Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says he’s all-in on Obama’s gun control agenda

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says he’s all-in on Obama’s gun control agenda

Mike RawlingsWASHINGTON – Mike Rawlings, mayor of Dallas and gun owner, is endorsing the president’s demand for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. He’s especially keen on universal background checks for gun buyers.

“We already say we can’t own Stinger rockets. So the question is where does the line go? And The line being at semi-automatics is the right place,” Rawlings said Friday over breakfast two blocks from the White House. “The proposals that the president has put on the table are solid and I support them. … We’re going to have to throw everything against the wall.”

Common sense suggests when it comes to preventing massacres such as the one in Newtown, Conn., last month, this is no time to be an “ideologue,” Rawlings said.

He embraces the holistic approach outlined by President Barack Obama earlier this week: attention to mental health and education, to violence in movies and video games, and also to weapons themselves.

“There’s no question that guns play a part of that,” Rawlings said.

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says he’s all-in on Obama’s gun control agenda

When Mike Rawlings ran for Dallas Mayor I am thinking he ran as an Independent, but according to the Dallas County Elections page his party is listed as NON.

I live in Dallas County, but THANK GOD I don’t live in Dallas, Texas. If I did I would move, but I live in Rowlett, one of the most Conservative cities in Dallas County.

Dallas itself, the city, is over-run with Dems and Libbers, and that is a fact! Now it would appear that the Dallas Mayor has fallen in with that Dem/Libber group, and in doing so has made it an absolute necessity for ALL Dems in Dallas proper to vote for him if he wants to be re-elected.

Now it appears that Rawlings is nothing more than an Obama sycophant and wants to dictate to Dallas residents exactly what kind of gun they can or can’t have, with AR-15 type rifle, commonly called *assault weapons* by those that don’t know anything about guns, wars or assault, being high on HIS list of guns to take away.

I am certain that we’ll hear the cries and lamentations of the Dallas Dems and Libbers as they try to convince us to give up our scary looking weapons because, after all, we have a police department to keep us safe and surely there is no way a civilian could have ANY use for an *assault weapon*.

I’ll tell you exactly why we need to be able to own the rifles of our choice, the so-called *assault weapon*; to defend against the MORONS that tell us we can’t!

I will NOT submit to a tyrannical government or citizenry that is so stupid as to believe that WE are all safe simply because we have a police force.

Here is something that the Dem/Libbers just don’t get; the police rarely stop a crime from being committed. I am as PRO-Police as anyone out there but that is just a fact of life. Cops on patrol initiate traffic stops and respond to 9-1-1 calls of a crime in progress.

The average response time on ANY given 9-1-1 call is somewhere OVER 6 minutes.

If I have an armed intruder break into MY home in the middle of the night I just don’t have that 6 minutes to sit calmly and wait, hoping that the Police get there soon, because, you see, the guy that broke in is getting all kinds of pissed off at me for telling him that the police are on the way and they are going to take care of him … once they get here. IF they get here in time.

I have a right to respond to this armed intruder with ANY amount of force as I feel the need to use to make said intruder stop whatever it is he is doing, to cease and desist, stop, give up, and if MY actions cause him great physical injury or death, oh well, The Castle Doctrine is the Law of the Land here in Texas.

Unless some MORON like Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings can get that overturned too.

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9 Responses to Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says he’s all-in on Obama’s gun control agenda

  1. Hgpsurf says:

    It sucks to know that Texas has it’s share of idiots, too. You Texans are not known to have too many like Rawlings. Here’s what will happen to you if the likes of him become the majority: You will become like Hawaii. Hawaii has NO self-defence law to protect it’s citizens. If someone breaks into my house with a gun and I shoot him I am arrested and charged with murder. I will also most likely be sued by the dead person’s relatives.

    I am seriously thinking that if this happens I will take the body out to sea and feed it to the sharks, clean up the mess in my house, and not report the incident. This is what happens when the Libbers take over your state!

