Backlash against African migrants in Israel

Backlash against African migrants in Israel

JERUSALEM (AP) - Recent rapes blamed on African migrants have ignited a political and emotional backlash against their ballooning numbers, with Israelis and their leaders stridently - and in an alarming new development, violently - calling for their expulsion.

Israel, bound by an international refugees treaty it ardently promoted, doesn’t seem to have that option, and the gap between rhetoric and reality threatens to send simmering social antagonisms boiling over into open conflict.

It has raised questions, relevant all over the developed world, about how much is owed to the impoverished migrants who manage to sneak in.

Over the past seven years, as many as 60,000 African migrants, most from Sudan and Eritrea, have slipped across Israel’s border with Egypt, exploiting the lack of a physical barrier and widespread lawlessness in the Sinai Peninsula that has been one result of the fall last year of longtime Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak.

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Backlash against African migrants in Israel

Israel, bound by an international refugees treaty it ardently promoted“, just think *The Dream Act* that has been proposed by people like George W. Bush, outgoing U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas Senator John Cornyn and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Remember this; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Whether it be by treaty, a Dream Act or just plain old fashioned ILLEGAL immigration, a nation that does not enforce its laws and defend its borders will not be a sovereign nation for very long.

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to *better* themselves, but for the most part, these migrants, legal or otherwise, come to the United States and attempt to live off of the work of others; welfare, food stamps, free school, free medical, well, free to them. The American taxpayer is footing the bill, but hey, we’re such a generous and humane lot. Apparently the Israelis are too.

The fourth paragraph of the original story sounds chillingly like the same stories and excuses we hear in Texas and other border states, Hispanic migrants, most from Central and South America, have slipped across the U.S border with Mexico, exploiting the lack of a physical barrier and widespread lawlessness in the entire nation of Mexico.

Israel is erecting a barrier along the roughly 200 kilometers (125 miles) of border. While this work drags on, the migrants continue to arrive at a rate of about 1,000 a month, ragged and penniless, with some reporting being raped, tortured and extorted by the Bedouins who smuggle them through.

Some migrants are fleeing repressive regimes. Others are simply looking for a better life in a richer country. How many fit into each of those categories is a matter of deep disagreement between officials and migrant advocates.

Barriers won’t do the job. Barriers can be scaled, knocked down and tunneled under. Israel will have to do much better than that if they wish to stop the flow of ILLEGALS into their nation.

Some Israelis worry that their national identity as a Jewish state is being threatened by unauthorized African migrants, who now make up less than 1 percent of Israel’s population.

“It’s the crumbling of the Zionist dream,” Interior Minister Eli Yishai warned on Thursday.

Pay attention Israel, if these ILLEGALS are anything like OUR ILLEGALS, your Zionist dream will be cast aside as they demand that you, and the nation of Israel, bend to their way of life, their habits, traditions, languages and practices.

Officials claim the overwhelming majority of the migrants are not bona fide refugees escaping persecution and war, but economic migrants looking for jobs. Israeli leaders use terms like “infiltrators” “cancer” and “national scourge” to describe them, setting an inflammatory tone.

Israel needs to be very careful with statements like that, certain *faux conservatives* and self professed *erudite* educators will call you RACIST for standing up and speaking the truth, I know, all too well, how there are those in THIS nation that claim to be America 1st Conservative patriots yet they see no wrong in OUR nation being flooded by ILLEGALS, and these same people also seem to have no problem with allowing these cretins to feed at the public trough, the one filled with OUR tax dollars.

After the first rape was reported earlier this month, Yishai declared nearly all migrants to be criminals and said they should all be jailed pending deportation.

Days later, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned, “60,000 infiltrators are liable to become 600,000, and lead to the eradication of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.”

Somehow, having your women defiled in such a way tends to inspire *good men* to stand and remove the *cancer* that is causing the problem, sadly, those *good men* didn’t stand sooner and do a bit of preemptive surgical removal.

The issue of how to deal with them has also caused introspection about whether Israel, after a century of conflict with Arabs, has become a racist society.

“What disturbs me most is the racist atmosphere,” social commentator Tom Segev said. “For several years now, Israel society has been moving in that direction, with all the anti-Arab motions in the parliament. … I think that this society is very sick now.”

Tom Segev must not have become a victim of the violence, or he hasn’t had a loved one that has been raped, robbed or murdered … yet.

