Barack Obama, Liberals, the Media and The TRUTH

Barack Obama, Liberals, the Media and The TRUTH

Yes, I know, the words in that title are not words that you would generally associate with each other, hence the content of this post and the TRUTHS that MUST be pointed out!

According the Left, Libbers and self-proclaimed *Progressives*, if you don’t like Barack Hussein Obama and support his every utterance, YOU are a RACIST! If YOU happen to disagree with ANY decision made by Barack Hussein Obama, YOU are a RACIST!

Did you know? Since Barack Hussein Obama is kinda/sorta from Chicago, it is now considered, by some, to be racist to simply use the word Chicago? Chris Matthews and MSNBC Now Claim the Word ‘Chicago’ Is Racist.

Granted, Chris Matthews and MSNBC are about as irrelevant as irrelevant can get but for crying out loud, MSNBC is NATIONAL MEDIA! They don’t even make a veiled attempt at hiding their undying support for the Obama regime.

A while back a very close friend of mine from here in Rowlett told me, “MSNBC is about to change their ways and will soon be even more conservative than FOX News.”

I have to tell you, I scoffed at that idea. How could MSNBC ever be more conservative than FOX News? And then they canned Keith Olbermann.

I called my friend and apologized for doubting him and he told me to look for much more change at MSNBC. So, I have been waiting, and watching, and waiting, and watching and hoping. So far, all I see from MSNBC and NBC itself is even more biased reporting than that previously seen, they just do it without Olbermann.

And the media still carries the Obama banner proudly.

Why is it that more obscure media sources and Conservative bloggers are the only means this nation has of reading THE TRUTH?

Take this story for instance; Obama Calls for Amendment Limiting Free-Speech Rights. How can a President call for an amendment to the Constitution of the United States that would limit FREE SPEECH and that not be a story that ALL media would be covering?

Isn’t the right to FREE SPEECH one of our most sacred God given rights?

And to be totally clear, FREE SPEECH doesn’t mean you have the right to make death threats against a person or persons and not expect to suffer the consequences, and it doesn’t give you the right to scream FIRE in a crowded theater. But FREE SPEECH, within reason, is the God given right of The People!

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

One would think that the media could easily identify the slippery slope that ANY amendment to FREE SPEECH would present, including the right of FREE SPEECH by the press. Why then is the Mainstream Media (MSM) not up in arms over this?

Another issue that the MSM tends to conveniently overlook is the issue of ILLEGAL immigration and the porous border of this nation.

I don’t blame the Obama administration for their complicity in this egregious violation of the public trust, they are merely following in the footsteps of past administrations and various bleeding hearts that have refused to enforce the law of the land.

For 3 years now the Obama regime, Eric Holder in particular, has tried to bring charges that would stick against Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. Holder and company have wasted untold MILLIONS of dollars, TAX DOLLARS, our tax dollars, in an effort to impugn the name of the hardest working Sheriff in America.

It made my day when I saw this headline: Feds end probe of ‘America’s toughest sheriff’ Joe Arpaio; no charges.

What do we have to do to end such *witch hunts*? Get the Obama regime OUT of office and NEVER allow such a disaster to happen again. We, Conservatives and American PATRIOTS have to retake America, set the government back on track and send nothing but true American PATRIOTS and Conservatives to Washington.

The apathy that this nation suffers, the evil of the Left and their atheist teachings, free abortion on demand and all around disregard for everything that has made America great MUST BE STOPPED and the course of this nation must be set RIGHT, otherwise, we, as a FREE nation, cease to exist.

It’s that simple.

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14 Responses to Barack Obama, Liberals, the Media and The TRUTH

  1. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    When the Left cannot convince via rational argument, then the vises come out and rights get crushed via federal acts or — if the numbers don’t exist for acts — presidential fiat.

    And how frequently are Leftists able to convince via rational argument.


    • Hoosier Army Mom says:

      I would say NEVER. Rational argument is not a tool that leftists are capable of using. If you heard Newt turn the tables on Chrissy Mathews by logically pointing out the fact that he was being racist, it became quite clear. Man I hate PMS-NBC. It’s hard to critique them when you get nauseated after 5 minutes.

      I pray that after November, Obama is sent packing along with his crappy ideas about what our country is about.

  2. Katie says:

    The President will never be able to get the Congress to propose such an Amendment. Nobody will ratify such an amendment. He would have to call for a Constitution Convention and in doing that we could pass through for ratification a whole slew of amendments that the liberals don’t want and would pass faster than the speed of light.

    I’d love to see MSNBC become more Conservative than FOX. But I don’t believe that Hell can ever get that cold.

    • BobF says:

      That Jug-Eared Jackass may issue an Executive Order restricting our Freedom of Speech. So far, Congress hasn’t done anything about the ones he’s issued lately.

  3. BobF says:

    Fred, you’re exactly right in that Freedom of Speech is one of our most sacred God Given Rights. The problem with the left is they don’t believe in God. Oh, they may believe in a god but it’s not the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob; The God of the Bible. It’s not the God referenced in the Declaration of Independence : We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

  4. Hoosier Army Mom says:

    Good post Fred. It’s amazing with msnbc’s horrible ratings that they could still be so in the tank for The Regime.

  5. presbygirl40 says:

    Fred have you been hearing anything about the tweets by a punk actor named Jason Biggs? Vulgar, disgusting things about Janna Ryan and Ann Romney. IF I was for restricting free speech I would start with him. What kind of mind does he have to think of such things and then type it for the world to see? I’m so mad my head is going to soon explode. But the piece of garbage is the same fine actor that starred in the American Pie movies. In fact he used that as an excuse as to why people shouldn’t be offended. I guess he thought we should have known what kind of scum he is from the fact that he was in those movies. Isn’t it interesting that no libs have said anything about him verbally attacking two women? Oh, right they are Conservative women….never mind!

  6. presbygirl40 says:

    I forgot Jason Biggs also offended Christians too.

  7. Cary says:

    One of these things is not like the other …

    When I saw the title of the post, that old Sesame Street song started running through my head.

  8. Always On Watch says:

    The feds’ having dropped the probe again Sheriff Arpaio is a political move. Nonetheless, we on the Right can make hay with that dropping of proceedings.


    If only the probe has been dropped, then what has happened could be reversed down the line.

  9. Bunkerville says:

    Of course, very little attention has been given to this factoid. But innocence means nothing to the left.

  10. mrchuck says:

    Commies, all of them.
    Wait till the election, and if Romney wins, and he will,,,then let them “howl”.
    All of “them” will cry foul and look for the outside reason “they” lost.
    Not one of “them” will object to their communist beliefs.

  11. The BoBo says:

    If exercising my freedom of speech to publicly speak out against this POS POTUS makes me a racist - well - guess I’m a racist. Wouldn’t be the first time, nor will it be the last time. This POS POTUS and his surrogates have made a living these past 5+ years calling a detractors racists in hopes of stopping our free speech. It ain’t workin’!!!

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