UN Wants Disciplinary Action Against Quran Burners

UN Wants Disciplinary Action Against Quran Burners

The U.N. secretary-general for Afghanistan is calling for disciplinary action for those responsible for the burning of Qurans at a U.S. military base last week. The incident sparked days of deadly protests and attacks across the country during which as many as 30 Afghan and four American soldiers were killed.

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul, Jan Kubis, the head of the U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, tried to distance the organization from the burning of Islamic holy books and other religious materials by U.S. military personnel at Bagram Air Base outside Kabul.

“We were very hurt as the United Nations to see that other part of the international community, international military, by mistake, but allowed this kind of desecration of the holy Quran,” he said.

Kubis also praised President Barack Obama and other U.S. officials for sincerely apologizing for the mistake, and he called for disciplinary action against those involved in the burning of the Qurans. The U.S. military is conducting an investigation into the matter that could lead to criminal prosecution or less severe administrative punishment in accordance with U.S. military regulations.

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UN Wants Disciplinary Action Against Quran Burners

I am an American PATRIOT! I make no apology to anyone for that, I never have and I never will.

I detest the current administration in Washington, D.C. I detest the United Nations even more, I detest the Obama Apology Tour and I make NO apology for those statements.

I made this U.N. flag a while back, the message is as important now as it was then!

Of course we ALL know that the United States will NOT leave the United Nations, at least not under the rule of the Obama regime. If past actions are an indication, we won’t get out of the United Nations under the administration of any future POTUS, unless we can seat a POTUS that is an AMERICAN first and foremost!

The United Nations admires Barack Hussein Obama for his apology to Muslims after the Quran was burned.

Most Americans do NOT admire Obama for his string of continual apologies.

The Obama administration is, in MY opinion, attempting to destroy this nation as it chips away at our individual freedoms. The United Nations is the biggest ally Obama has in that effort. The United Nations wants U.S. personnel disciplined over the burning of Qurans that had been used to pass messages FROM Islamic terrorists TO Islamic terrorists.

I don’t believe that ANY Holy Book should be burned, but once these Qurans were used in an effort to pass messages, they were no longer *holy books*, by ANY definition.

I know there will be some that disagree with MY idea on this, but; if you’re going to burn a Quran, invite a few friends over for beers, attach an Islamic terrorist TO a Quran, light it up, burn the whole thing down to ashes and then piss on the ashes.

And do NOT apologize for doing so!

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5 Responses to UN Wants Disciplinary Action Against Quran Burners

  1. Katie says:

    Can we at least stop sending money. They spend worse than Obama does. Cutting off the funds will be a good start.

  2. Dick Robie says:



  3. The UN can piss up a rope…

  4. Fred, please allow me — if but for a moment — to be a bit more coarse than Patrick Sperry:

    The UN can suck every decomposing kernel of corn out of my dribbling, festering shit before I pay ANY attention to what it thinks or what it wants. And here’s how STUPID America is:

    It FOOTS THE BILL so that the UN can collectively EXCORIATE the United States, on its own soil, in its largest city, not far from its very seat of government.

    I think the UN would best be served by being FORCED to move to some liberal Muzzie-tackled country like the UK or Holland or France. Because, after all, the UN building would make a GREAT conversion to CONDOS, with accompanying shops and convention centers and markets and parking garages and plazas and nearby parks!


  5. Cary says:

    Dear Secretary of the UN:

    You are right. The ones responsible for those korans being burned should be disciplined. You are aware, of course, that the reason they were being disposed of in the manner prescribed BY THE KORAN is that the books had been defaced. Therefore, the ones who defaced the “holy book” should, indeed, be disciplined.

    May I suggest shooting them at dawn?


    A Proud American Patriot Who is Tired of the UN Telling a SOVEREIGN Country What to Do.

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