The Third and Final Presidential Debate

The Third and Final Presidential Debate

“Gov. Romney, that’s just not true.”

If Barack Hussein Obama hadn’t had that line throughout all of the debates he would have been stuck in some pretty tight places. You knew when you heard him utter that one, the next thing you would hear would be Obama telling a lie for the ages.

I’m not as nice as Obama. I call a liar a LIAR, and I’m pretty sure that Mitt Romney may have misspoken a few times during the debates, but Obama lied, I mean looked right at you and lied his ass off!

And then there was the goofy stuff.

While trying to be a condescending smart-ass, Obama attempted to tell Romney that the U.S. military doesn’t use horses any longer. For a guy that claims to be pro-military and pro-veterans, Obama sure doesn’t know much about the military.

Granted, we don’t use horses in the traditional, and OLD sense of the word, the cavalry is Air/Cav now but the U.S. Army still uses horses. Fort Bragg Military Horses.

I can’t speak to the facts regarding bayonets and their use by ALL branches of the service in a combat setting but I found this pretty interesting, and Obama was at least partially right in his sarcastic statement, One less skill for soldiers to master at boot camp: bayonet training.

Obama’s ridiculous comment about aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines was nothing more than a weak attempt to SLAP Mitt Romney, one that made Obama seem petty, cheap and desperate in MY opinion, a *LOOK AT ME* moment as he, Obama, tried to remind us that he *knows stuff* because he IS the President.

Obama may BE the president but he is far from being Presidential!

Mitt Romney may NOT be the right one to lead in time of WAR, and he may not be fully updated on all the foreign policy matters, but he IS what we, the Conservatives have and he is supposedly the best that the GOP had to throw up against Barack Hussein Obama.

Mitt Romney is a NICE guy, and I can appreciate that, but nice is not what we need right now, Casper Milquetoast will not win the day.

Make no mistake; I KNOW that Barack Hussein Obama has got to go, the survival of this nation depends on it, but if readers of this blog will think back a year or so, I told ALL of you then, if that was the best ticket the GOP had to offer, we were truly screwed.

Long before Mitt Romney was the nominee I told everyone that he was NOT the one we needed to elect as our leader, I still feel that way.

Would Romney be better for the USA than Obama?

Damn right he would, without a doubt, but he is NOT the best we have. If the GOP doesn’t get their heads OUT of their collective asses, they will soon be, in all actuality, nothing more than what I have long called them, “Dem Lite”.

Vote for Romney? I did, and I feel like we have no other option, but c’mon America, wake the hell up and rattle the GOP right down to their very foundation. Make them aware that WEAK and wishy-washy is just not an option, and tonight I saw a weak outing from Mitt Romney.

I have to say, Romney used facts and reason and he set Obama back on his heels with those facts and with the TRUTH. You see, facts and truth burn a liberal like Holy Water burns a vampire, and Romney was burning Obama more than a few times, then Obama would interrupt Romney, take the ball and run with it.

If Obama wasn’t looking too good then moderator Bob Schieffer stepped in to save the day for Obama.

So far, Romney has had to battle 2 people in every debate, Obama and the moderator, but on Oct. 22nd Romney just wasn’t as forceful as he needed to be, he seemed to be in a very subdued mindset.

The only good to come out of tonight is this; Obama was his typical moronic self, and that offsets any missteps by Mitt Romney!

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10 Responses to The Third and Final Presidential Debate

  1. BobF says:

    I felt Romney was too passive during the debate. He had many chances to hammer Obama but didn’t take them. It’s like he seemed to forget that his aggressiveness during the first debate is what fired up his supporters and others. I don’t want a president who’s “Presidential”, I want a president who’s not afraid to get in the trenches and fight for this nation and what they believe in.

    Considering where Obama was on Foreign Policy at this point in time four years ago, I think Romney is light years ahead of him. Obama was sarcastic about the Cold War being over. Funny that the Chinese and Russians don’t know that.

    Texas Senator Cornyn Demands Answers on Russian Sub in Gulf of Mexico

    Vlad says hi: Russian planes pay U.S. another visit

    The uninvited guest: Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs red-faced

    The Soviet Union may be gone but the mindset of those who controlled it is still here and growing. The difference between the Russians and ChiComs of 30 years ago and today is that they’ve now learned how great Capitalism is and they’re now using it to expand their wealth and power. Obama and the Democrats, on the other hand, are doing all they can to direct this nation away from Capitalism.

  2. mrchuck says:

    Mitt Romney was just “too” nice last night.
    But, Obama “hung” himself with the staring and glaring poses.
    What a farking poser he was!!!
    Obviously, one of his “coaches” trained him to do this.
    Monkey see,,,,monkey do!!!
    Outright hilarious to me.
    The debate moderator, a career leftist Bob Scheiffer, should return to his crypt, close and lock the door and climb back in his coffin.
    He made me ill just looking at him.
    Mitt did not make any mistakes. But he is definitely better on his feet walking around and making hand gestures.

  3. Katie says:

    Romney was off last night but he did no harm to his campaign. Obama looked like a bully. In his “Bayonet” answer he actually tried to talk down to Romney. (With no success.) In fact the American people saw the truth last night. If Obama opens his mouth, a lie pops out.

    The Obama Regime is trying to reset the campaign. Today they brought out (Notice after all the debates.) a jobs program. (22 pages of Union BS.), but will it be enough? I don’t believe so.

    We won’t know if Obama was effective or if Romney can continue his surge for a couple of days. That is when the poll results from last night start to emerge. I am hopeful that Romney will surge ahead.

  4. Bunkerville says:

    Maybe Obama ought to get a briefing on china and their buildup of their navy, and weapons as well. Oh, and those jap islands they want to take.

  5. presbygirl40 says:

    I saw on Twitter that a Marine said they do still use bayonets. What an ass Obama is. I pray every day that Romney wins this election. Cannot believe the people that thought Obama did well in the debate. Impressive was one word. The libs that are the regular folks really think they have it made. May they be as wrong as they are any other time.

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Obama was — as per normal — a condescending, arrogant jerk.

    That said, I wish Romney #1, from the first debate, had showed up Monday night.


  7. denimflyz says:

    Bob Scheiffer is a fossil that needs to be returned to the museum storage room and the door locked.
    Obobo was arogant as usual and his facial expressions were a dead giveaway. It took everything I had in my soul to watch him. He makes me want to hurl.
    I am praying that Romney wins, but I fear repercussions.

  8. Steve Dennis says:

    To me Romney looked like the adult in the room while Obama looked like the spoiled child and I think that is good for Romney. He had to tread lightly in the last debate because he knew it would be two on one if he didn’t and he had to avoid mistakes. I would have liked to see him attack Obama more but in the end I don’t think he harmed himself.

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