Racial politics return with Cain allegations

Racial politics return with Cain allegations

WASHINGTON (AP) - Herman Cain’s rise as a presidential contender was supposed to prove that race didn’t matter in the Republican Party. Cain is fast making it the only thing that does.

The black conservative is trying to navigate around allegations that he sexually harassed at least three women, implying that the accusations surfaced because he is black. Hours after the claims were reported, Cain’s supporters branded his trouble a “high-tech lynching.” That’s the term coined 20 years ago by another black conservative, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, after his confirmation hearings for the court were rocked by allegations of sexual harassment.

Cain’s supporters have pinned blame on a white GOP presidential rival, on liberals afraid of a “strong black conservative” and on mainstream media interested in “guilty until proven innocent.” But by playing the race card with the Thomas precedent, his backers belied the “post-racial” America that President Barack Obama was said to have brought about in the United States - and that they, too, promote.

It’s not a post-racial world, “it’s a partisan world,” said Merle Black, an Emory University political science professor and author of “The Rise of Southern Republicans.”

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Racial politics return with Cain allegations

I’m going to make this really easy for those that have reading comprehension problems. I give you a political cartoon that says more than most entire posts do. Cain Waffles!

OK, there you have it, a full run down of what Herman Cain has said all through this really disgusting debacle about his sexual proclivities.

1. What complaints?
2. There were complaints but I don’t know of any settlement.
3. I remember a settlement but I don’t know the details.
4. I explained the details to an aide years ago.
5. The Liberal media is trying to destroy me.
6. Conservative Rick Perry is trying to destroy me.
7. I’m an unconventional candidate.
8. I’m just a conventional backpedaling politician.

Ladies and gentlemen, that pretty much sums up the way Herman Cain has handled the accusations against him, and I know, as of now, none of his accusers have come forward, but do they really need to?

Cain has admitted that there were pay-offs made to individuals that were employees of the National Restaurant Association over complaints that were filed against Cain when he was the guy in charge. Isn’t that proof enough?

It seems that everyone in the blog world is tippy-toeing around the fact that Herman Cain is a BLACK man. It’s almost like political correctness has taken over the blog world, well, not here, HEY PEOPLE, Herman Cain is BLACK, as black as the Ace of Spades, but I have, as of yet, NOT heard anyone making an issue of that except Herman Cain.

Is this not a telling tale of the tape? Herman Cain: The Attacks On Me Are Racially Motivated.

Have you heard or read anything, anywhere, that has Conservative bloggers or reputable news sources bashing Cain because of his RACE? Have you seen or heard anyone calling Cain any racist names? Has anyone got a reference to The Race Card being thrown in this incident? Other than the one thrown by Herman Cain?

If you DO have knowledge of that happening, I would love to see the citation! Trust me, IF citation can be produced that proves Cain has been attacked by ANY Conservatives, and that those attacks were racially motivated, I WILL use them here on the blog!

There are plenty of reasons to not like Herman Cain and to not want him to be President of this United States. Some of them are presented here: GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain unaware China has nukes, Herman Cain Accuser Got a Year’s Salary in Severance Pay, Cain blames media, Perry for furor, Cain camp points to Perry for harassment leak and this, Cain Camp Accuses Perry Campaign of Leaking Sexual Harassment Claims.

The biggest issue for me is the *Herman Cain unaware China has nukes*. That is from a man wanting to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

Look, I hate Barack Hussein Obama, I totally detest Ron Paul, but if you could *meld* Cain and Obama, put them together in ONE body, with ONE mind, you still couldn’t come up with that much STUPID!

I know that Barack Hussein Obama was/is terribly unqualified to run this nation, Herman Cain is just as unqualified, maybe even more-so. At least Barack Hussein Obama was there to vote *present* in the Senate, that’s more than Cain has ever done.

Is this the guy that YOU want taking the 3 A.M. call we hear so much about? If Cain gets so flustered over these accusations, if he has to resort to outright LIES in an attempt to cover his tracks, how is Cain going to handle a threat of WAR and/or terrorist attacks on the United States?

You can’t spin your way out of that one…

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  1. NativeSon says:

    The only “Flaw” to your post is equating (the innocent) Clarence Thomas’ “high tech lynchng” (by not pointing it out in your narrative…) with Herman Cain.
    In Thomas’s case it was (an attempted) “…high tech lynching”…
    Other than that, it appears Cain is showing himself to be “breakfast food”.



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