“They took the easy way out” ~Pete Sessions~

“They took the easy way out” ~Pete Sessions~

Pete SessionsOn January 1, 2013 the U.S. Congress showed the American people exactly WHO in their ranks it is that are taking up space and not fighting for the American people and their wishes. That is MY personal opinion anyway.

Of course there are many *progressives* that immediately fall into line on anything Barack Obama and his ilk want, I include Democratic Senators and Congressmen in that accusation just as much as I do Democratic voters, Libbers, Progs, Leftists, whatever they are going by now in order to avoid being called Socialists.

That’s OK, it’s what we’ve come to expect from the Left, but NOT what I expect from Senators and Congressmen supposedly on the RIGHT.

Texas Senators John Cornyn (RINO) and Kay Bailey Hutchison (RINO) went for this deal dangled by Obama and Harry Reid like a duck on a junebug. Yeah, that is one of those Texas and/or Southern colloquialisms. Local folks will understand.

Hutchison is GONE, she is now retired and that is the best thing that can be said about the woman that was once thought to be the greatest LADY Texas could have offered. I’ll leave it at that.

Several Texas Congress Members from my part of Texas voted against this Obama TAX bill, the so-called *Fiscal Cliff* thing, Congress Members Kay Granger, Sam Johnson, Joe Barton, Kenny Marchant, Jeb Hensarling, Ralph Hall and Louie Gomert ALL voted against the wishes of Barack Obama in this matter.

Sam Johnson has been my Congressman for a very long time, Mr. Sam Johnson is a Conservative, about as Conservative as they come, and he too voted against the Obama foolishness, but today I am getting a NEW Congressman due to redistricting. Today the good folks in my part of Texas get Pete Sessions as their NEW Congress Critter.

I have met Mr. Sessions, had the opportunity to talk with him and I have maintained a very decent rapport with his staff. I had nothing personal against Pete Sessions until the YEA vote he cast regarding the *fiscal cliff*.

It is NOT my intent to neither denigrate nor disparage Mr. Sessions for his vote; he is, after all, as entitled to his opinion as am I, it just happens that I am in complete and total disagreement with him ON that vote, but that in and of itself is not my biggest issue.

When I spoke with Mr. Sessions yesterday regarding his vote I almost felt that he was talking *down* to me, like I was one of the ‘unwashed and uneducated’ rabble.

I bathe daily and I pride myself on keeping up with political issues that can affect me, my family, my income, my state and this nation; it’s what I do as a political blogger and when Mr. Sessions told me that the above mentioned Congress Members had ‘taken the easy way out’ by voting against the Obama sponsored TAX bill I was LIVID and I make NO secret of that.

Mr. Sessions vote gives me great pause as I wonder where We, The People, go next.

I also know that We, The People, have a huge fight ahead of us on this fiscal cliff thing, and it will be coming within the next 2 months when the nation once again is up against the edge of the cliff and about to run out of money again. We also have another battle in the fight against ILLEGAL immigration, where will Mr. Sessions fall in on that?

Will Mr. Sessions vote to further destroy America by siding with Obama? Will Mr. Sessions sponsor a balanced budget amendment as opposed to voting FOR another huge increase in national debt and a bigger spending limit, if there is such a thing as a limit on the spending in Washington?

There is an even bigger battle coming, one that could bring about the death of the United States Constitution and ALL of our rights as enumerated under the Bill of Rights.

There is about to be a fight to either preserve or do away with the Second Amendment of the Constitution, limit gun magazines and their ammunition capacity, for rifles and pistols, a renewal of what the LEFT likes to call *The Assault Weapons Ban* and possibly an attempt to confiscate guns that don’t meet the criteria of the coming legislation that will be put forth on the behalf of Obama or under an Executive Order FROM Obama.

Will Mr. Sessions vote YEA on that legislation and acquiesce to the wishes of Obama and the anti-gun crowd or will HE personally stand and fight FOR the American gun owner?

Will Mr. Sessions take *the easy way out* as he has accused his fellow Congressman of doing on the *fiscal cliff* vote? Will he vote NAY while they vote YEA and support the Second Amendment, the Constitution in general and the wishes of ALL American gun owners, both GOP and Democrat?

Until January 1, 2013 I would have never asked that question. Now I feel it IS a viable question and one that needs to be answered.

Mr. Sessions, we disagree on this *fiscal cliff* issue but you DO have an opportunity to redeem yourself, but it’s going to take an effort of nothing less than 100% Conservatism on YOUR part, and a more friendly way of talking to constituents, as opposed to the *talking down* that I perceived when last we spoke.

If I misunderstood your tone I DO apologize, you see, MY tone is very misunderstood too, when I speak many immediately believe I am angry at them, and if I have taken you the wrong way, perhaps we can start over. Maybe we NEED to.

The ball, as they say, is in your court Sir.

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7 Responses to “They took the easy way out” ~Pete Sessions~

  1. Chief says:

    At least MY representative, Jack Kingston, R- GA voted AGAINST measure.

    Now we wait and see what happens in the next battle… more caving in probably.

    I suspect somewhere on the agenda will be the move to accept Sharia as the replacement for the Constitution… God Forbid.

    My Crystal Ball doesn’t work that far in advance… besides it’s all dirty anyway.

  2. I am willing to wager Mr. Sessions is nothing more than an OBAMANITE and does not have anyone’s interest at heart as evident of his yes vote for a bill full of PORK and more spending. When his term is up….he needs to be disposed of in short order and elect someone who reflects the values of the American people and will conserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Period.

  3. mrchuck says:

    Why did John Cornyn vote this way??? Don’t know.
    Why did your Congresscritter Sessions vote this way????don’t know
    Why did my Congressman Jeb Hensarling vote against Obama? I KNOW!!
    Jeb knows his constituents, visits here often, sends us messages and phone calls.
    He is a Conservative to the core. He is a Texas A&M Graduate.

    The sooner we here in Texas can get these “mealy-mouthed”, “turncoat” RINO politicians out of office, like SESSIONS,,,, the sooner we can get this hafrican Obama out of office and his marxist voters,,, the sooner this Republic can get back on track with a budget, and debt control.
    I fully expect that a NEW NAME Political Party will form and end this charade of what this current Republican Party has turned itself into.

  4. My Congressman, Tom McClintock, voted AGAINST Boehner.

    He’s the only one on the entire Left Coast.


  5. Steve Dennis says:

    Here is hoping that Mr. Sessions serves you well but he is off to a bad start, I know you will hold him accountable.

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