The Police Reports the “Occupy Wall Street” Mob Doesn’t Want You to See

The Police Reports the “Occupy Wall Street” Mob Doesn’t Want You to See

Liberals and some of their friends in the news media keep advancing the false narrative that the “Occupy Wall Street” mobs have been peaceful. However, an investigation by The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama reveals something different.

According to our investigation, more than 1,500 people have already been for arrested for charges including assaulting police officers, disorderly contact, trespassing and more.

Here’s a rundown of the arrests we’ve thus far been able to document, by date:

Here’s a rundown of the arrests we’ve thus far been able to document, by date:

• September 18 – New York, NY: 2 Arrests
• September 19 – New York, NY: 5 Arrests
• September 24 – New York, NY: 80 Arrests
• October 1 – New York, NY: 700 Arrests
• October 5- St. Louis, MO: 10 Arrests
• October 6 – Los Angeles, CA: 11 Arrests
• October 6 – San Francisco, CA: 1 Arrest
• October 6 – Santa Barbara, CA: 9 Arrests
• October 7 – Sacramento, CA: 19 Arrests
• October 8 – Des Moines, IA: 32 Arrests
• October 11 – Boston, MA: 140 Arrests
• October 11 – Washington, D.C.: 6 Arrests
• October 11 – Chicago, IL: 21 Arrests
• October 12 – Houston, TX: 8 Arrests
• October 12 – San Francisco, CA: 11 Arrests
• October 13 – Austin, TX: 4 Arrests
• October 13 – Seattle, WA: 10 Arrests
• October 13 – Portland, OR: 8 Arrests
• October 13 – Gainesville, FL: 4 Arrests
• October 14 – New York, NY: 14 Arrests
• October 14 – Seattle, WA: 1 Arrests
• October 14 – Denver, CO: 24 Arrests
• October 14 – San Diego, CA: 1 Arrest
• October 15 – New York, NY: 92 Arrests
• October 15 – Minneapolis, MN: 1 Arrest
• October 15 – Raleigh, NC: 15 Arrests
• October 15 – Tucson, AZ: 53 Arrests
• October 15 – Phoenix, AZ: 46 Arrests
• October 16 – Chicago, IL: 175 Arrests
• October 16 – Washington, D.C.: 19 Arrests
• October 16 – Phoenix, AZ: 3 Arrests

What is particularly interesting about these arrests is that they are actually understated. You see, liberal city officials across the country have allowed protesters to engage in unlawful behavior that if YOU were to engage in, you’d be arrested for.

However, these Democrat officials have allowed protesters to break the law, and have instructed law enforcement to engage in these illegal acts without consequence.

This is in stark contrast to rallies held by the Tea Party movement where protests were peaceful and where participants thanked law enforcement officials and cleaned up after themselves.

It’s time to call these protest mobs for what they are: unruly mobs laced with socialists and communists who are intent on attacking the American principles of free markets and capitalism.

Please help us get the truth out to the American people showing what these mobs are really about, and the shameful actions of Democrat Leaders, including Barack Obama, to help promote them.

We here at The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama are preparing a national TV ad campaign exposing these mobs for what they are, and the fact that Democrat political leaders are shamefully providing them cover. We’ve raised enough money to produce these TV ads (which are nearly compete), but now need to raise money to purchase the airtime for these ads to be seen. Please help us purchase TV ad time for this effort by making a contribution - HERE

With your support we will expose the “Occupy Wall Street” mobs for exactly what they are:  an effort to shove socialism down our throat here in America. 

Full Story Here:
The Police Reports the “Occupy Wall Street” Mob Doesn’t Want You to See

The *Occupy Wall Street* movement is a Socialist revolution right here in America! I guess Barack Hussein Obama, an avowed Socialist, wasn’t moving fast enough for the powers that are pulling his strings and now they have mobilized the Socialist LEFT in an effort to drive America into the sewer.

The American Socialist Party endorses the Occupy people, so does the NAZI Party. Here’s a bit more info on who supports this *Occupy* movement.

Various unions, including the Transport Workers Union of America Local 100 and the New York Metro 32BJ Service Employees International Union have pledged their support for demonstrators. On October 3, Transport Workers Union bus drivers sued the New York Police Department for ordering their buses to drive to the Brooklyn Bridge to pick up detained protesters.

Union President John Samuelsen said, “We’re down with these protesters. We support the notion that rich folk are not paying their fair share. Our bus operators are not going to be pressed into service to arrest protesters anywhere.” On October 5, representatives from more than 14 of the country’s largest labor unions intended to join the protesters for a mass rally and march. SOURCE

You just have to know that the Hollyweird folks are supporting this too, and aren’t most of them presumed to be at least somewhat wealthy? Here’s a few that I found in support.

Roseanne Barr, Cornel West, Michael Moore, Rapper Lupe Fiasco, Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo, Margaret Atwood, Alec Baldwin, Immortal Technique, John Carlos, Noam Chomsky, David Graeber, Chris Hedges, Stéphane Hessel, Paul Krugman, Jeff Madrick, Radiohead, Yoko Ono, Russell Simmons, George Soros, Joseph Stiglitz, Richard D. Wolff, and Kanye West. SOURCE

I’m pretty sure that most, if not ALL on that list of names would tell you, straight up, they are Democrats, progressives and liberals, I doubt that ANY would have the guts to stand and speak the truth and out themselves for what they really are, SOCIALISTS…

Supposedly, the below quote is from Norman Mattoon Thomas, some sites say so, some say not, personally, I don’t care WHO said it, every word is true.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

He supposedly went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

We either DEFEAT the Democrats, Libbers and Socialists in America, and remove them from power forever, or we die as a nation of freedom. We must remove RINOs from power too. RINOs equate to Dem Lite, and lately, not all that lite…

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7 Responses to The Police Reports the “Occupy Wall Street” Mob Doesn’t Want You to See

  1. minuteman26 says:

    OWS is allowing the Marxists to come out of the closet. Be sure to take pictures as these people will become targets when the feces hits the fan. We now know who ya’ll are.

    • bmene says:

      We the Cold War American Vets were trained for incase Commies were to try a takeover just what to do. Does anyone think we have forgotten what is required of us now with these knotheads marching on our Greatest Prize”A Free and Brave America?” They will learn if they get thier a$$e$ to far over board. First call is ROLL TIDE we will respond

  2. Dick Robie says:

    Lay the whole thing at the feet of the President of the United States. He is divisive, socialist and wants to be the “supreme” leader.

    When peaceful assembly tramples on the rights of others it is unlawful.

  3. Katie says:

    How many TEA Party members were arrested? 0

    And yet the TEA Party is Astroturf and violent.

    Go figure!

  4. Steve Dennis says:

    The media tried to paint the Tea Party as racist and tried to blame any violence (like Gabby Giffords shooting) on the Tea Party, but nothing happened and here we have multiple arrests in the OWS movement and it is being covered up. It really isn’t surprising, and is actually expected, because the media is nothing but the propaganda arm of the Obama regime.

  5. Always On Watch says:

    I realize that the numbers of protesters involved in Occupy Whatever are small.

    However, the mainstream media are promoting these jerks. In fact, the most recent edition of Time is referring to the Occupy nutjobs as “the silent majority.” Sheesh.

  6. Katie says:

    I heard a few rumors that there have been a few assaults and rapes in NY. Anyone got any confirmation on this?

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