Herman Cain: Is this the man that YOU want to be POTUS?

Herman Cain: Is this the man that YOU want to be POTUS?

Some folks are so in love with Herman Cain that they aren’t thinking straight! I believe they are *guilt tripping*, throwing their support to Herman Cain trying to prove they aren’t racists, and that’s the same BS that got us Barack Hussein Obama.

I have said repeatedly, if you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot, but voting for Herman Cain is, in MY opinion, going to lead to an even bigger disaster than the one called Obama.

This has nothing to do with Cain being Black, it has everything to do with Cain being even less qualified than Obama, and, as this story points out, Cain is a NOVICE of the 1st order, and in many instances, he is either totally stupid or incredibly uneducated in the ways of government and global happenings.

GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain unaware China has nukes

In an interview on PBS’s Newshour with Judy Woodruff, GOP Presidential candidate and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain was asked whether he views China as a potential military threat to the United States. His response was… surprising to say the least.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Do you view China as a potential military threat to the United States?

HERMAN CAIN: I do view China as a potential military threat to the United States… we already have superiority in terms of our military capability, and I plan to get away from making cutting our defense a priority and make investing in our military capability a priority, going back to my statement: peace through strength and clarity. So yes they’re a military threat. They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have. So yes, we have to consider them a military threat.

Herman Cain is apparently unaware that China conducted its first test of a nuclear device on October 16th… 1964.

Though China is estimated to have around 400 nuclear weapons stockpiled, including around 20 intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of targeting the United States, they’re a ratifier of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as one of the five “nuclear weapons states” which also obviously includes the United States.

Full Story Here:
GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain unaware China has nukes

I am often accused of being a racist, but here is a case of Herman Cain throwing The Race Card and using it to muddy the waters. That is a play right out of the Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters handbook. If you’re BLACK and you find yourself losing the fight, THROW THE RACE CARD! Well done Herman, well done indeed…

Herman Cain: The Attacks On Me Are Racially Motivated

On FOX News’ “Special Report” tonight presidential candidate Herman Cain told the panel, after being asked, that he believes the charge of sexual harassment against him has to do with his race.

Charles Krauthammer: “Mr. Cain, when Clarence Thomas was near to achieving position of high authority, he was hit with a sexual harassment charge. You contending for presidency, the office of highest authority, leading in the polls for the Republican nomination, all of the sudden get hit with a sexual harassment charge. Do you think that race, being a strong black conservative, has anything to do with the fact you’ve been so charged? And if so, do you have any evidence to support that?”

Herman Cain: “I believe the answer is yes, but we do not have any evidence to support it. But because I am an unconventional candidate running an unconventional campaign and achieving some unexpected unconventional results in terms of my — the poll. We believe that yes, there are some people who are Democrats, liberals who do not want to see me win the nomination. And there could be some people on the right who don’t want to see me — because I’m not the ‘establishment candidate.’ No evidence.”

“Relative to the left, I believe that race is a bigger driving factor. I don’t think it’s a driving factor on the right. This is just based upon our speculation,” Mr. Cain also said.

For the full roundtable interview of Herman Cain go to The Right Scoop.

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Real Clear Politics

I’m not at all sure what to make of this part of the post, but if there are money issues, if there are improprieties, they must be ferreted out!

Herman Cain campaign’s financial ties to Wisconsin charity questioned

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain, hit with a barrage of questions Monday about allegations of sexual harassment, also faced new questions about financial ties between his campaign and a private charity run by two of his top aides.

Citing internal financial documents, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that a Wisconsin tax-exempt charity called Prosperity USA footed the bill for about $40,000 worth of iPads, chartered airplanes and other expenses as Cain’s campaign got off the ground early this year.

Expenses totaling $37,372 are listed in the group’s financial records as “due from FOH,” or Friends of Herman Cain, the name of his campaign committee, the newspaper said. It is not clear whether Cain repaid the alleged debts, which are not listed in his personal or campaign disclosures.

Such payments are forbidden under federal tax and election laws, because nonprofit charities are not allowed to donate money or services to political campaigns, according to election law experts.

