Early Voting Begins in Texas Today!

Early Voting Begins in Texas Today!

As most of you know, I have BLASTED Rowlett voters for their less than stellar turn-out to vote for the last several years.

Today early voting started here in Rowlett and I have to tell you, for the 1st time since we have lived in Rowlett we had to stand in line and WAIT to get to a voting machine. The early turn-out today was truly awesome, it looks like a lot of folks are more than ready to cast a vote and get this nation back on track.

Nearly everyone I talked to was voting straight GOP ticket, that’s because this time around we don’t have a Dem worth shooting on the ticket.

This time it’s not about *Hope and Change*, we have seen what that mantra brought to America.

Here is what *Hope and Change* was going to do:

1. Cut the Deficit in Half – FAILURE!
2. Fix the Economy – FAILURE
3. Close Guantanamo Bay – FAILURE
4. Televise Health Care Debate – FAILURE
5. Increase Transparency – FAILURE

FAILURE, that pretty much describes the accomplishments of Barack Hussein Obama and his term in office: FAILURE.

Gas prices are up, food costs are up, unemployment, if the REAL numbers were used, is up and shows no sign of decline. America has had its credit rating dropped for the 1st time in history, and you know, it may not matter to some people but Barack Hussein Obama is endorsed by the Communist Party USA. That just pisses me OFF!

The list of failures goes on and on but WE can stop this debacle dead in its tracks.

VOTE REPUBLICAN and let’s take America back!

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9 Responses to Early Voting Begins in Texas Today!

  1. A FAILURE on every front.

    A SCOAMF on every point.

    A racist, a divider of classes and races and sexes, the greatest spender in the history of not only the United States, but on the entire PLANET.

    I voted absentee. I am proud to say I voted ROMNEY – RYAN.


    • TexasFred says:

      Straight ticket GOP here this time around… I have voted for the occasional Dem or Libertarian if they weren’t morons, but this time around there wasn’t a Dem on the ticket worth a bucket of warm horse crap…

  2. Katie says:

    I will be damned to go down to City Hall to vote while my polling place is right down the block. I will wait until Nov. 6, vote, go out for lunch, then celebrate the Romney victory.

  3. BobF says:

    This election isn’t about Romney vs Obama. It’s about Obama vs The Constitution of the United States. Everything we hold sacred as a nation is at stake. Obama has already ignored Federal Court Rulings, circumvented congress by Executive Order, used Executive Privilege to protect his cronies and has gotten away with it. He’s tested the waters and if he wins, he will radically change this nation.

    I need to make sure my sister gets our elderly mother to the polling place or early voting. My mom despises Obama.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    Voted to evict the Kenyan Communist this am. About 5000 people cast their votes here in Corpus Christi today. Hope my vote did some good.

  5. mrchuck says:

    The crowd started in the parking lot, and you had to wait in line to show your ID before getting one to find your name on the voter’s roles. 8:30am.
    Great!!! All white old grizzled people,,,men and women.
    Looking for a resistance or something. packing. NO BLACK PANTHERS HERE.
    (they make great catfish stink bait)
    You could slice the overall attitude here with a knife.
    Wonderful, great, lots of hat rim touching to each other. Nodding.
    Pursed lips, with a faint smile.,,,Loved it.
    God Bless Texas

  6. the unit says:

    No doubt you’ve seen story of voting computer glitch in N.C. Early voting where I am starts Saturday thru next Saturday. If I remember correctly here we mark paper ballot and then feed into reader which counts the vote. I know there is no screen to see how machine reads it. And I believe dang machine keeps the paper ballot. It may shred it for all I know. N.C. people lucky if they can see how computer reads their vote. But if its all being electronically relayed to Spain for tally, how really know?

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