Jobs Vs Regulations: America’s Choice

John Carter is not my Congressman, but I wish he was. I am on his email list and I receive a lot of great information from his office. This came in email today and fully illustrates what common sense Conservatives already know; Texas has some of the BEST representation in Congress. Hopefully we can get some decent representation in the U.S. Senate soon.

Jobs Vs Regulations: America’s Choice

By Congressman John Carter (R-TX31)

This past week the nation was reminded that our economic recovery has stalled, as the Labor Department announced that ZERO new jobs had been created in the month of August. Only 85,000 jobs were added, and with a minimum 125,000 needed just to keep up with population growth, that left us with zero job growth.

Meanwhile, we sit with a minimum 200,000 – 340,000 new private sector jobs that can be saved or created at the stroke of a pen by President Barack Obama. So far in his Presidency he has chosen joblessness.

19,000 oil workers stand idle in the Gulf region following the President’s refusal to lift a moratorium on oil drilling leases, in spite of being found in contempt of federal court by that continued refusal. 10 oil drilling platforms have now left the Gulf for other countries such as Brazil, whose offshore drilling program has been endorsed and financed by the Obama Administration.

60,000 - 200,000 jobs stand to be lost to the EPA’s new Boiler MACT rules, which will place massive new restrictions on industrial and power plant boilers.

100,000 jobs in the construction and manufacturing sectors are set to be cut as a result of new EPA rules on coal ash, a key industrial product. Congress has offered to work with the Administration to increase regulation of coal ash, but the Administration has thus far refused to compromise with common-sense standards that protect the environment without unnecessarily destroying jobs.

20,000 cement and construction industry workers stand to lose their jobs in coming months over draconian regulations on the cement industry, while allowing China and India to continue production with no environmental safeguards whatsoever. Ironically, the EPA regulation could result in increased global mercury pollution, by shifting production from cleaner U.S. plants to the dirtiest plants in the world.

2,000 Boeing jobs are at risk due to the NLRB suing Boeing to stop construction of a new plant with high-paying jobs simply because South Carolina is a right-to-work state. It seems the Administration would prefer joblessness to workers getting a good check without a cut going to a union.

An unknown number of farm workers face unemployment over ludicrous EPA regulations on dust. There is no good estimate yet of how many jobs could be lost, due to the yet-unanswered question of how farmers are to mitigate dust under the proposed EPA rule. The only known solution at present is to spray roads and fields with water, but that could run afoul of other EPA, Corps of Engineers, and state water use regulations. If water can’t be used, then large areas of U.S. farmland could be closed to farming. Perhaps the larger question in this case is how are we supposed to eat?

These current and pending jobs losses are just the tip of the iceberg, but the economic evidence is clear. There is a bare minimum of three months of solid job growth currently blocked by Washington bureaucracy.

What is difficult to quantify is the chilling effect of this regulatory blitzkrieg on businesses. Many businesses will not hire in a threatening regulatory environment, in which they face uncertain major regulatory costs which may be added by this Administration in the future.

This September, the House will begin a mass effort to take the brakes off our economy by voting to stop this job-killing agenda by the Administration. Members of both parties will offer individual bills to roll back many of these regulatory overreaches.

Meanwhile, the Take off the Brakes on the American Economy Act, HR 1235, offers a blanket two-year moratorium on all new major regulations, giving our businesses the ability to grow, expand, and hire without fear of facing still unknown regulatory hurdles.

One thing is certain. We have a choice between adding jobs and growing our economy, or remaining stagnant with over 9% unemployment for the foreseeable future due to the regulatory onslaught of an extremist Administration.

The House has made its choice to fight for jobs, and September will be just the start.

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I think we ALL know that Barack Hussein Obama is a walking disaster, that is the opinion pretty much shared by ALL Conservatives and GOP members, and it seems to be the new train of thought with moderate Democrats. You’ll never convince the Obamites, the hard core libbers among us, but anyone with a lick of common sense has seen through Obama and his *plan*.

Do you remember these words? “We are only five days away from fundamentally changing America.”

