Clerk who was set on fire in Garland robbery dies of injuries

Clerk who was set on fire in Garland robbery dies of injuries

A convenience store clerk who was set on fire during a robbery Sunday has died of her injuries, Garland police said late Friday

Nancy Harris, 76, had been in critical condition in Parkland Hospital since a robber doused her with a flammable liquid and set her on fire in the 3300 block of Broadway Boulevard, near East Centerville Road.

She was burned over nearly half of her body before officers who spotted the flames were able to put out the fire

Shortly after the fire, police arrested Matthew Lee Johnson, 36, on suspicion of attacking Harris and charged him with robbery and attempted capital murder.

Police said Friday that they will now pursue a capital murder charge against Johnson, who remains in Dallas County jail. His bail has been set at $1 million.

Clerk who was set on fire in Garland robbery dies of injuries

Where is the shock and outrage?

Where is the NAACP, Je$$ie Jack$on, Al $harpton, the New Black Panthers Party and the like? Where are all the bleeding hearts that are always so filled with rage when a BLACK person is murdered? Think: Trayvon Martin.

Where is Barack Hussein Obama? Why haven’t we heard any offers of sympathy from him or *Mooch*?

And as one of the comment makers on the original story from the Dallas Morning News said, “I can’t find a comment from our President. Guess his grandmother didn’t look like Nancy???”

That’s a sad statement. If you don’t remember, Barack Hussein Obama threw his .02 in on the Trayvon Martin killing by saying, ‘If I had a son, he would look like’ Trayvon Martin’.

Where is the NATIONAL OUTRAGE over the murder, the horrific, heinous MURDER of Nancy Harris? Nancy Harris; a 76 year old White woman that was only guilty of holding a job and being WHITE, where is the public outcry calling for *Justice For Nancy Harris*?

The utter hypocrisy and silence of Barack Hussein Obama, the NAACP, Je$$ie Jack$on, Al $harpton, the New Black Panthers Party and ALL of their supporters clearly defines the FACT that this nation still suffers serious, and very dangerous racial divides.

Another comment on the DMN site said, “So — will the taxpayers have to pay for this guy’s defense?”

To which I replied, “Of course we will. And even if they convict him of Capital Murder, we’ll support him for many years before he is ever executed. I honestly wish I had the $1M to bail him out, but not for the reasons some bleeding hearts might think. This animal Matthew Lee Johnson makes me SICK.”

For those not familiar with the original story:

GARLAND, Texas – A suspect is in jail after allegedly robbing a suburban Dallas gas station and burning its female clerk.

Police said the incident happened in Garland early Sunday morning. Two Garland officers were across the street from the Fina gas station on the corner of Broadway and Colonel Drive when they saw a flash inside.

The officers said the clerk, 76-year-old Nancy Harris, emerged from the building engulfed in flames from her chest up. They quickly extinguished the fire. Harris was able to tell them she’d been robbed, doused with a liquid and set afire.

Then, police received reports of a man breaking into houses near the station. Matthew Johnson, 36, was arrested and is now charged with robbery and attempted capital murder. His bond was set at $500,000.

Harris remains in critical condition at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas with burns to 40 percent of her body. SOURCE

Nancy Harris, her family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers.

May she truly rest in peace, her pain and suffering are now over. 

Nancy did NOTHING to deserve what she got at the hands of this EVIL cretin Matthew Johnson, and if there is ANY justice in this world or the next, the evil of Matthew Lee Johnson will be paid back 10 fold!

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12 Responses to Clerk who was set on fire in Garland robbery dies of injuries

  1. NativeSon says:

    I can’t write what I’d like to…However, all I hear from the MSM and all the “voices of the ‘minority’ community” is crickets…

    • TexasFred says:

      I know you can’t say what you’d like to, and I totally understand it, I had to bite MY words a bit, the more I typed the more angry I got… Not *pissed off*, I mean SEEING RED AND WANTING TO KILL anger…

      If anyone has a lick of sense they can read this comment from me, “I honestly wish I had the $1M to bail him out, but not for the reasons some bleeding hearts might think. This animal Matthew Lee Johnson makes me SICK.” and know exactly what I mean in those words…

      $3.34 a gallon … cheap….

  2. Txactek says:

    An example needs to be made of this type of filthy maggot. This parasites life should have ended when the arrest was being made. If I would have been the arresting officer there would not be a trial. This makes me sick. This was someone’s mother and grandmother. Imagine having to live knowing your mother died in this way. Hopefully he will experience Hell before he actually gets there.

  3. Absent the photographs in the article, there is no mention of ethnicity on either part.



  4. TomR says:

    The Matthew Johnsons of society are why we live in fear, have home security systems and can’t safely go to “certain parts of town”. He is just a thug guided by animal instinct, no disrespect to animals. Johnson comes from a subculture that tends toward anarchy as it’s basic element. There are lots of Matthew Johnsons. One redeeming factor is that they tend towards killing each other.

    The Garland Police are passionately pursuing capital murder charges against Johnson. I would bet that he will get the death sentence. When it is carried out is anyone’s guess. He will have his looney supporters. If society is lucky, Johnson may be killed in prison.

    • TexasFred says:

      It’s people like Johnson that cause people like me to carry a high capacity .45 everywhere I go… I will NOT live in fear, I refuse to live in fear…

      I had an anti-gun person ask me what it was that made me so afraid that I had to carry a gun… I said, “I’m not afraid of anything, I simply refuse to allow myself to become a victim, and besides, I carry a high capacity .45 all the time, what in the hell do I need to be afraid of?”

      She was speechless…

  5. BobF says:

    A 60 year old man in Raytown, Missouri was shot dead as he jogged on Mothers Day. Since he was murdered in front of a gas station, they have a pretty good video of the car the murders drove by in as they shot him. Nothing has been put out on the shooters or their suspected ethnicity. I know that video can be enhanced to clearly see the shooters but no description. Last night they said on the news police now believe it was a gang initiation or dare. Let’s see, who kills white folks on dares or for initiations?

    Attacks like these on white Americans, especially elderly, are happening all over the country. We know about this one because Fred posted it and now you know about the one in Raytown. The MSM is purposely not informing the public of these attacks.

  6. This is just sick. Not to mention not one, but three different incidents that I responded to over the course of my career… All committed by people that were the worst of our society. Yes, Paramedics do at times have so-called flashbacks and PTSD.

    People like that cretin, if he is indeed the guilty party, are what Super-Vel 357’s and Black Talons were invented for.

  7. mrchuck says:

    This photo shows a really “arrogant nigger.
    Yeah, tough guy.
    Some of them will come up to your car when stopped at a traffic light and pound on your window.
    The answer is lower your window,,, “gut shoot’em and drive away.

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