Whose heroes? Obama constantly invokes GOP icons

Whose heroes? Obama constantly invokes GOP icons

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama is embracing an unlikely group of political icons as he tries to paint Mitt Romney as extreme: He’s praising Republican presidents from Abraham Lincoln to Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.

The Democratic president typically offers up GOP leaders of the past as evidence of how both parties can work together in Washington to pursue big ideas and rebuild the economy. With Election Day seven months away, Obama hopes to convince voters that he, like his Republican predecessors, is a reasonable moderate. At the same time, he’s casting Romney as a candidate who would embrace too-conservative policies out of step with most Americans and with his own party in years past.

Obama invoked Reagan’s name four times in a speech this week to The Associated Press annual meeting. He said the conservative hero, never accused of being a “tax-and-spend socialist,” still recognized the need for tax increases as well as spending cuts to tame federal deficits. Obama’s verdict: “He could not get through a Republican primary today.”

Painting Romney as an ideological extremist might seem a curious strategy for Obama, given that the GOP nomination front-runner has been considered the moderate candidate in the Republican primary field and has struggled to consolidate support among conservatives in the party. But Obama’s team hopes to define Romney in a negative light before the former Massachusetts governor has a chance to pivot toward the general election and emphasize his past positions that could appeal to moderates of both parties and the independent voters who can decide close races in polarized America.

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Whose heroes? Obama constantly invokes GOP icons

There are fools. There are damned fools. Then there’s Barack Hussein Obama.

In a way, Obama may be right; he’s casting Romney as a candidate who would embrace too-conservative policies that are, according to Obama, out of step with most Americans and with his own party in years past. Compared to Obama, Romney might kinda/sorta be a Conservative, not too Conservative, certainly not a Conservative by MY standards, but a somewhat moderate Conservative none the less.

But think about this; Barack Hussein Obama could run as a GOP candidate.

The GOP (Dem Lite), and it’s less than stellar leadership (Reince Priebus: Chairman of the RNC) given their *BIG TENT* way of doing business, would embrace Obama with open arms if he would place an (R) after his name. That is the pitiful level to which the GOP has sunk.

You think I am joking? They accepted Ron Paul as a Republican candidate didn’t they? I rest my case on that!

Barack Hussein Obama invokes the name of Ronald Reagan and points out that Reagan, while never accused of being a “tax-and-spend socialist,” still recognized the need for tax increases as well as spending cuts to tame federal deficits.

Barack Hussein Obama needs to be SLAPPED upside the head and have some common sense knocked into his gourd.

Tax increases are one thing, a $15 TRILLION national debt is not the type of deficit that Reagan had to deal with. And in his far less than honest approach to ALL things America, Obama fails to mention that this gigantic deficit is mostly HIS, incurred on HIS watch.

But it’s OK, it was all Bush’s fault. So sayeth The Obamessiah.

Obama has cited Reagan more than 40 times in speeches and public events since 2009, according to an analysis of public statements and transcripts by the AP. But Eisenhower is Obama’s favorite Republican for name-dropping – the president has referenced him more than 90 times. Lincoln is right behind, with 80 mentions in public comments covered by the transcripts.

Among Democrats, Obama has cited Bill Clinton more than 60 times and Franklin Delano Roosevelt 45 times at public events. Jimmy Carter? Four times.

Barack Hussein Obama has to cite the records of other Presidents, he is making a lame attempt to compare himself, and his travails, to his predecessors in an attempt to glorify his position, a position that is, from MY point of view, highly indefensible.

But you know, as STUPID as I believe Obama to be, even he is not so stupid as to use Jimmy Carter in his long, drawn out bundle of lies and deceit, uh, sorry, I meant rhetoric … yeah, rhetoric.

Romney, taking the same stage as Obama this week, a day later, told editors and publishers that the president was wrong. Reagan, he said, “would win handily in a primary, frankly, in all the primaries,” if he were running today. Romney accused Obama of “setting up a straw man to distract us from his record.”

Romney is 100% correct in that observation. Barack Hussein Obama has NO record to run on, not one that can get him re-elected, at least not with votes from thinking individuals.

There is, and always will be a certain element in the American electorate that will support a Socialist/Marxist person like Barack Obama; the FAR Left, the ultra Liberal, those *entitlement*, reparations and welfare slugs that are merely looking for a free ride, they will always take the side of a *community organizer* that promises The Free Cheese! (Thank you BZ).

(Note to self: Spell it out so NO ONE misunderstands) The Free Cheese — It’s the cause of the mess, NOT a fix!

Obama will always have his supporters at the abortion clinics, and at the FREE clinics that administer to those certain individuals that make their living by spitting out an out of wedlock baby every 9 1/2 months in order to keep that welfare check coming in, not only coming in, but growing to the point that many of these people live far better than hard working Americans.

Anyone can fall on hard times, and a *hand UP* is NOT welfare, it is helping your fellow man, but most of these Obama supporting welfare slugs see welfare as a career. It wasn’t meant to be that way.

Hard working Americans; you DO remember them don’t you? The ones of us that have to actually PAY for all of this FREE stuff Obama and Company are handing out in order to BUY votes?

Back to this Obama constantly invokes GOP icons thing; as I said, Obama could be a member of the Republican party as it, the GOP, stands right now. It’s up to people like you and me to re-make the GOP into the party of American Conservatism, not the BIG TENT circus act it has become.

I hate to see people out of work, but Obama and Company need to be fired, and the GOP, in it’s current configuration, along with it’s BIG TENT CLOWNS, need to be gone as well.

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7 Responses to Whose heroes? Obama constantly invokes GOP icons

  1. It’s going to take a lot more than free cheese to fix the mess the Marxist puke in the White House has made, along with the long stream of em since Woodrow Wilson. Well said Fred!

  2. Katie says:

    Vote third party and we get another 4 years of Obama. Do you believe that there will be an United States after another 4 years of Obama?

    Sometimes you have to hold your nose and vote to save a nation. This is one of those times.

  3. You are so right Katie.

  4. And just how many of us are sick of nose holding..?

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