Barack Hussein Obama did NOT lie! America has changed…for the worse.

Gasoline prices have more than doubled, average U.S. gas prices have doubled, from $1.83 to $3.72, unemployment has risen from 7.2% to 9.8%, and some pundits has said they believe if actual numbers were used the rate would be well over 10%. The Standard & Poor’s rating agency downgraded the U.S. credit rating to AA+ from its top rank of AAA.

Yes Sir! Things really have changed under Obama, and I’m sure there are many other items I haven’t listed, but my readers will list them in comments.

Let it suffice to say, Barack Hussein Obama is a FAILURE!

I would love to tell ALL of my readers that we have nothing but hard core Conservatives here in Rowlett, but I can’t lie to you.

It pains me to say this but we DO have a few loony libbers here in Rowlett that actually believe Obama is doing a wonderful job, and they make NO secret of the fact that they fully support him, his policies and his views and they will tell you, face to face, they are going to vote to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama.

Regardless of the FACTS, regardless the economy and unemployment rates, forget the fact that our U.S. credit rating is lowered under Obama, these few Dem Libs are going to support Obama no matter what. Needless to say, these people are MORONS. (Local readers will KNOW who I am talking about :twisted: )

I think we all already know what the upcoming Obama Jobs Speech will consist of; lies, lies and more lies, followed by liberal rhetoric, possibly a *shout out* and a *Blame Bush moment, and then more lies. Yeah, we ALL know that’s how it’s going to play out, the Obamites will see sheer genius in Obama’s every word.

Congressman John Carter speaks the TRUTH about Obama and the numbers where American jobs are concerned, what Carter doesn’t address is the vindictive streak that runs through Barack Hussein Obama and the FACT that he (Obama) hates Texas.

You doubt that statement? Show me how much concern Obama has shown over Texas wildfires, the loss of life and the loss of so many homes…

Oh well, according to the Obama lovers, we’re ALL racists because we hate Obama, we hate him because he’s Black.

Here’s the truth of the matter; my hatred of Obama has NOTHING to do with his *race*, I hate his WHITE side too.

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6 Responses to Jobs Vs Regulations: America’s Choice

  1. Texasperated says:

    Any tragedy is enormous for the person involved. So I don’t want to downplay the difficulties faced by anyone who has lost his home or the life of a loved one. But I do think it is telling when we compare the scope of the damage from Irene to the scope of the Texas wildfires. More people have been displaced by wildfires in Texas. Again, not downplaying the storms, but pointing out a salient fact.

    Now, Obama actually cut a vacation short by 5 hours (which in Obama vacation-years is something like 90 seconds) to visit FEMA HQ in front of Irene. FEMA was on alert even before Irene hit (isn’t an emergency by definition something you cannot plan for?).

    Compare that to FEMA’s (and Obama’s) response to the wildfires. That silence you hear is FEMA gearing up to do what our tax dollars supposedly have funded. Governor Perry was on TV (CBS) this morning and they tried to goad him into talking about FEMA funding and how about his campaign, etc. Perry remained focused throughout the interview on one thing: we’ve got people here in Texas who need help and Texans come together to help.

    When FEMA couldn’t do it’s job during Katrina, guess where most of the refugees were brought? If you’re saying “Texas,” you got it right. I sit right across a field from Memorial stadium and I saw bus after bus of refugees coming from Katrina (and then Rita the same year). We took them in and we’ll take care of the folks who need help from the Texas wildfires as well.

    God bless Texas!!

    Keep your powder dry

  2. Jim at CoF says:

    So much ignorance to overcome and so little time. It is a tiring job, Fred, but if we don’t do it, who will?

  3. Steve Dennis says:

    I addition to lies, lies, lies his speech will also include spend, spend, spend! The man is a joke and he has no clue what the hell he is doing, only the diehard liberals will not admit this.

  4. Patrick Sperry says:

    Regulatory fiat is in fact a common method of getting past Congress, and the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights. In the name of political correctness of course.

    Just look at all the local and state gun laws, not to mention the taking s of private properties etc…

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