

Huffington Post writer Mayhill Fowler reports that she approached the former president while he campaigned for his wife Monday in Milbank, S.D., and asked for his reaction to the article “The Comeback Id” by national editor Todd S. Purdum in the July issue of Vanity Fair.

Purdum mulls the state of Clinton’s mind given the wealth he has amassed in recent years, the negative impact he has had at times on his wife’s campaign, his negative comments about her rival, Barack Obama, the company he keeps with jet-setting millionaires, and his health after heart surgery in 2004. In analyzing Clinton in more than 9,500 words, which include those of anonymous sources, Purdum asks, “What’s the matter with him?”

Full Story Here:
Hillary Spokesman Says Bill Clinton Regrets ‘Scumbag’ Comment

Don’t you just have to laugh at how every time Big Bill spouts off Hillary’s campaign goes into immediate damage control mode?? But think about this for a minute, just how “sleazy,” “dishonest,” and “slimy,” do you have to be for Bill Clinton to call you a “scum bag”??

Somehow, I see more humor in that accusation than I have seen from the Clinton campaign in a long time, because if anyone knows the true definitions of those words, it would be Bill and Hillary Clinton…

Lets see, there was Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones, that covers ’sleazy’, then there was Monica Lewinsky, that brought a whole new definition to ‘slimy‘ don’t you think?? How about ‘dishonest’?? Would “I did not have sex with that woman” qualify as ‘dishonest’?? Or maybe lying about it under oath, thereby leading to impeachment hearings??

Bill and his behavior, coupled with the ’shady‘ past of Hillary herself has been more than enough to make even the most jaded Democrats support a man rumored to be the ‘anti-Christ’, how much more disgusting can you get?? And according to some news sources it appears that Hillary is ready to throw in the towel, SOURCE, but since the MSM wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face, I am taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude…

Americans are tired of the repetitiveness of a Bush, Clinton, Bush and possible Clinton White House, Bush/Clinton Dynasty, and while many say McCain will only be a continuation of the Bush legacy, I’m not so sure of that, McCain is a lot more of a free thinker than Bush and he doesn’t bring the baggage of a Clinton, plus, he brings a lot more intelligence than Bush, and he’s NOT Obama, so, there ya go, that’s the choices we have in front of us today…

Quite honestly, I still think we’d survive a Hillary presidency, but at what cost?? I am certain we’ll survive a McCain presidency, but an Obama presidency is a lose-lose situation no matter how you cut it, and God help us ALL if Obama and Clinton team up at the Democratic primary…

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Democrats consider Fla., Mich. delegate plans

May 31st, 2008 . by TexasFred

WASHINGTON (AP) - Supporters for Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton staked out competing positions Saturday as Democrats searched for a compromise to seat disputed convention delegations from Florida and Michigan and clear the way for a smooth end to the marathon struggle for the presidential nomination.

In the opening hours of a daylong meeting of the party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, Clinton’s designated spokeswoman urged the panel to grant a full vote for each of Florida’s 211 disputed delegates.

“In life you don’t get everything you want. I want it all,” Florida state Sen. Arthenia Joyner said with a smile.

But moments later, Obama’s campaign called for half-votes for each of the 211. Rep. Robert Wexler of Florida said that marked an “extraordinary concession, in order to promote reconciliation with Florida’s voters.”

Full Story Here:
Democrats consider Fla., Mich. delegate plans

There’s an old axiom that says ‘Reminds me of a Chinese fire drill’ and that is exactly what the Dems are conducting, a ‘Chinese fire drill’, one that takes place while panicked disorganization is in full bloom…

We all know that the left is pretty loony, and most Dems fit that ticket to a ‘T’, but if I was a Florida or Michigan Dem, and thank God I am neither, but if I was, and I wanted to show the DNC just what I thought of their silly-assed ruling that throws MY vote away, I’d turn around and vote Republican, Independent or maybe even sit the whole thing out just to show those goofy asshats like Howard Dean that I was not at all happy with their way of rendering MY vote irrelevant…

Florida and Michigan are nothing less than a nightmare for the DNC, and there is no way that the Florida or Michigan voters are going to be happy with the outcome, no matter what is decided, and I love it, serious and deep divides in the DNC are only working to the advantage of the RNC…

A lot of Republicans and nearly all REAL Conservatives know that McCain isn’t Superman, he is not going to, and cannot, fix everything that is wrong with the RNC, there’s just too much wrong and he’s too old, there’s not that much time left for McCain, it’s going to take years to correct the travesty that the RNC has become, and while many of us DO consider McCain to be nothing more than the lesser of ALL evils, at least the RNC has done one thing right, whether you like McCain or not, he’s what you have and you either back him and unite ALL Repubs and Conservatives in a push to get him elected or you end up with a dipstick like Obama in the Oval Office and this nation completely down the toilet…

