Obama setting up Supreme Court as a campaign issue

Obama setting up Supreme Court as a campaign issue

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama is laying groundwork to make the majority-conservative Supreme Court a campaign issue this fall, taking a political page from Republicans who have long railed against liberal judges who don’t vote their way.

The emerging Democratic strategy to paint the court as extreme was little noted in this week’s hubbub over Obama’s assertion that overturning his health care law would be “unprecedented.”

His statement Monday wasn’t completely accurate, and the White House backtracked. But Obama was making a political case, not a legal one, and he appears ready to keep making it if the high court’s five-member majority strikes down or cuts the heart out of his signature policy initiative.

The court also is likely to consider several other issues before the November election that could stir Obama’s core Democratic supporters and draw crucial independent voters as well. Among those are immigration, voting rights and a revisit of a campaign finance ruling that Obama has already criticized as an outrage.

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Obama setting up Supreme Court as a campaign issue

I have never felt that Barack Hussein Obama was the sharpest knife in the drawer. I am almost certain that he’s nothing more than a well coached puppet being manipulated by an evil puppet master. Regardless, I am daily becoming more convinced that Obama and his handlers are as dumb as a box of hammers.


Seriously, Barack Hussein Obama and his entire regime are on very thin ice. Even some Democrats are turning against him.

You don’t threaten or belittle the Supreme Court of the United States and intimate that they, the SCOTUS, will be used as your *campaign issue* and not expect some serious repercussions.

Many are wondering if Obama, supposedly a Constitutional scholar, has any concept of the separation of powers; Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government.

Some are wondering if Obama’s true intent may not be to usurp those divisions and set up a dictatorship.

While Obama has predicted victory in the health care case now before the court, his administration could blame overreach by Republican-appointed justices if the law is rejected, said Goldstein, who wrote a brief supporting the law’s constitutionality.

This can be dangerous ground, as Obama discovered. Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, few presidents have directly assailed the Supreme Court. In Obama’s case, he issued an indirect challenge, but the former constitutional law professor tripped over the details.

Obama is always a little lite on details, but he is LONG on rhetoric. Here in Texas we say things a bit differently than in a lot of areas of the USA, but here we say; “That Ol’ Boy is letting his mouth write checks his ass can’t cash.”

Rhetoric, and Marxist/Socialist governance will NOT win at the polls in November. We, the American people that care about America can’t allow it to happen.

In the run-up to 2008 I was opposed to Barack Hussein Obama, I thought then that he was a disaster looking for a place to happen, and it turns out, he is, but I couldn’t get behind John McCain and Sarah Palin, not in ANY way. I felt that McCain was as big a danger to America as is Obama and I felt that Palin was good for nothing more than a few sound bites and a few ‘by golly you betcha’s’.

There are some in this nation that will insist that those that voted 3rd party in 2008 gave the White House to Obama, those people are WRONG! All 3rd party votes combined with GOP returns and Obama still won, mostly because he was handing out a ton of BULLSHIT every time he spoke and the weak minds ate it up.

There were many Blacks in this nation, and surely a few others that weren’t Black, that fell for Obama’s lies hook, line and sinker. They were convinced that Obama was going to make it ALL right in their world; free medicine, free food, free gas, one woman was on YouTube declaring “Barack gonna buy my gas“, and that Ladies and Gentlemen, is what got Barack Hussein Obama elected.

Lies, damned lies and the lying liars that tell the lies; THAT is the Obama administration.

Now here it is 2012 and once again we’re hearing Barack Obama say that the GOP is evil, Republicans are evil and are going to bankrupt America. Well, that itself is a damned lie, America is already bankrupt. George W. Bush started it with the war in Iraq and Barack Hussein Obama has finished it off with bailouts to the auto companies and firms like Solyndra, with hand outs to his Muslim brothers, with extravagant travel and vacations for himself and his family and through the efforts of an inept Secretary of the Treasury and Fed Chairman.

It is looking more and more each day like Mitt Romney is going to be the GOP candidate for POTUS in 2012.

Romney does NOT excite me in any way. I am about as confident in his leadership abilities as I was in those of John McCain. Romney has NO military experience, and that bothers me greatly, but the one thing that Romney does have is a strong background in financial expertise.

America needs a President that can set this nation back on the right track, Barack Hussein Obama is NOT that person, and as I and many others have said previously, the Supreme Court is in danger, Obama could well get the opportunity to seat as many as 4 Justices if he is allowed to infest the White House for 4 more years.

Given his current *dust up* with the SCOTUS, do you believe that Obama would appoint a Conservative Justice?

If for no other reason than the SCOTUS, and how it’s importance applies to the safety and sanctity of this nation, Barack Hussein Obama has got to go!

