House approves lowering tuition for Colorado illegal immigrant students, bill goes to governor

House approves lowering tuition for Colorado illegal immigrant students, bill goes to governor

Colorado FlagDENVER - A bill allowing lower tuition rates for illegal immigrant students received final approval from state House lawmakers Friday.

The bill passed 40-21 and will now proceed to Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is expected to sign the bill. Three Republicans joined with all the Democratic lawmakers to approve the bill.

Hickenlooper tweeted, “Undocumented kids will now have a fair and equitable way to pursue a higher education in CO. Well done.”

The bill allows students who graduate from Colorado high schools to attend college at the in-state rate regardless of their immigration status.

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I am very serious in saying this; some people in Colorado have lost their minds.

I guess that’s what happens when you become too politically correct, are afraid of offending those that need to be offended and allow the Libtards to take over your state and some local governments.

Veterans are losing the battle for earned education benefits and Veterans Fear Losing Benefits If Debt Crisis Isn’t Resolved, all the while Colorado wants to make getting an education easy for students who graduate from Colorado high schools to attend college at the in-state rate regardless of their immigration status.

The Men and Women of our U.S. military, people that have served this nation, have placed their lives on the line for this nation, are now worried about their education, an education that was EARNED, paid for with blood, guts and other assorted body parts and the people of Colorado want to give educational benefits to people that are in this nation ILLEGALLY … just because?

There is SO MUCH wrong with that.

Then there’s all of the brouhaha about guns and anti-gun legislation in Colorado, you can read several Colorado gun stories here: Colorado Gun Initiatives.

And if that’s not enough, there’s this:

Colo. Dem lawmaker: No veterans should have high-capacity mags because ‘some’ are mentally ill

During Friday’s marathon gun control hearing in the Colorado Senate, Republican Sen. Kent Lambert offered an amendment to exempt active military members, veterans and their families from the gun magazine ban.

Enter Sen. Mary Hodge, a disgraceful Dem who urged fellow lawmakers to oppose the exemption because “some of them come back with significant mental health problems.”

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My dear readers, I submit to you that I am not slamming every person in Colorado, but in MY opinion, much like California, something has gone terribly wrong in Colorado and the citizens OF Colorado have allowed to transpire. Liberals run the state and that, in and of itself, is more than an adequate explanation of the maladies Colorado faces.

When Libtards take control you can count on anti-gun legislation, a huge increase in the welfare rolls, food stamps, welfare programs in general and a seriously socialistic government.

This is what happens when places like California become totally unbearable, so much so that even the Libtards make a mass exodus to other states and then try to turn those once great states into the failed social experiment which has already been tried and has failed miserably.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Well folks, that is exactly what the Libtards are doing; they take their insanity to other states and seek to bring those states to their knees. Once that happens they then seek another state to ruin.

That makes me think of a herd of locusts, lay waste to the land, destroy everything they touch and then look for fresh lands to destroy.

I don’t know if Colorado is too far gone to save, it’s not my home and I truly have no dog in that fight, not one I can affect, but there is a group of these Libtard Locusts that has sworn to bring their brand of destruction to Texas as they *turn Texas Blue* by the year 2016.

I can’t do one thing about Colorado but I can be quite influential here in Texas, and to those Libtard Locusts that seek to destroy Texas I say this; OVER MY DEAD BODY!

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7 Responses to House approves lowering tuition for Colorado illegal immigrant students, bill goes to governor

  1. Katie says:

    What happened to Colorado is going to happen to Texas. Colorado and California are becoming unbearable to live in, so the libtards will and are moving to Texas. Give them enough time and Texas becomes California. And so will every other state.

    Don’t encourage Liberals into your state. Run them out of town on a rail.

    • TexasFred says:

      Katie, I’m going to suggest that you stop worrying about Texas…. I am getting tired of the *doom and gloom* I hear from YOU, someone in Illinois… We got this covered here in Texas.. You worry about Illinois…

  2. the unit says:

    I don’t respond a lot, read every day. I think Katie just adding warning and offering encouragement to resist. We all disappointed and angry at direction of country. Time to be resprinkled, rebaptisted and cleansed to start anew to saving the whole country, Illinois, Colorado, Communfornia and and all. Let’s quit bickering between the patriots.

  3. Doc Roy says:

    Well, here’s a Texan living in Colorado and I can tell you the state has gone plain nuts. The Democrats changed a red state to a blue state by design. (Read, THE BLUEPRINT by Schrager and Witwer) First, a team of four very wealthy Demos literally bought the vote. Before this last election the Demos jerrymandered the Congresssional and Legislative districts after the Repubs caved on the redistricting process. Really, the revulsion toward George Bush assisted in completing the final swing to blue. The rest is history. Texas you’re in the crosshairs. Beware!

  4. Hgpsurf says:

    The whole country is going mad with Liberalism and it makes me sick. These idiots are trying to introduce absurd legislation every day all over the country and many times they are getting away with it. A great example is New York State along with it’s big Nanny City. I place full blame and responsibility on the people of the United States of America as they are the ones who put these retards in office.

  5. maggiesnotebook says:

    Oklahoma, a very conservative state, offers in-state tuition to illegals. I guess I’ll have to make sure illegals are not paying less than citizens - not that I have been able to do anything about them even being in the schools in the first place.

    Your point about education for veterans is well-taken. Surely Michelle will fix that.

  6. VettedVet says:

    Amazing, when will this insanity cease? Pitchforks and Torchs seems to be the only way to rid our nation of these libatards. They have no difficulty squeezing the multi-deployed veteran and his dependants for housing and education benefits but God forbid they have to say NO to these invaders. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder!

    Molon Labe

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