Conservatives erupt after Sheila Jackson Lee mentions “entitlements” that “are earned”

Conservatives erupt after Sheila Jackson Lee mentions “entitlements” that “are earned”

Sheila Jackson LeeHouston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has the conservative blogosphere in a tizzy again today. The target of right-wing wrath is the liberal Democrat’s contention that Congress should look “carefully at how we reform entitlements that are not handouts but they are earned.”

Video of Jackson Lee’s speech quickly ricocheted around the Internet. Comments on a Fox News blog post were almost universally negative: The Houston lawmaker was labeled “a disgrace” and “increasingly appalling.”

Some critics immediately assumed that Jackson Lee was talking about “welfare” programs, Food Stamps and other social safety net programs that are frequently deemed “entitlements” in the bureaucratic language of Washington.

But two of the three “entitlements” mentioned in her speech are not means-tested programs but government guarantees to elderly Americans who pay into the trust funds for those programs through their entire on-the-job earnings. The third, Medicaid, is a government health-care program that largely benefits the poor.

Here’s what Jackson Lee said on the House floor:

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Conservatives erupt after Sheila Jackson Lee mentions “entitlements” that “are earned”

Have I ever mentioned that we really DO have some very STUPID Dem/Libbers here in Texas?

I know … who would think such a thing, but the fact of the matter is this; we have a lot more morons like Sheila Jackson Lee than we need. They are everywhere lately; City government, County government, State of Texas government and in this case, another moonbat sent to the Halls of Congress.

Here’s the thing you have to realize, if the State of Texas were in need of an enema, right about Houston is where they would insert the nozzle.

Think about it for a minute. :P

Seriously, Sheila Jackson Lee represents her district quite well, she is what she represents and she is the epitome of STUPID, just like her constituents.

Yeah, I know … it was meant to be! :twisted:

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15 Responses to Conservatives erupt after Sheila Jackson Lee mentions “entitlements” that “are earned”

  1. Lew Waters says:

    The only “entitlement” that I can think of being “earned” would be Veterans Healthcare.

    For many, it’s more along the lines of workman’s comp, caring f or injuries sustained while defending the country from enemies and morons like Sheila Jackson Lee.

    As for the rest, Social Security, medicare and even unemployment, we pay into those over our lifetimes.

    Many drawing food stamps, elongated unemployment, welfare and such should not be and are really scamming the system, including illegal aliens who lie about citizenship through an interpreter in order to gain access to what the rest of us have paid for.

    • Texasperated says:

      Lew did you know that Food Stamps (it is now known as SNAP) is a non-budgeted entitlement? That means they cannot run out of money no matter how many people are on it. If the gummint runs short of cash it is required by law to borrow more.

      And they wonder why we’re broke.

      Keep your powder dry

  2. BobF says:

    Jackson-Lee is already calling for Congressional involvement because of the shooting in Oregon. Maybe she should ban baseball games and go after the Texas Rangers since the FBI reported the baseball bat is the weapon used in most violent crimes.

    Have you ever looked at this fool’s district? They must have found every enclave of bumbling idiots in Houston and linked them together to get her elected. There’s no other way someone like her could ever get elected to congress.

    Here’s her district:

  3. minuteman26 says:

    Dumb (SJL) and dumber(yahoos that voted for her). Woman never has said anything intelligent.

  4. Katie says:

    If she wasn’t in Congress this piece of excrement would be living on welfare and handouts. One day she might be voted out of office, but don’t hold your breath.

    Cross posting this at Monkey in the Middle with a Hat Tip to you of course.

  5. Patrick Sperry says:

    Let’s see… Hmm.. Someone near and dear to us all gets Social Security because he is disabled. He payed into the fund. Didn’t he earn that? As well as Medicare? I know I see taxes taken out of my paycheck to fund those programs. I think that the problem is how “entitlements” are defined myself.

    That said? That woman is the definition of stuck on stupid even if she is from Texas!

  6. Bunkerville says:

    And our employer matches our s.s. “contribution” as well. If I had the amount invested since the beginning I would be in a nice fix right now.

  7. OregonBuzz says:

    I consider Social Security payments sent to me as restitution for money taken from me under false pretenses (fraud) over some 60 years. By the way, there is no Social Security “fund”. Another Texan, Lyndon Baynes Johnson eliminated the SS fund and transferred the money into the General Fund where it was spent to finance his “Great Society”. We know how that turned out.

  8. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    - “earned” — ?

    - HOW??


  9. mrchuck says:

    She is just another DFN, representing all the DFN’s.
    Her voters always say “Gib’s me DAT”.

    What else would you expect??
    IQ,,, would guess in the 70′s.

  10. Always On Watch says:

    Along similar lines, note what Harry Belafonte recently said. See the second video in this post that I published today.

    That’s where we’re headed under the Obama regime, folks. And the Left ain’t shy about saying so, either.

  11. odumbjohn says:

    Sheila Lee should give thanks every day that STUPIDITY isn’t painful…….

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