A Look at what is WRONG with America

A Look at what is WRONG with America — an Op/Ed from TexasFred

Fred SidebarYa know, we have a lot of things WRONG in this nation and we have a lot on our plate on the international scene; we face financial woes: GOP official: House to vote to lift debt limit, we are still deeply mired in a war in Afghanistan: Lewis-McChord soldier killed Wednesday in Afghanistan, we’re sending troops to Africa: 3,000 soldiers to serve in Africa next.

We have health issues right here in the United States: Flu season worsens across US, we have a continuing problem in North Korea: Movement of Missiles by North Korea Worries U.S., we have corrupt politicians, and it is true, he’s NOT a national figure, but he seriously wants to be: Ex-New Orleans mayor charged with bribery, fraud, and we are facing a Constitutional issue of unprecedented importance: Democrats Are Split Over How to Shape Approach to Gun Bills.

Personally, I don’t think the Democrats have a prayer on the *Gun Bill* thing, I am of the opinion that the GOP members in Congress will STOP any move that would hurt the American gun owner, and I also believe that there are more than just a few on the Dems side of the aisle that are also supporters of Gun Owners rights.

Our nation is in a mess my friends, and even though this has been said before, on many occasions, I am going to repeat it once more: the American media is comprised of the most leftist, anti-American, pro-Socialism, pro-Obama asshats imaginable.

With everything that is WRONG with America, with ALL of the problems we face as a nation, both at home and abroad, what do you suppose the hottest stories are that the media is covering?

Confession may lead to legal woes for Armstrong

Armstrong tells Oprah, ‘Yes,’ he used PEDs, with Oprah being the WINNER here, her OWN channel got some viewers.

Armstrong admits doping: ‘I’m a flawed character’

Opinion: Lance must apologize to his victims

Anti-doping officials say Armstrong must say more

Manti Te’o Hoax Incredibly Detailed With Complex Cast of Characters

And OH. MY. GAWD. As if we’re not already FAT enough, this is a newsworthy post:

Subway ‘crisis’: Is footlong sub really 11 inches?

Sadly, there are MANY in this nation that are consumed by what happens to sports figures. These people can’t talk intelligently about current events or the pressing issues of the day, but they can tell you every statistic about every sports figure in America.

And don’t forget the ass-clowns that are concerned that their Subway Sammich might be an inch shorter than advertised. I mean, c’mon, THAT is earth shattering news.

The national media knows that the majority of the American people are ignorant Dems and they (the media) play to their audience and the mental capacity of that audience. I am convinced that the *dumbing down* of America is real and is being done in an effort to deliberately take this nation into the status of a Third World nation.

Even more concerning, at least to me, is this; WHAT are the stories that the media is blocking, or only offering a cursory post of, as they foist off the travails of sports figures and sandwiches upon the American people?

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8 Responses to A Look at what is WRONG with America

  1. Katie says:

    We knew that Boner would cave in on the debt ceiling. If we had a real man in the office, he would have said no.

    Who gives a flying leap about Lance Armstrong (Sounds like a kid’s toy) or Manti Te’o (I believe he knew all along.)? This is the distraction from the debt ceiling and other problems.

    Who cares if it is 11″ instead of 12″. It is the first 6″ that count the most.

    Another distraction is that Polygamist on TLC and his 4 “wives in court demanding that his “wives” are his legal wives. Sorry Charlie, but since 1878 Polygamy has been illegal in the US. Reynolds v. United States

    There are times I feel that we are going to hell in a hand basket, Fred.


  2. denimflyz says:

    We aren’t “going” to hell in a handbasket. We are already there and the basket is on fire and burning!
    Personally, every Hollyweird, sports wanna-be, or any of that other crap from the land of fruit and nuts and DC can go straight to hell with the rest of the back stabbing, political wanna-be’s and I’ll make sure they have no basket to ride out the flames. Sorry Fred. I am ranting. Can I use the excuse that I have a migraine…..I am so pissed off at this whole thing and I am just not sure what to do about it.

  3. mrchuck says:

    I agree, in these times,,,,who needs a foot long?

  4. Hgpsurf says:

    Lance Armstrong lied and he loses his titles and is about to be sued for millions.
    Manti Te’o probably lied and it is said he will pay a price, at least in his NFL signing bonus, if it turns out he did lie.
    Barack Obama lies every day and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens! The media sucks!

  5. LD Jackson says:

    I have to agree, Fred. Our nation is not in good shape. What really troubles me is that so many people seem to be clueless about it, or just don’t care. They are much more concerned about Lance Armstrong, or some other sports or entertainment personality. It makes me sick to my stomach when I see how these people are swooned over, like they are something really special. The way I see it, they put their pants and shoes on the same way I do, one leg and foot at a time. They may be more successful and have a lot more money than I do, but that doesn’t make them better than me or my children.

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