Colorado gun bills: Lawmakers spar for seven rounds of bills

Colorado gun bills: Lawmakers spar for seven rounds of bills

Hundreds of Coloradans showed up at the state Capitol on Monday to cheer or jeer seven Democratic gun-control measures that senators debated late into the night.

By late Monday, two Democrat-controlled Senate committees had passed all seven bills regarding stricter gun control.

Earlier in the day, a biplane flew over the stately gold dome with a banner directed at Gov. John Hickenlooper, and drivers drove around and around the Capitol honking their displeasure with the gun bills. Inside, the number of people lined up to testify — many of them gun-rights advocates — made it nearly impossible to navigate the hallways at times.

Coloradans began lining up outside the state Capitol at 6:30 a.m. to testify, although the first bills to be heard in the Judiciary and State Affairs committee weren’t scheduled to be heard until 10:30 a.m.

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Colorado gun bills: Lawmakers spar for seven rounds of bills

Are you old enough to remember John Denver singing *Rocky Mountain High*?

I am starting to think this *Rocky Mountain High* thing is REAL, and it’s brought on by oxygen deprivation, causing people that are believed to be otherwise fairly normal to lose their minds on the topic of guns, gun control and liability.

There are elected officials in Colorado that have NO human decency and NO sense, common or otherwise.

State Sen. Evie Hudak, D-Westminster, has come under fire for comments she made to a rape victim during a committee hearing concerning a bill banning concealed carry weapons from college campuses.

Colorado senator’s comments to rape victim drawing criticism

Perhaps this rape victim might have been killed with her own gun, that is a possibility every person that carries a gun faces, and I include Troops and Police in that statement, it is a fact of life, you CAN be overpowered by an attacker and lose control of your weapon, and all too often there is not a good conclusion to that situation.

Suppose Amanda Collins had the chance to defend herself, and suppose she WON.

What I see is called VICTORY, one less rape victim, one less rapist preying on victims and the world becomes a better place. But, you have to consider this; I am not a bed-wetting, bleeding heart Libtard that would stand still and let someone kill me as opposed to fighting back and stopping, and yes, possibly killing MY attacker.

Colorado lawmakers need to consider what they are doing to gun owners and gun companies. This liability issue spells out that a gun manufacturer, a gun shop or an individual gun seller can ALL be held responsible for what the buyer of a gun does WITH that gun? Seriously?

Is General Motors responsible if someone buys a Chevy, gets drunk and has a huge fatal wreck?

The incredibly mindless actions of the Democrats, bleeding hearts and brainless Libtards is nothing less than astounding, and would actually be funny if this weren’t such a deadly serious matter.

Liberalism is a disease, a mental disorder, and one that must not be allowed to take any further control of this nation!

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Lawmakers spar for seven rounds of bills

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11 Responses to Colorado gun bills: Lawmakers spar for seven rounds of bills

  1. minuteman26 says:

    Fred – The problem with Colorado is that there are old hippies and Kalifornia expats living there. A little tar and feathering of the state govt officials proposing and or voting for this crap would go a long way. Should any of these state laws pass, they need to be ignored as they violate the 2nd Amendment.

  2. mrchuck says:

    I used to hunt every year in Colorado for Elk.
    Glenwood Springs area, up in the head waters of the Frying Pan River.
    But the big cities actually run the State.
    Farking liberals!!!!
    Like California!!!!
    If Colorado goes for the liberal politics, I won’t even drive thru the State.
    One big problem they have is all the illegal aliens that are living there.
    Like California!!!!

    • TexasFred says:

      Illegal aliens are a problem everywhere but do they bear any significance in the gun debate?

      Of course the Libtards coming into Colorado do, and a while back we were up in Montana on business and the locals were VERY cordial and made us feel right at home, once they knew we weren’t California Libtards coming there to mess up Montana..

      • Not really. It’s the [email protected]&ing GOWPs that are screwing the pooch on gun control. Even evangelical blacks are calling for the saving of the Second Amendment because it has historically protected THEM. They know: you lose the 2nd and you lose the 1st and you lose religion and the nation.

        Colorado is like Fornicalia: a physically beautiful state populated with idiot GOWPs in charge of politics.

        It will be interesting — as an aside — to see the results of LA’s mayoral election today. Kevin James is running. An actual Caucasoid.


  3. Katie says:

    The liberal rich have fled California for Colorado and are now turning that state into California lite. They will pass these bills and more. Soon it will become California and so the liberal rich will flee again. This time Texas and will do the same.

    • TexasFred says:

      The Libtards have made it public knowledge that they will turn Texas BLUE in 2016…

      Some of us are going to make sure that doesn’t happen…

      Katie, you need to realize, Texas is a place like no other in the United States, we WILL fight, we WILL blow your ass to hell if you come f*cking around and messing up our home! It’s that simple, and in the words of Will Sonnett, “No brag, just fact”…

      And the local Libtard that thinks she can make it happen, it’s not a threat either, it’s a PROMISE! Deal with it…

      • Katie says:

        It will be fun to watch that. Especially after the libtards of California move to Texas for the better tax rate. I wonder where they will run to afterwards?

  4. Katie says:

    Oh and Hugo Chavez is now existing in Hell. I understand that since Obama started his bs on sequestration it has been snowing.

  5. himself9 says:

    There is nothing being done, nor is there anything to be done since the Dumborats re over ran Colorado the the early ’80′s. Now in the Ft. Collins – Denver corridor, illegals (mex criminals) are allowed to vote & to challenge of the front range is a lost game from the start, since this is where the numbers are.

  6. LD Jackson says:

    It would appear the political leaders in Colorado are doing their best to go against the wishes of their constituents. If that is the case, then those constituents should do their best to vote those politicians into unemployment at the earliest opportunity.

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