We may all be once again facing the choice of voting for the lesser of the evils, but that may indeed be our only option at this time in American history.

After the election of 2008 I was one that howled to anyone that would listen, “It’s OK, we have a Conservative House, they will keep him in check and over the next 4 years we can get the GOP back on it’s feet and make them a viable force, one to be reckoned with.”

I told folks that we could clean it all up and that 2012 would be the year that Conservatism came roaring in like a lion.

Well, I may not have been 100% accurate; Romney is NOT the best the GOP could have run, not even close. The best that could have run didn’t. I don’t see that Conservatism roaring in. I hear a lot of lame speeches, I see a lot of apathy and I see more defeatism in folks I once believed to be Conservative fighters than I ever imagined possible.

We can sit back and give it away or we can take what they give us (Romney) and try to work a miracle, the choice is yours, but as for me, I will fight to the bitter end, and IF we win the day, if the GOP can retake the White House and Senate, and retain the House, we need to ALL be beating a drum and raising more hell than Washington has ever heard as we DEMAND that this nation be set back on the course it was founded upon; a course of honesty, integrity, faith, patriotism and love of country.

It’s YOUR choice America!

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9 Responses to Obama setting up Supreme Court as a campaign issue

  1. denimflyz says:

    When I heard his threatening comments to the Supreme Court, I almost fell over. I mean this idiot had the balls of a brass monkey to even think of making comments as this, and my heart sank to the bottom of the briney depths,(which is where the oreo needs to be).

    I did not think that I would ever hear a POTUS ever speak like that, I am 53, and I thought of my wonderful grand-dad, who gave the sacrifice of his life to die for this country in WWII in France, so he and others could save us from the forces of evil walking upon this earth in the form of Hitler and his minions.

    I am not a fan of Romney either, Mr. Fred, but I will support him and however support I can possibly give to get the Oreo out of my house (and your house and others) and not leave a stench of farts that come out of this man’s a**, and lies that are consuming our wonderful and blessed nation.

  2. Robert says:

    You know, I’m usually about one step ahead of you in vision.. Ya got me here Fred LOL
    I hadn’t thought about the SCOTUS “dust up” in that way.

    I hear a lot of folks say “We don’t know Romney will appoint conservative judges either”… That’s a farce covered in Bullshit.

    A Republican that appoints a libber SCOTUS would be vilified to the extreme and would set themselves to be the WORST POTUS EVER.. Nobody wants that not even Romney.

    In 08 many people decided to give “Hope a chance” and “change”… Many of us KNEW exactly what it would like. I voted for McCain because I knew he’d nominate at least 2 SCOTUS judges in his term. And I KNEW Obama would appoint libbers… So instead of having a SOLID RIGHT THINKING Judicial branch, we have a one vote lead. We can give that up in 2012 ….

    I’ll vote Romney if I have to. Won’t like it. But I look at the big picture; the POTUS is a postion that changes in 4 year increments, the SCOTUS only changes for Retirement and Death.

    • TexasFred says:

      The SCOTUS is where the USA can very easily DIE if asses like Obama get to control the members…

      That can’t be allowed… And in MY opinion, lifetime appointments need to go away, look at some of these old bastards, drooling on their robes, wearing Depends and looking pathetic…

      Wait, Ginsburg looked like that when she got there, never mind…

  3. Katie says:

    Obama should remember that in any battle between him and the SCOTUS he will lose. In fact, even the Congress can’t win against the SCOTUS.

    This is going to be interesting to watch. I wonder if the vote on Obamacare will now be 7-2, 8-1, or 9-0 against the bill. The 9 crows do gather the wagons to defend each other.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. Steve Dennis says:

    Great post Fred! I am one who has said over and over again that if Romney wins the nomination I would vote third party, but the thought of Obama having at least two more SCOTUS nominees has made me realize that I will have to probably back the GOP nominee.

    If Romney wins in November it is likely to come with a senate majority and holding onto the House and if this is the outcome we can hold out hope that the Congress will keep Romney on the right. It is our only hope.

    • TexasFred says:

      Steve, it’s going to be up to guys like us to make this happen, spread the word, rally the troops and get Obama OUT… We can do it, it starts small, we don’t have the HUGE blogs that some do, but it’s all about numbers, and if my readers share with their friends, if your readers share with their friends and so forth and so on…

      I am NOT happy with the idea of Romney, but given the option, well, he can be *managed*…

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  7. Hoosier Army Mom says:

    God Bless us as the regime has been pulling, piece by piece, the fabric of our country, which is our liberty. apart. Outstanding post Fred.

    The founders saw this day coming, and it’s thanks to level heads like you, BZ, AOW, etc that people are being informed and I’m grateful. I think the attack on our SCOTUS is an attack on the American people, straight up.

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