Full Story Here:
Herman Cain campaign’s financial ties to Wisconsin charity questioned

As the facts come out on this I am pretty sure there will be some folks that see Herman Cain in a whole NEW light, at least I hope so…

Cain Accuser Got a Year’s Salary in Severance Pay

WASHINGTON — The National Restaurant Association gave $35,000 — a year’s salary — in severance pay to a female staff member in the late 1990s after an encounter with Herman Cain, its chief executive at the time, made her uncomfortable working there, three people with direct knowledge of the payment said on Tuesday.

The woman was one of two whose accusations of sexual harassment by Mr. Cain, now a Republican candidate for president, led to paid severance agreements during his 1996-99 tenure at the association. Disclosure of the scale of the severance further challenged his initial description of the matter as a “witch hunt,” as did new descriptions from the woman’s friends and colleagues of her level of discomfort at work.

Full Story Here:
Herman Cain Accuser Got a Year’s Salary in Severance Pay

Stay tuned folks, it looks like Herman Cain may indeed be the gift that keeps on giving!

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10 Responses to Herman Cain: Is this the man that YOU want to be POTUS?

  1. BobF says:

    I think if Herman Cain became POTUS, he would be eaten alive by the GOP and the blue bloods in the Republican Party. The RINO’s who inhabit the upper echelons of the GOP would have a field day. Since he has no knowledge of how Washington or politics works, he most likely rely on them for the “corporate” knowledge they possess on how to get things done. He himself may be Conservative but his policies will be those of the RINO’s who will form his cabinet. He basically has no political infrastructure in which to rely upon.

    • Texasperated says:

      Cain’s campaign slogan seems to be “I don’t need to know anything because I’m an outsider.” And many of the TEA party folk, who are more anti-Washington than pro-Anything are falling for it.

      Sad to see really.

      Keep your powder dry

  2. Texasperated says:

    And today it is being reported that a third woman has come forward to say there was sexual aggressiveness (whatever that is) by Cain. And now a recent incident has supposedly taken place in Iowa.

    The difference between Thomas and Cain is immediately obvious. Except for Anita Hill, who did not accuse when it supposedly took place, Thomas’ record was clean. With Cain, not so much.

    By the way, I don’t care what the source of the story was or is. Either it is true or it is false. Simply saying “my political opponents are running with this story” is not a denial. An innocent man is not required to prove his innocence — I agree with that principle one hundred percent. But he is required to plead “not guilty” and let the stories be told.

    Keep your powder dry.

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    If it were Obama or Cain, I’d vote for Cain every day of the week, twice on Tuesday.

    But eventually, this is gonna shoot him down in flames.

    And then the Republicans will be left with Romney. Who has lots of money.

    Same old same old.


  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    To Texasperated:

    In politics, Napoleonic Law rules.


    • Texasperated says:

      I grant you that BZ (unless one’s name is Obama); in politics the rule is “where there smoke of any kind there must be fire.” But having said that, Cain’s response has been ludicrous. First it didn’t happen; Next it did happen but it was a long time ago; Then it sorta happened but I can’t talk about; Finally it’s Rick Perry’s fault.

      I started out liking Cain after the initial SC debate. Then when I saw 999 I did a double take and realized this guy is not conservative, but he’s still a nice guy (I thought). Now I’m not even sure about the nice guy part.

      Pam Geller is supporting him even though he didn’t know in an interview about the right of return. And after being a mathematician for the US Navy he didn’t know China has had the atom bomb for 50 years. He has more positions on abortion than Mitt Romney and I find him untrustworthy at this point. If he were to come clean on day one that he had problems in the past and has worked them out I could see people continuing to support him. But Mr “I am a problem solver” apparently cannot even solve the problems of his own campaign staff.

      Keep your powder dry

      Cain over Obama? Probably vote for him but I’ll never work for him. And that is the problem the GOP is going to have in the fall of 2012.

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    Hi Fred! Who do you think is the best candidate to kick 0bama out in 2012? The race for the nomination is getting interesting.

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