Ray Kelly: Handguns are the scourge of the city

Ray Kelly: Handguns are the scourge of the city

While assault rifles serve no legitimate hunting purpose, and their ban would be a welcome advance after the Newtown slaughter, illegal handguns remain the weapon of choice for killers and other criminals in New York City.

Ninety percent, or 2,493, of the 2,779 illegal firearms seized from suspects in arrests in the city last year were handguns.

By contrast, a total of 77 assault weapons were seized in arrests in the city, less than 3 percent of the total.

In only three of nearly 1,400 shooting incidents last year were ballistics associated with assault weapons.

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Ray Kelly: Handguns are the scourge of the city

I think everyone that reads here knows; I am a Police supporter, that includes the Officers of the NYPD, I support them in their efforts and wish them nothing but the best.

However, I have NO USE whatsoever for the hierarchy of the NYPD, and the above article was written by Ray Kelly, NYPD Commissioner, you can probably guess where I am going to go with it.

New York as a whole, and particularly New York City , is one of the most anti-gun places in America.

The New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is a flaming Libber and a gun hater. At least Cuomo admits he is a Democrat. The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, is the most anti-gun Mayor in America and is a leading figure in MAIG, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Bloomberg claims to be Independent but that is as far from the truth as possible. Bloomberg is a gun-grabbing Dem/Libber. I guess he’s *in the closet*.

MAIG, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, carries a lot of influence in New York apparently, what with Bloomberg being so *all powerful*, and I don’t think I am speaking out of turn when I say, Bloomberg is pulling the strings on his Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly.

We even have a small, very small contingent of hard-core Dem/Libbers right here in Rowlett, TX. They support anything Obama says or does and they love MAIG, and all it stands for, so much so that one of their members tried to *bait* our Mayor into giving a written statement on HIS thoughts regarding MAIG. He saw through it!

Our Rowlett Dem/Libbers believe everyone is as stupid as they are. :P

Ninety percent of the guns used in crimes in New York City also originated out of state, with Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida among the most frequent repeat states of origin.

I guess Kelly kind of let this slip his mind: 8 N.Y.C. Officers Charged With Gun Trafficking in U.S. Corruption Case. There may be guns coming into NYC illegally but it sure looks like some of HIS officers were complicit in a few moves.

Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of Fast and Furious and the blatant lies and hypocrisy that IS the Democratic Party? ‘But hey, let’s just not mention that and we can run the old *gun show loophole* thing by em…’

With some guns, we may never learn how they reach the streets of New York. It’s estimated that as much as 40 percent of guns are sold through the so-called gun-show loophole. A national requirement for universal background checks, regardless of how or where the gun is sold, would help with that problem.

And just for the sake of argument; HOW do you propose this universal background checks thing be brought into reality? Do you think it is OK to make ME jump through Federal hoops if I happen to buy or sell a gun from or to a personal friend? Gee, I thought that was a private transaction, guess not in the anti-gun world of MORON Dems and gun grabbing NYPD Commissioners.

Mayor Bloomberg, who on Saturday met again with Vice President Joe Biden on the issue, continues to lead the nation’s mayors to achieve national solutions.

We already know that Commissioner, and we KNOW that YOU will be the 1st one to fall to your knees to kiss the, uh, the ring, yeah, the RING of Obama and Bloomberg as YOU order YOUR Officers to engage in ILLEGAL activity; gun confiscation.

Make NO mistake America; what you are seeing from New York and NYC is exactly what Obama and his Communist/Socialist regime want to see all across America.

It’s not about the guns my friends; it’s about the CONTROL, of you, me and every other person in this nation, and it’s NOT just a few MOONBAT Libbers, it’s ALL of them, local, County, State and National. They WANT our guns! Come get em!

Liberalism IS a disease, it is destroying America. When combined with the plague of political correctness, we don’t stand a chance in hell if we don’t stand and fight!