I don’t make any secret of this fact, I can’t stand McCain, I think he’s one of the worst choices the RNC could have made, I don’t think he’s a REAL Republican by ANY standard, today’s definition or that of the Reagan era, I know he’s not a true Conservative, he sides with the Dems and libbers more than he does with the right, and yet he’s still the best of this current lot that’s up on the block…

I made Brad Marston at AZAMATTEROFACT a solemn promise, I told him that in the primaries I would NOT support McCain and wouldn’t link to ANY sites that were nothing more than McCain cheering sections, and I am always good to my word, I de-linked several McCain support sites from the blogrolls and I make NO apology for that, but I also told him that once the nominations were done, on both sides, that IF Hillary were the choice of the DNC that I would continue to support None of the Above, and I meant every word of it…

I also made it crystal clear that IF Obama were to become the DNC offering that I would then hold my nose, and under great protest, support John McCain simply because I can’t stand the very thought of Obama as the leader of this great nation…

And I am, after all, a man of my word, if the DNC comes down on Obama’s side, it’s game on and this WILL be a McCain for President site, and quite honestly, what choices do any of us have?? We can’t get an Independent candidate elected, not at this stage of the game, and if we don’t support McCain we’re in a lot deeper trouble than we would be if we didn’t…

Brad, we’ve battled long hard getting to this point but if Obama is the one, well, we’re all going to have to work our asses off to make sure that he doesn’t go to D.C. as president…

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McCain says he and Obama should visit Iraq together

May 27th, 2008 . by TexasFred

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Republican John McCain on Monday sharply criticized Democratic rival Barack Obama for not having been to Iraq since 2006, and said they should visit the war zone together.

“Look at what happened in the last two years since Senator Obama visited and declared the war lost,” the GOP presidential nominee-in-waiting told The Associated Press in an interview, noting that the Illinois senator’s last trip to Iraq came before the military buildup that is credited with curbing violence.

“He really has no experience or knowledge or judgment about the issue of Iraq and he has wanted to surrender for a long time,” the Arizona senator added. “If there was any other issue before the American people, and you hadn’t had anything to do with it in a couple of years, I think the American people would judge that very harshly.”

McCain, a Navy veteran and Vietnam prisoner of war, frequently argues that he’s the most qualified candidate to be a wartime commander in chief. In recent weeks, he has sought portray Obama, a first-term senator, as naive on foreign policy and not experienced enough to lead the military.

Full Story Here:
McCain says he and Obama should visit Iraq together

McCain said ‘they should visit the war zone together’, to which Hillary said Oh HELL YES!!’..

You see, if anything happens to Obama, she’s the chosen one, and a shoe-in for the DNC nomination, but if something happened to McCain I have to ask, and quite honestly wonder, what would the RNC do for a candidate at this late stage of the game??

I’m going to say something that may surprise a few of you, John McCain is quite likely the most qualified to be Commander in Chief, at least among the current crop, but look at who he’s running against, a female Senator who’s most notable claim to fame is that she’s the wife of an impeached ex-president, and a Junior Senator from Illinois who’s only claim to fame is, uh, wait, I’m thinking, uh, does Obama even have a claim to fame?? :roll:

To say you’re the most qualified of this bunch is a lot like saying you’re the smartest kid on the short bus, and yeah, I DO think of Kender when I think of ‘The Short Bus’, and the routine we did on Wide Awakes Radio

“I go back every few months because things are changing in Iraq,” he said. McCain questioned whether Obama has ever been briefed by Petraeus. “I would also seize that opportunity to educate Senator Obama along the way.”

I have to ask this of Sen. McCain, why would you want to educate Obama regarding Iraq?? Do you honestly think he’s going to believe you and accept your word as truth?? I seriously doubt it, and those questions make me want to ask this as well, suppose Obama DID listen, and came out all of a sudden as a hard line campaigner that was pro war in Iraq, pro troops, pro victory and drew a line in the sand concerning Iran??

If he did, he’d be pandering, and we all know it, but he’d kick your ass all over the polls and the election would be much in doubt, I’d be very careful about educating Obama, he’s a lot of things but he’s not stupid, and he’ll pick up any trick you throw at him…

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Poll: 11% Believe Obama Is Muslim

May 26th, 2008 . by TexasFred

I don’t use NewsMax as a source too often, maybe I need to start since all us EVIL Conservatives get our news from NewsMax, FOX and WorldNet Daily…

A new Newsweek poll out this weekend shows Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama may face serious obstacles in the upcoming general election.