Israel cannot simply kick out the Africans, as some politicians would seem to suggest. As an enthusiastic backer of a 1951 U.N. treaty drafted to address the plight of World War II refugees, it has pledged not to expel asylum-seekers to any country where they would be in danger.

And once again we see that the actions we take today can, and most likely will come back to haunt us tomorrow. The Israelis acquiesced to the United Nations in 1951 and in 2012 they are paying the price.

“We’re not going to pull back on our obligations under the refugee convention,” said Daniel Solomon, legal adviser to Israel’s population and immigration authority. “At the same time, other solutions will have to be looked for,” like finding a third country to take them in.

Lets be VERY honest here; no other country is going to take these people in, not willingly. WHY would ANY nation do so? Most countries today are under the gun financially, their economies are in ruin, when you look at most African nations, they are either at war, have been at war recently or are on the verge of war.

The African people have never produced anything of worth. Had it not been for the efforts of Europeans, Africans would still be herding camels and goats to the local oasis or sitting in, or under a tree in the jungle hoping a lion didn’t decide to have them as his mid-day snack.

Everywhere the Africans go they spread famine, disease, crime and poverty. They are leeches, sucking the lifeblood out of any nation that allows them asylum. They claim to want jobs, maybe some do, but for the most part they want to be cared for as they play the *victim card*. They claim life is just too tough in their nation, so they go to some other nation and tear down that society instead of making a working society in the home country.

It is happening here in America with ILLEGAL refugees from all over the world, it is happening in Israel with ILLEGAL refugees from Africa and Europe is over-run with Arab/Islamic invaders that are dead set on turning Israel into their version of Mecca.

Where does it stop? When and HOW do we stop it? I know that the Israelis are armed, as are most Americans, and should *push come to shove*, Americans and Israelis can and will fight for their nation and survival.

Europe is screwed.

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5 Responses to Backlash against African migrants in Israel

  1. mrchuck says:

    Truer words Fred,, have never been spoken.

    This “black” invasion has also hurt the United States, as “they” live and thrive in the welfare trough that they have willingly jumped into.
    They do not have any thoughts of leaving.
    This is not a “bootstrap” to help “them” get ahead,, and into the mainstream of working for a living.
    The blacks LOVE this “gibs me dat mother-fu**er welfare.
    This is their paycheck.
    Look at the videos around any disturbance in their ghettos.
    Check out the house apes just sitting, milling around watching what’s happening in their hood”!
    Why aren’t “they working???
    Well, in their pea brains,,,THEY ARE !!!!
    They are raising niglets to grow up and continue this raping of the USA,” cuz dey were oppressed”, kidnapped from their beloved African lands and sold into slavery.
    Today, their so-called shithole original country, IS STILL a collection of mud huts, and open ditch sewers.

    This Obammy president has brought all of this back into the “limelight”, and without any answers! Just communal, fascist answers. “Bamy” was raised and schooled a communist.
    Only just continue to rob, rape and destroy the USA, and do their Damn Best to turn this USA into a ghetto like their original homelands.
    This is due to “their” genes, and nobody can change this internally.

    This is my own realist view, and I have only one answer.

    • Katie says:

      Well spoken Mr. Chuck. What if we give these useless idiots $10,000 each and a one way ticket to Africa. And if they ever returned to the US they would be shot dead immediately.

      Or they can get no more money and go to work.

      Which one do you think they would take?

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    With Israel, this issue is even more immediate and more dire.

    Israel has a population of roughly 8 million.

    The US has a population of roughly 313 million.

    The US can absorb a lot more illegals than can Israel with their diminutive population and the small size of their state.

    Finally, here is a nice story for everyone.


  3. BobF says:

    We have a lot of problems with these African immigrants here in this country. They were “rushed” in and not properly screened and many of them have brought diseases with them, particularly TB. A good majority of them are from Somalia and are also Muslims. You can find them working in food processing plants in Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, and others places where mainly meat is processed. The crime and rape rates have grown astronomically in the towns they infested. They’ve been able to force their employees to comply with Muslim customs and give them time off, with pay, to pray. In the mean time, Americans in these towns go hungry because they’ve been replaced with imported labor.

  4. Patrick Sperry says:

    Was it Bluto or Basti that posted that cartoon of the Indians looking over the water at ships with a caption that said: “Just what we need, boat people!”

    The Israelis better wise up, and fast, or they will find themselves in the same quandary that we are in…

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