Police: 3 struck by car at Occupy DC protest

Police: 3 struck by car at Occupy DC protest

WASHINGTON (AP) - District of Columbia police said early Saturday that a driver will not be charged for striking three people taking part in an Occupy DC protest in downtown Washington.

Lt. Christopher Micciche (MITCH’-ih-kay) of the D.C. police said the driver was not cited because he had a green light when his vehicle struck the three on Friday night.

He said witnesses told police that the three pedestrians “either ran toward or jumped in front of the moving vehicle.” He said one pedestrian jumped on the hood of the car. One of them was cited for being in the roadway.

“The protesters were apparently trying to block the roadway,” Micciche said. “It was essentially an accident where three individuals were injured but they were in violation by being in the roadway.”

D.C. fire department spokesman Lon Walls said Saturday morning that the three were transported to two area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Hundreds of protesters affiliated with Occupy DC shut down streets Friday near the city’s convention center in downtown, where a conservative group was gathering.

The male driver of the vehicle was traveling southbound on 7th Street NW at K Street NW when the accident occurred at about 10 p.m.

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Police: 3 struck by car at Occupy DC protest

To call these cretins *protesters* is an affront to ALL legitimate protesters everywhere!

These *Occupy* people may have had at least some legitimacy if they had been organized, if they had had a *clue*, if they had had a purpose and a GOAL to accomplish. They may have been taken somewhat seriously if they had shown up, made their protests over the course of a weekend, possibly consecutive weekends, but the *Occupy* people are NOT a bunch of motivated protesters standing for a *cause* they are the dregs of society and are nothing more than a bunch of unwashed (m)asses!

One protester, 29-year-old Jesse Folks of Riverdale, Md., told The Washington Post that he was standing in the street with other demonstrators near the convention center when the car “just gassed it into a bunch of people.”

“We were in the street, but this guy didn’t even give us a chance to get out of the way,” Folks said.

Micciche said witnesses provided a different account.

“They probably thought the driver would either stop or be able to stop, but it didn’t appear that was the case.”

I don’t know why these reborn hippies think that THEY have a right to disrupt the lives and businesses of others, but they are finding out that this isn’t 1963 and Americans WILL stand and defend their individually owned businesses and property.

Folks, please take a look at this video, it is the best I have seen at exposing what the *OCCUPY* movement is all about.

Grant Stinchfield is my Facebook friend and a local guy done good. Grant was in local TV news here in the Dallas area and is now an independent businessman and is running for the U.S. Congress (TX-24), and I heartily endorse Grant, I wish it was MY district, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat!

I have to say, Grant is a nice young man, a lot nicer than I am, and Grant IS one awesome guy, lots of courage, he went into the *Lions Den* when he took a camera and made the above video.

Grant got right to the heart of the matter, these people are *LOST*, they have no jobs, many have no homes, they want something for nothing and they can’t even tell you exactly what it is they want or what it is they are protesting.

The not knowing what you want or WHY you’re protesting sounds a lot like our local TEA Party after the Ron Paul and John Birch people too over…

One other thing; look at WHO supports and endorses this *Occupy* anarchy. Therein lies the answers to exactly what is wrong in America today!

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10 Responses to Police: 3 struck by car at Occupy DC protest

  1. NativeSon says:

    What a bunch of “MAROONS”! :) Criminal “maroons” in many cases!

  2. Katie says:

    What I saw was a bunch of Drunk or Stoned Poor White Trash. The majority of people working or not want jobs. It is better for the economy for people to be working instead of on the Government dole.

    I wish Grant Stinchfield was in my district. I’d work for him in a heartbeat.

  3. Cary says:

    And, in case any of your lefty trolls start claiming “No one was hurt, no one broke any laws” let’s look at the same event through the eyes of someone inside the Convention Center, shall we?

    An Open Letter to Washington, D.C.’s Mayor Vincent C. Grey

    Seems to me quite a few laws were broken by quite a few people, and the “Protect (our butts) and Serve (ourselves donuts)” crew were AWOL.

  4. Robert says:

    I’d vote for that guy just for that video. What I saw is ZERO PANDERING for votes. I saw a guy who went toe to toe with the losers of the movement and didn’t waver. He got chased off because they have ZERO answers for facts. They can demonize anyone who doesn’t believe in liberalism but liberalism is failure on its face.

  5. BobF says:

    First of all, these occupy DC idiots are racist. Look how the block a Black man who’s trying to take his young child home and then how they harass and shove a Black Cop. Then these products of inferior breeding go after a family with two young children as the mother fights back. When they’re done with the young family, the knock two older women down to the concrete and punch an older man. Video is at the link below.


  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Hey, TF, how about this?

    In the finest tradition of the Demorat Party, I’ll drive from Fornicalia and vote for Grant myself, not once — oh no — but FOUR TIMES!

    If THAT ain’t Demoratic, I don’t know what is!


  7. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Yeah! ROAD TRIP, baby!


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