Many Americans aren’t even sure of Obama’s religion.

Asked to identify his religion, 58 percent of respondents correctly said Obama was a Christian. But a surprising 11 percent said he was a Muslim. And 22 percent said they did not know what his religion was.

Almost one-fifth of white Democratic voters polled also said they had an unfavorable opinion of Obama because of his name.

Apparently, such bias is having an effect on Obama’s chances to secure the presidency. Though the Democrats seemingly have significant landscape advantages this year with Bush’s approval ratings in the tank and a weakening economy, Obama ties McCain in the poll, 46 percent to 46 percent.

Obama’s woes are more apparent when voters are asked to give their party identification. More than half, 53 percent, say they are Democrats with 38 percent saying Republican.

But the poll data has a silver lining for Obama. Some 70 percent of voters says the country is ready for a black man to serve as president, up from just 37 percent in the 2000 election.

Poll: 11% Believe Obama Is Muslim

I have got to dedicate this to Anne, and you know who you are, you accused me of being an ignorant racist in the comments section of this thread: Clinton cites Kennedy assassination in primaries

Well here’s the deal, NewsMax posted this story about the same time you made you little ‘drive by’, your last one too I might add, but it appears that I am not the only one that considers Obama to be a closet Muzzie, a Stealth Muzzie as some of us prefer to call him, and quite frankly, I think you need to read my comments policy in regards to your beloved Obama…

Comments Policy Here

Free speech is a real bitch huh?? My blog, my opinions, if you don’t like it, I have a suggestion for you, don’t even bother to read here anymore because you will NEVER see anything posted about Obama that is good or positive, that’s because there is nothing good or positive to post…

Obama is, in MY opinion, a sorry excuse of a halfbreed, quite likely The Manchurian Candidate personified and is very likely to still be tied to the Muslims that so want to take this nation down…

And just for the record, the son of a bitch DOES have 3 Muslim names, deal with it!!

If saying this makes me sound like an ignorant racist, so be it, at least I can look myself in the eye when I shave every morning…

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Clinton cites Kennedy assassination in primaries

May 23rd, 2008 . by TexasFred

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) - Sen. Hillary Clinton referred Friday to the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968 Democratic campaign as a reason she should continue to campaign despite increasingly long odds.

Clinton was responding to a question from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader editorial board about calls for her to drop out of the race.

“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it,” she said, dismissing the idea of dropping out.

Full Story Here:
Clinton cites Kennedy assassination in primaries

OK, I know I’m not the only one that has ever noticed this, people that Hillary doesn’t like seem to have a strange way of disappearing, several sites have made detailed lists of this phenomenon, here’s the 1st two that a quick Google search turned up, Clinton Body Count and Clinton Death List, and yeah, I know, there will be many that feel it’s just a tin-foil hat theory, but did Hillary just give the ‘warning rattle’ before the strike??

If I was Barack, I’d be a bit nervous too, this is one time I can understand his people making a bit of noise over a political statement made by an opponent, after all, even I feel that he was the brunt of this statement…

Obama has SEVERAL things working against him in today’s political climate, he’s almost, kinda sorta black, he has 3 Muslim names, he was initially raised in an Islamic lifestyle and educated in Islamic schools, and his allegiance to the USA is an area of doubt for many people, that in itself would tend to make me think he would be a prime target for assassins, and a statement like that just uttered by Hillary Clinton, well hell, I’d be nervous too…

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton quickly apologized Friday after citing the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy as a reason to remain in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination despite increasingly long odds.

“I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation and in particular the Kennedy family was in any way offensive. I certainly had no intention of that whatsoever,” the former first lady said.

The episode occurred as Clinton campaigned in advance of the June 3 South Dakota primary.

Full Story Here:
Clinton apologies for Kennedy remark

And as quickly as she said it, her handlers realized the gravity of her off the cuff reference and an apology was immediately put issued…

Just taking a shot in the dark here, no pun intended, but I am guessing that the conversation went something like this, “Damn it Senator, do you realize that you just opened up a whole can of worms?? If something happens to that, that son of a, uh sorry, uh, to Obama, you’re gonna look really bad“…

Great choice of words there Sen. Clinton, a fine example of your ability to think on the run…

An ever optimistic political pundit that I know was talking to one of his cohorts a few minutes ago and said, “The MSM asked Vince Foster for a comment but Mr. Foster is not available at this time … :roll:

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