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10 Responses to Ray Kelly: Handguns are the scourge of the city

  1. minuteman26 says:

    There are over 7million people living in NYC. With its high crime rate and illegal population, there is no way I’d live there without owning a firearm. NYCPD have their hands full. No way they can keep guns out. Would like to see that house to house search for illegal weapons. lol. City would be much safer issuing concealed carry permits to resonsible citizens. Bloomberg and Kelly are bad jokes. And you’re right it is all about control.

  2. Gawfer says:

    “…In only three of nearly 1,400 shooting incidents last year were ballistics associated with assault weapons…”

    What the hell is an ‘Assault Weapon’? How is it defined? I generally dislike Wiki, but in this case, it provides a good understanding:

    “…Whether or not assault weapons should be legally restricted more than other firearms, how they should be defined, and even whether or not the term “assault weapon” should be used at all, are questions subject to considerable debate.[3][4][5][6][7] As a political and legal term, it is highly controversial. Critics have asserted that the term is a media invention,[8] or a term that was intended by gun control activists to foster confusion with the public over differences between fully automatic and semi-automatic firearms…”

    Assault weapon

    Automatic firearms have been illegal to own since the 1930′s. This attempt to ban certain weapons is based on the weapon’s appearance only. The article mentions auto reload and detachable magazine features as definable characteristics, but neglects to address the many semiautomatic hunting rifles that do the same thing with traditional wood stocks. Because the weapon ‘looks’ like a military issue weapon, it becomes evil and dangerous, and shouldn’t be owned by the general citizenry.

    This is clearly just another attempt by the liberal nanny state mentality to disarm the populous; in spite of the fact that when enacted from 1994-2004, no significant decrease in gun violence was recorded.

  3. BobF says:

    Bloomberg is a tyrant who used his billions of dollars to change NY City law to allow him to run for reelection. Then he bought his reelection and has a lust for power to control peoples every day lives. His dictates concerning salt in food, soft drink size, doctors dispensing pain killers, and women breast feeding are all indications of his being drunk with power. Bloomberg has used his money to corrupt his police force into performing illegal sting operations in other states and he’s even sent his jack-boots to Arizona to harass Sheriff Joe. Many of his upper echelon officers aren’t the type of cops we know and respect as they’re nothing but paid thugs to enforce his whims. I believe many other mayors see this and want in on his power. They’re hoping that by aligning with him, some of his money will flow their way and they’ll be able to dictate like him.

    • BobF says:

      Also, I have family that live in Upstate NY and many of them are in law enforcement; one even a police chief. Everyone of them is highly upset with NY’s new laws. I have a close friend there, retired military, who’s fed up with their gun laws and astronomical taxes and is looking into moving to North Carolina.

  4. Right Handed Cowboy says:

    We have plenty of room for those New Yorkers who wish to move to Texas and be good Texans, and buy their hunting rifle, enroll your children into a 4-H sponsored shooting team and compete locally at the State level and if good enough NATIONALS. Do you believe for a second that BLOOMDOOM-BERG would allow anytype of a COUNTY OR STATE sponsored and sanctioned shooting matches in New York as they do in TEXAS and other STATES…….HELL NO he wouldn’t.
    Thats their loss.

  5. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    NYPD has the LARGEST POLICE FORCE in the entire United States. Period.

    Compared to my department’s piss-poor cop-to-citizen ratio, NYPD has so many officers they likely have two cops assigned simply to hold Bloomberg’s penis when he urinates.

    Want to stop firearm crime? STACK THE DAMNED JAILS and then the state prisons with CONVICTED PEOPLE who used firearms in the commission of ANY crime. No exceptions. Minimal sentencing STARTING with the number TEN.

    Won’t happen. Because WHO will be convicted? Guess what: blacks, Haitians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, “minorities.”

    Check the statistics, folks. Want to eliminate gun crime? Think that Caucasoids commit all the NY crime? Get your top spheres out of your lower orifice, NYPD.

    Refute me.


  6. Katie says:

    Ray Kelly is an idiot! New York like Chicago, Atlanta, or any other big city run by Democrats does NOT have a gun problem. They have a GANG problem.

    Take care of the gangs, you take care of the problem.

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