700 Retired Military Special Ops Tell Congress to Form Select Committee on Benghazi

700 Retired Military Special Ops Tell Congress to Form Select Committee on Benghazi

CIASeven hundred retired Military Special Operations professionals from the organization “Special Operations Speaks” sent a letter to the House of Representatives urging members to support H.Res 36, which will create a House Select Committee to investigate last September’s deadly terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

“It appears that many of the facts and details surrounding the terrorist attack which resulted in four American deaths and an undetermined number of American casualties have not yet been ascertained by previous hearings and inquiries,” the letter states. It continues further, “Additional information is now slowly surfacing in the media, which makes a comprehensive bipartisan inquiry an imperative. Many questions have not been answered thus far.” The letter puts forth over twenty unanswered questions the select committee should address.

Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA), a sub-committee chairman on the House Appropriations Committee, issued a resolution for a House Select Committee to investigate issues surrounding the Benghazi Attack last November in the 112th Congress. He re-issued his resolution for the select committee when the 113th Congress began. The resolution currently has over 60 co–sponsors.

Only Speaker John Boehner (R–OH) can appoint a Select Committee and Boehner appears to mainly rely on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to investigate the Benghazi attack. However, any information that may be garnered from that committee will, as always, remain classified. SOURCE

First, I am going to say this and I do NOT stutter as I say so; Speaker John Boehner is one of the most ineffective House Speakers ever. Boehner is nothing more than a RINO and has NOT got the best interest of Conservative America in his heart.

For those not knowing; a RINO is a Republican In Name Only.

Have you noticed? The American media has all but forgotten about Benghazi and if it weren’t for sources like Breitbart, Conservative bloggers and a few other outlets keeping Benghazi alive this would ALL be swept under the rug by Obama and Company.

That said, I am fully convinced that the Obama regime IS hiding details of the attack on the Consulate at Benghazi, and is doing so because the TRUTH, if released, will be some of the most damning information to come out against Barack Obama and his regime to date! Those that survived the attack and the FACTS that have yet to be brought to light could well be the undoing of Barack Obama and many in his presidential downline.

Having a bit of knowledge into how these *rescue* missions would work, what it takes to initiate such and the fact that NO RESCUE Mission was mounted tells me that there was something going on at the facility in Benghazi that Obama and the State Department don’t want brought to the attention of the American public and our legal system.

What that *something* may have been is NOT something I am prepared to address, I have MY suspicions but I have NO facts to back those suspicions.

I am however, of the opinion that Obama has engaged in a huge cover-up and that Hillary Clinton KNOWS what that cover-up is, or was, and that they are both lying in their releases of information so far. If Obama had his way he would still be trying to make us all believe that the YouTube video about Allah was the root cause of the attack.

So, where ARE those survivors and why haven’t we heard from them in an official news and/or press release?

According to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, immediately following the attack, the FBI, as part of the agency’s investigation, interviewed survivors of the Benghazi attack.

Bill Bransford, a Washington, D.C. attorney at Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C. who specializes in federal employment law told Breitbart News on Tuesday, “First of all, I’m assuming that most of these people who witnessed the attack, except for the State Department folks, would be intelligence people, and they are not covered by the whistle blower protection laws.”

Bransford added, “They are covered by whatever policies their agency has. An executive order that President Obama issued in the late fall in which he ordered the intelligence community to come up with a more effective whistle blower protection system, which has not yet been developed.”

However, as federal employees, State Department personnel must sign non-disclosure agreements. Bransford stressed, “If somebody violates one of these non-disclosure agreements, the consequences could include: interfering with a criminal investigation, obstruction of justice, criminal charges for releasing classified information, and those are pretty serious.” SOURCE

So, there you have it; most of the survivors are likely to be *Agency* people, and as such, they can’t say a word about what they did or what they saw, what the true mission was of upon who’s orders they were acting.

I doubt the American people will EVER know what really happened in Benghazi, much like the multitude of government, military and Agency operations that are, and will always be known as *Black Ops*.

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11 Responses to 700 Retired Military Special Ops Tell Congress to Form Select Committee on Benghazi

  1. Bluto says:

    Should have blown up big-time like Watergate. Only thing is nobody died during the Watergate hotel panty raid.

    THE PRESS IS COMPLICIT. Plenty of guilt to spread around. So sad it’s come to this.

  2. Katie says:

    Nothing will come of Benghazi. It was done by the god Obama and goddess Hillary. The media will not condemn either one for it.

    4 men died and they get a pass.

  3. Hgpsurf says:

    Keep on this subject, Fred. It is too important to let it die and I am convinced it is a huge cover-up by Barack & Hillary. Where is the outrage we should expect from the American public? It’s an indication that this country has already died.

  4. mrchuck says:

    Barak was with his male lover and Hillary was her “bitch” getting butt whipped.
    Yeah, that is our “administration”.
    Farking blacks and mezicans,,, tired of it and can only wait till the next election.
    What is it going to take to get this USA back as a freedom loving nation?????

    • Katie says:

      Nothing less than a very bloody civil war. And we winning the outcome of that is iffy if Obama and company use nukes.

      • TexasFred says:

        Nukes? What the hell kind of medications are YOU on?

        • Katie says:

          Fred what would a very desperate Obama do if he found himself losing a civil war? Nuke a city? If he thought it would help, he would do it.

          I believe that Obama will never willingly give up power and the perks of being President. I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds a way to declare Martial Law to stay in the White House and power.

          • BobF says:

            Katie, watch the movie “The Day After”. I was working nuclear armed B-52′s when this movie was released and I’ll tell you, it caused quite a stir at SAC bases all over the US. Would Missile Launch Officers and pilots actually launch knowing the outcome and devastation of a nuclear release. I personally know a Missile Control Officer who lost it because of this and the realization of the awful destructive power at his fingertips and had to be medically retired. There’s no way our military would use nukes over American soil.

            • Katie says:

              I too remember when that film was released. It made me think. A trip to Hiroshima made me even more wary of nuclear weapons.

              And I do believe that the majority of our troops would flee Obama’s reign and fight for the Patriot side. But if there are a few ideologues in his ranks, they might just do that too.

              I fear that the day will come when the left will care more for their god Obama than the people of this nation.

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