Mondays Madness: 02-05-07… Mid Day Edition…

MIAMI - Tony Dungy, beaming and sporting an NFL champions cap, waded through the mob on the soggy field until he found his quarterback, Peyton Manning. And there they stood in the rain, the winning Super Bowl coach and the MVP, finally savoring a moment that was a long time coming.

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Colts beat Bears, win NFL title

The Pre-Game Show was too long… Cirque De Soleil was decent, the field held up pretty well under all the rain and traffic, Prince really surprised me by staying out there and putting on a good show in the rain and I have NEVER been a Prince fan, the commercials were NOT up to par with past performances, and Indy won… Life is good… Congratulations to Tony Dungy and crew…

SEATTLE (AP) - Anti-war activists consider 1st Lt. Ehren Watada a hero for his refusal to go to Iraq. The Army accuses him of betraying his fellow soldiers. At a court martial Monday at Fort Lewis, south of Seattle, the 28-year-old faces four years in prison if convicted on one count of missing movement and two counts of conduct unbecoming an officer for refusing to ship out with his unit, the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division.

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Court-Martial Looms for War Objector

The only job 1LT has is to follow orders, not to dictate policy and determine the legality of a war… I smell a COWARD, not an objector… And I hope he enjoys his time in military prison…

JACKSON, Miss. — Despite high-profile convictions in the past two decades, most killers from the civil rights era will go unpunished. Many of the murder cases from 1954 to 1968, the years that bracket the height of the civil rights movement, were not investigated or given cursory attention, leaving authorities little to work with today. Now the window of time is closing. Death is claiming potential defendants and witnesses.

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Civil rights-era killers escape justice

I know there isn’t a statute of limitations on murder but I have to wonder, after all these years what good does it do to imprison a 75-80 year old guy thats pretty close to dying himself?? If the authorities wanted to prosecute these crimes, WHY wait 50 years to do so??

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) - President Bashar Assad said cooperation - and negotiations - between Syria and the United States could be the “last chance” to avoid full-scale civil war in Iraq. Assad criticized President Bush, saying his administration does not have the “vision” to bring peace in Iraq. In the interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC News’”Good Morning America,” Assad praised Bush’s father, saying the elder Bush had the “will to achieve the peace in the region.”

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Syria: Talks With U.S. Iraq’s Only Hope

Assad covers a lot of ground with his opinions, but he seems to have overlooked one really important thing concerning the path to peace in Iraq, Syria itself, and them either funding or supplying the fighters… Funny how that worked Huh??

WASHINGTON - President Bush said Monday it was a “good sign” that Iraqis wanted the new U.S. strategy of boosting troop numbers in Baghdad implemented more quickly. Bush is sending 21,500 more U.S. troops to Iraq, mostly to help reduce the escalating violence in the capital.

Full Story Here:
Bush notes ‘good sign’ from Iraqis

The entire concept of ’success’ in Iraq does NOT hinge so much on this ’surge’, a surge which I don’t consider to be nearly big enough by the way, but any HOPE for success in Iraq hinges on the WILL of the Iraqis and how much do THEY desire freedom and democracy… We can’t GIVE it to them, they have got to stand up and fight FOR it, and very soon I think…

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  2. B.R. Says:

    No there isn’t a statute of limitations on murder nor should there be just as there shouldn’t be a limit on what AGE someone is prosecuted. Remember, that is the same argument that is used by some in re to invaders inside this country. FB, TX for example, changed their landlord reg to exclude those invaders that are in their 60’s which, IMHO, is BS. Also, remember another excuse for giving invaders AMNESTY is “well, they’ve been here (fill-in the blank) yrs & the govt didn’t boot them out so what’s the harm in letting them stay”. The harm is: It’s WRONG to let them stay just as it is wrong to let a murder not be prosecuted. Case in point: Just one of the excuses to let that illegal pali family stay is that they’ve been here for years & the govt knew where they were the whole time.

    I don’t give a rats ass if the perp is elderly or not, regardless of if it’s in re to murder or invasion. And frankly, I’m surprised you made such a statement.

    In the end, what matters (or what the ‘good is’) is that JUSTICE is served when the evidence is AVAILABLE, no matter how ‘elderly’ the perp or the crime itself is & b/c it just the RIGHT thing to do.

  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Da Bears! … :)

    Butter Bar Watada needs to be a private, servicing Corporal Bubba…

    I have to wonder just how many of those aging “defendants” are in fact victims of political correctness?

    Syria? Can’t we have a nuke or two come up missing? Or maybe some of Saddam’s nerve agents sort of get spilled?

    Iraq and good sign? So they found some exotic sheep dung?

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