Media mob chases Ron Paul from campaign stop in New Hampshire

Media mob chases Ron Paul from campaign stop in New Hampshire

MANCHESTER, N.H. — A campaign stop at a New Hampshire eatery mutated into a circus on Monday when the media scrum chasing Ron Paul apparently became too much for the 76-year-old Texas congressman to handle.

Paul had been planning to make the rounds through Moe Joe’s restaurant before settling down to eat breakfast with his wife, Carol — who said he enjoys apple pancakes — at a table in the corner.

But the plans quickly changed. Barely able to move through the restaurant as hundreds of journalists and videographers surrounded him on all sides, Paul ignored the questions being lobbed at him and slowly inched through the restaurant, offering a few autographs to supporters along the way.

“Guys, you’ve got to take it easy,” shouted one Paul staffer, imploring the media to give the congressman some space.

No such luck.

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Media mob chases Ron Paul from campaign stop in New Hampshire

A media mob? Seriously?

Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds a lot more like some of the Paultards got their weekly *dope* allotment and swarmed their hero and leader in celebration and adulation.

I’ll leave it to you to decide if that Clown Car is full of Paultards or GOP candidates.

“Ron Paul: We have you surrounded. We are the media,” sounded the voice from a megaphone as Paul staffers ushered him into a waiting SUV, just minutes after he arrived at the restaurant.

Holding the megaphone was a man dressed roughly as a wizard, with shaggy hair and tousled beard, wearing a massive black boot upside down on his head.

Sounds to me like Ron Paul was overwhelmed by *like minded* folks. Invasion of The Paultards … it’s got a nice ring to it, and now Ron Paul has had an up close and personal look at what his followers really are. MORONS!

Here is what gives me great pause; if Ron Paul can’t take the pressure of being surrounded by people like this, if that pressure is too great, HOW would he handle the pressures of the White House?

Does the expression ‘fold like a cheap suit’ mean anything to you?

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6 Responses to Media mob chases Ron Paul from campaign stop in New Hampshire

  1. Katie says:

    If he wants to run for President he had better get use to this. It is only going to get worse.

  2. mrchuck says:

    TOO OLD,,,, TOO ECCENTRIC,,,, to be President.

    But just right for a Cabinet post reporting to the new Conservative Republican President.

  3. Ron Paul is 76.

    Ronald Wilson Reagan, whom the Leftist media portrayed as “too completely doddering” to fulfill the office of president, was lambasted for his age. He was 70 when he took office.

    Ron Paul is 76.

    And a bleeding idiot Truther, amongst other stupid things.

    You hear the issue of AGE being brought up in the media?



    • TexasFred says:

      Some folks take that *age discrimination* thing too seriously…

      I’m not saying Ron Paul is too old to be POTUS, I’m not saying he’s too goofy to be POTUS, but if you put them together you get an OLD GOOFBALL…

      Not a good combination.

      And yeah BZ, Paul is FAR too old and doddering to be POTUS, but the only people that have the guts to say it are people like us…

  4. Bunkerville says:

    Well, it turns out the Dems can vote in New Hamsphire , so no surprise how they act. The media folks are Dems as well. Their parents taught them no couth!

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