  2. Yep, As you said, elections do have consequences. This guy is just another example of how stupid people react. Its a sad day if they pass that law.

    How many good citizens own weapons in Texas. Most of us, and there is NO ONE going to take my weapon. No one.

  3. But, you see, Dallas is no different than any other high-population, high-density center in America. You don’t see this kind of thinking in the so-called “flyover states,” in lower-density counties, or in agrarian areas based upon agricultural foundations.

    You only see this kind of Leftist thinking in areas of higher population where a bulk of the lesser-wage income workers and/or welfare drones and/or low information voters enjoy government largesse and their vast bulk of what I term Free Cheese. Utilizing their own EBT cards, of course.

    You should EXPECT this kind of behavior and Leftist spewing, frankly, precisely from a GOWP such as Mayor Rawlings.

    He draws a PAYCHECK from continuing to ensure the poor are consistently fucked-over and kept in line by generation after generation of governmental dependence — does he not?


  4. mrchuck says:

    The city limits of Dallas, Texas is not all that large within the so-called metro-plex!
    Most residents within these city limits are Black, Mexicans, etc.
    Most of the Whites have moved OUT of Dallas proper,,,to another location to reside in and sleep in!
    Sure, lots of Whites drive into Dallas downtown to work,,, but drive outside to have a house, apartment, etc in which to relax and sleep in.
    There is a small population of residents that now live in urban downtown apartments, etc. And this in NOT CHEAP living in a skyscraper!!!!!!
    I know Dallas. I know how the bad parts of this area has grown immensely.
    Drive around sometime and you will see on the streets, the blacks hanging around, doing no work, just hanging out, waiting for their welfare checks.
    And they got this scam down pat!
    So this Mike Rawlins is Mayor over ALL this vermin and dangerous populace?
    Yes he is, but ALL the smart people in the surrounding towns and communities moved out of Dallas proper,,,to theseoutside safe areas BECAUSE of the crime and dangerous black presence they did NOT want to live with!!!!
    So, in a nutshell,, Mike Rawlins and his opinions means zero to me, and ALL the others that reside OUTSIDE the city limits of Dallas, TX.
    And Mike,,,you can put this in your pipe,,,and “smoke it”!

  5. BobF says:

    I’m tired of these buffoons who say we already can’t own stinger missiles, rocket launchers, tanks, nuclear weapons, and all types of military hardware. There’s a difference between military hardware and small arms. I believe the line was drawn by our Founding Fathers.

    The Founding Fathers wrote in the Constitution that the right of the people to keep and bear ARMS shall not be infringed. Arms are what a man holds in his hands to fight with and are thus referred to as “small arms”. When the Constitution was penned, the most lethal small arm a man could hold in his hands was the musket, the assault rifle of its day. Even though there were cannon and even an early form of grenade launcher at that time, they were never considered small arms. AR-15’s are small arms. So are AK-47’s, shotguns, revolvers, black powder rifles, muskets, swords, knives, etc.

    Machine guns or full automatic weapons have been basically forbidden by the government and since they are small arms, that would be a violation of the Constitution. I believe that the overwhelming majority of gun owners and those who know the meaning of the Second Amendment aren’t that awful concerned about full automatic weapons. It’s not how many bullets a person can put downrange, all that matters is that the bullet going downrange finds its target.

  6. Katie says:

    This is not just in Dallas but in every City in America. Our cities are becoming bastions of liberalism. Nanny State and welfare benefits. Gun free zones that allow criminals to turn cities into killing zones (Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit to name 3).

    Obama won in the cities and thus the big numbers. We need to clean out these Hellholes of liberalism and return them to good fiscal responsibility.

  7. LD Jackson says:

    Wow, even Texas has their share of liberals. Sorry to hear that, Fred.

    Have you noticed the changing terminology they are using? It used to be “automatic weapons”, which many people didn’t understand were different than the civilian models of the AR-type weapons being sold. Now they are going after the “semi-automatic weapons”. Slowly but surely, they are including more and more types of weapons as “not needed by the civilian population”.

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