Bank of America Freezes Gun Manufacturer’s Account, Company Owner Claims

Bank of America Freezes Gun Manufacturer’s Account, Company Owner Claims

Bank of America has reportedly frozen the account of gun manufacturer American Spirit Arms, according to its owner, Joe Sirochman.

In a Facebook post dated December 29, Sirochman wrote the following:

“My name is Joe Sirochman owner of American Spirit Arms…our Web site orders have jumped 500 percent causing our Web site e-commerce processing larger deposits to Bank of America. So they decided to hold the deposits for further review.

“After countless hours on the phone with Bank of America, I finally got a manager in the right department that told me the reason that the deposits were on hold for further review — her exact words were — ‘We believe you should not be selling guns and parts on the Internet.’”(emphasis added)

Sirochman also wrote that he told the bank manager that “they have no right to make up their own new rules and regs” and that “[American Spirit is a] firearms manufacturer with all the proper licensing.”

He also noted that he has been doing business with Bank of America for over 10 years, but will now be looking for a new bank.

According to Unlawful News, this isn’t the first time Bank of America has targeted a customer involved in the firearms industry.

McMillan Group International was reportedly told that its business was no longer welcome after the company started manufacturing firearms – even after 12 years of doing business with the bank. SOURCE

Let me say this, first and foremost; ANY GUN BUSINESS that is still doing their banking at a BoA is a FOOL!

Many blog posts were written by reputable gun bloggers concerning the McMillan Group International debacle and how BoA treated them, if American Spirit Arms, and its owner, Joe Sirochman, weren’t paying attention, they should have been.

I wrote a post about McMillan Group International and how BoA reportedly treated them: Bank of America to gun company: Find another bank, and in it I asked ALL of my readers that were gun owners and CHL holders to pull their accounts from BoA and hit them where it hurts; the money pile.

Maybe there just weren’t enough gun people with accounts at BoA, I know I have never had so much as one red cent in a BoA, so other than write a blog post and make a suggestion, there wasn’t a heck of a lot else I could do.

I can’t tell you what to do, I can’t make anyone do anything, but I am hoping this story doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I hope that you will read it, make a decision based on the story itself, and then, if you’re a BoA customer, I hope you will re-evaluate your bank and its stand against guns, gun companies and gun owners.

If BoA has an attitude like that being related, they don’t need to have ANY money that belongs to Americans gunners in their coffers. If they can’t, and/or won’t support the Second Amendment, they don’t deserve MY business and I don’t think they deserve your business either!

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10 Responses to Bank of America Freezes Gun Manufacturer’s Account, Company Owner Claims

  1. John says:

    I feel this should be the first questioned asked of the bank of your choice. I have asked do you believe in the 2nd amendment? The guy looked at me and said what. I gave him a chance to ansure but he He-Ha around it. I left that bank because I told him I believe that you don’t believe in the constitution.
    Let’s keep up the fight

  2. Chief says:

    I told B O A to shove it after I had run in’s with them over my deceased Mother’s account. Not going into all the details here… but have ignored them ever since.
    Mr. Sirochman needs to pull all the assests out of BoA and find an institution who honors the Constitution.

  3. Rich T says:

    Don’t forget that Vickie Weaver murder works for HS Precision.

  4. As you said, every single gun owner should with draw their funds.
    This is BS, but nothing surprises me any longer.

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  6. Partial re-post with citation Fred.

  7. It’s simple. You vote with your feet and your cash.

    Put it someplace else.


  8. Katie says:

    Stopped doing business with BoA and Wells Fargo 30 years ago. Wasn’t a major depositor and was treated like trash.

    I prefer local banks for my banking purposes. My local bank doesn’t charge fees on checking and savings accounts, treats me like a major depositor and has a good rating. They don’t give a damn if you sell guns, buy guns, etc… as long as you don’t use your guns to rob the place.

    Every gun owner should make sure that they have no business with BoA. Hit them where it hurts, the pocketbook!

  9. Steve Dennis says:

    Anyone who is in the gun business and anyone who has a gun or supports the second amendment should pull all their money out of BOA and they should also make it clear why they are doing so. There is no excuse for anyone who supports the second amendment to keep their money in this bank!

  10. LD Jackson says:

    Unfortunately, I am a Bank of America customer. They purchased my mortgage some years ago and I am not in the position to get another loan to pay them off. Thank God it is almost paid off and I will no longer have to deal with them.

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