Texas woman’s execution halted; DA won’t appeal

Texas woman’s execution halted; DA won’t appeal

Kimberly McCarthyHUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — A Texas woman won a reprieve from the death chamber Tuesday, mere hours before she was scheduled to be the first woman executed in the U.S. since 2010.

State District Judge Larry Mitchell, in Dallas, rescheduled Kimberly McCarthy’s punishment for April 3 so lawyers for the former nursing home therapist could have more time to pursue an appeal focused on whether her predominantly white jury was improperly selected on the basis of race. McCarthy is black.

Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Shelly Yeatts, who initially contested the motion to reschedule, said she would not appeal the ruling.

The 51-year-old McCarthy was convicted and sent to death row for the 1997 stabbing, beating and robbery of a 71-year-old neighbor. She learned of the reprieve less than five hours before she was scheduled for lethal injection, already in a small holding cell a few feet from the death chamber at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Huntsville Unit.

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Texas woman’s execution halted; DA won’t appeal

There ya go, in this time of Obama, when all else fails just play THE RACE CARD.

Judge_Larry_MitchellAnd it’s pretty easy to do when you have a bleeding heart Dem/Libber Judge like Judge Larry Mitchell on your side. Democrats and Libbers protect their own at ANY opportunity.

Judge Mitchell, it is MY personal opinion that YOU are a MOONBAT, a howling at the moon bleeding heart Libber that has NO business sitting on ANY bench save one in the City Park.

Judge Larry “I am a life-long Democrat” Mitchell is costing the citizens of Dallas County and the citizens of Texas even MORE money by halting the long over-due execution of a MONSTER!

And I guess I shouldn’t be too terribly surprised, the Dallas County District Attorney is not going to appeal the ruling. I am having a bit of an issue finding information on the Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Shelly Yeatts that has decided to not appeal, but I DO have information on her boss, Democrat Craig Watkins, Dallas County D.A.

Craig Watkins is currently the district attorney for the Dallas County, Texas, USA. He became the first African American district attorney in Texas when he was elected in 2006.

Watkins has worked to resolve cases of wrongful conviction through the use of DNA testing and the review of evidence illegally withheld from defense attorneys.

He is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, Zeta Beta chapter Prairie View A&M University.

The Dallas Morning News selected Watkins as its 2008 Texan of the Year. SOURCE

Dallas DA Craig WatkinsI am NOT saying that the fact that Craig Watkins just happens to be Black and a Democrat plays into the decision by Yeatts to not appeal, that decision may have been one made by Yeatts and Yeatts alone, but the *obvious* must be pointed out, it’s like a pattern developing and it MUST be pointed out.

Kimberly McCarthy – Black, likely a Democrat, a convicted murderer.

Judge Larry Mitchell – Life-long PROUD Democrat and likely very Liberal.

Dallas D.A. Craig Watkins – Black, Democrat, likely Liberal.

Birds of a feather sticking up for one another in an attempt to affect a miscarriage of justice or merely coincidence? Personally, I am convinced that Liberalism is a mental disorder and that ALL Democrats suffer from it.

Those are MY opinions, I hope you will express yours!

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12 Responses to Texas woman’s execution halted; DA won’t appeal

  1. NativeSon says:

    As one who has seen how things work inside Mr. Watkins’ office-I GUARANTEE YOU ADA YEATTS RECEIVED INPUT FROM “MR. TURN ‘EM LOOSE AS FAST AS WE CAN” WATKINS!!!

    BANK ON IT!!!

  2. mrchuck says:

    I did not even know what “color” the convicted woman was.
    She did the crime, Let her feel the needle!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What racist bullshit,,,,and I am truly tired of it.

  3. Lew Waters says:

    Will whites be able to cry foul and get off death row due to too many Blacks on the jury?

    Somehow, I seriously doubt it.

  4. Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Was she not convicted by a jury of her peers?
    I guess not. I am in serious trouble Fred……or sumthing!

  5. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    So HERE is the REAL question, Fred:

    1. They have had HOW MANY years to make this argument whilst she languished in gaol? And they’re just NOW getting to that argument?

    Bullshit Alert.


    I bet you’re loving all those Big City Dallas Leftists.


  6. Katie says:

    It is now the law in the US. A black person is ALWAYS innocent and the white person is ALWAYS guilty. This piece of trash should be hung. But George Zimmerman will be hung out to dry.

  7. mrchuck says:

    Yes Fred, I hadn’t known anything about the “color” of this convict’s skin,, just that she was a female convicted of a horrendous murder.
    Just like the notorious now De-ceased Rodney King.

    Being a female, gets some sympathy, they say.
    Being black gets it ALL.
    The moving force here is the DALLAS D A Greg Watkins.
    He has made a “name” for himself on getting blacks out of prisons.
    And now,,,,he will probably run for Mayor of DALLAS, on his “record”.
    Obama should hire him!!!

  8. Gawfer says:

    I hadn’t heard anything about the woman or the case until you posted, so I did a quick search and came up with some additional information:

    Kimberly McCarthy
    Classification: Murderer
    Characteristics: Robbery - Crack addict
    Number of victims: 1 - 3
    Date of murder: December 1988 / July 21, 1997
    Date of arrest: Next day
    Date of birth: May 11, 1961
    Victims profile: Maggie Harding, 81, and Jettie Lucas, 85 / Dorothy Booth, 71 (her next-door neighbor)
    Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
    Location: Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas, USA
    Status: Sentenced to death on November 24, 1998. Sentence reversed in 2001. Resentenced to death on November 1, 2002

    aditional observations:
    1. It seems there are 3 victims; not just one, though she was only convicted of one murder.
    2. Her original sentence was overturned, and then she was re-sentenced.
    3. Now, as she’s coming in on final approach, she’s delayed yet again.

    I know Blacks account for only 12.5% of the total population of the US, but stopping the execution of this individual is completely wrong and won’t matter one way or the other.

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