Some Sunday Ramblings – Feb. 19, 2012

Some Sunday Ramblings – Feb. 19, 2012

Immigrants trickling back to Ala despite crackdown

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) – Ana Jimenez and her husband were so terrified of being sent back to their native Mexico when Alabama’s tough crackdown on illegal immigrants took effect that they fled more than 2,000 miles to Los Angeles, cramming into a two-bedroom apartment with more than 20 other relatives. SOURCE

Have you ever had roaches get into your house? It’s the same thing; these roaches will keep on coming back. What America needs is a POTUS that knows how to call in The Orkin Man!

20 people killed in Iraqi police academy blast

BAGHDAD (AP) – A suicide bomber detonated his car Sunday as a group of police recruits left their academy in Baghdad, killing 20 in the latest strike on security officials that angry residents blamed on political feuding that is roiling Iraq. SOURCE

Someone remind me once more how we did so much good in Iraq? How we won those *hearts and minds* and how the deaths of nearly 5,000 American troops and the expenditure of untold BILLIONS of OUR dollars was such a good thing.

This time, try to convince me.

Intensity question for Romney stirs doubt for fall

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – If Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination for president, he’ll face the urgent task of inspiring the party’s conservative core and rallying them to beat President Barack Obama. SOURCE

Romney will not inspire Conservatives. IF Romney is the nominee Conservatives will have no choice but to hold their noses and vote for Romney. Then we’ll have to look at ourselves in the mirror and HOPE we did the right thing for America.

GOP sees chance to attack Obama on rising gas prices

WASHINGTON — Rising gasoline prices, trumpeted in foot-tall numbers on street corners across the country, are causing concern among advisers to President Obama that a budding sense of economic optimism could be undermined just as he heads into the general election. SOURCE

If GAS prices are all the GOP can find to attack Obama with, the GOP needs to be totally revamped, or done away with and replaced with a REAL Conservative party. Actually, that’s not a bad idea regardless.

Justices Sit on Highest Court, but Still Live Without Top Security

When Justice Stephen G. Breyer was robbed in his Caribbean vacation home 10 days ago, the crime was unremarkable except for one fact: a machete-wielding intruder was able to walk right into the residence of one of the highest members of the United States government. SOURCE

If Breyer were not such a hard core, anti-gun libber, this might be a teaching moment. It might teach Breyer why so many Americans carry a gun for protection. Since no one was killed in this incident, a libber will look at it and see NO REASON to have a gun.

Have I ever mentioned that I believe libbers to be MORONS?

Fire sweeps 3 street markets in Honduras’ capital

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) – A fire has swept through street markets in the capital of Honduras, a nation traumatized just five days ago by a fire that killed 358 people at a prison. SOURCE

After the recent fire tragedy in Honduras, More than 300 killed in Honduras prison fire, maybe they need to consider adopting some new rules and enforcement.

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2 Responses to Some Sunday Ramblings – Feb. 19, 2012

  1. 1. Notice where the illegals came: Fornicalia. 20 to a house? Boo-damned-hoo.

    2. YOU convinced ME that unless we were going to actually blow shit up and kill people — take the gloves off — that Iraq wasn’t worth it. I believe that.

    3. Romney, I’m thinking, will be it. Nose-holding to commence.

    4. Point made. Gas prices are obscene BECAUSE of Mr Obama, the Demorats, Leftists and the Religious Left. We HAVE the ability to make ourselves, mostly, energy independent.

    5. I’ve always said and still maintain that not nearly enough judges, administrators, politicians, people with the ability to craft laws, are killed, raped, sodomized, shot, stabbed, set on fire, been robbed, beaten, burglarized, lost their JOBS, lost their SAVINGS and had to live square in the midst of the RABBLE. Crime, jobs, the neighborhood, the threats to your family, your existence, your savings, your job — those things are PERSONAL, and judges and politicians want to be able to make their little shitty decisions in a vacuum “for the good of us all” and “UNinfluenced.”

    I say: they need TONS more NEGATIVE influence to widen their perspectives.

    6. Don’t much care. Doesn’t impact me. I don’t know, except to perhaps send more of these assholes norte.


  2. What BZ said!

    California: The place I left in 1978 because it was already going off the deep end!

    War is war, not some damned popularity contest.

    Obama light… I need one of HAM’s clothes pins just thinking about it.

    Keynesian economics will ALWAYS fail, period.

    Perfumed Princes etc need something to wake them up to reality from time to time.

    Fires like that in this day and age..? Oh yeah, a third world nation.

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