Why can’t we get any REAL answers regarding Benghazi?

Why can’t we get any REAL answers regarding Benghazi?

Pete SessionsPete Sessions (TX-32) is my representative in the U.S. Congress. Pete is Chairman of the House Rules Committee and a Member of House Republican leadership. I know that Pete keeps his finger on the pulse of things. I believe what Pete Sessions says, I believe that he is a good and decent man, one that cares deeply about what happens in Texas and the United States.

I am also of the belief that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Boehner, and now John Kerry are doing everything in their power to cover up what REALLY happened to our people in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. As such, I have sent this email correspondence to Pete Sessions.

Sent: 4-24-2013 9:32PM
From: Fred Witzell <fredwitzell@verizon.net>
To: Pete Sessions (Redacted — Private email address)

Is there anything to this or are we seeing more Internet BS??

John Boehner Not Allowing Select Committee Investigation Into Benghazi

So far I have received NOTHING concerning the subject of the above email, John Boehner, and him not allowing a select committee investigation into what truly happened in Benghazi, Libya. So, then I followed up with this:

Sent: 5-2-2013 4:13PM
From: Fred Witzell <fredwitzell@verizon.net>
To: Pete Sessions (Redacted — Private email address)

Recently I sent you this email:

Is there anything to this or are we seeing more Internet BS??

John Boehner Not Allowing Select Committee Investigation Into Benghazi

Now I see this story from a friend and fellow blogger:

Benghazi: A whistle-blower claims the United States knows who is responsible for the attack but refuses to bring him to justice

Pete, we need to know what happened at Benghazi and we need to know WHY it happened, why there was NO physical response from CIA or Military forces, and WHO ordered them to stand down as Americans were murdered…

They were murdered Pete… If Obama and Hillary were responsible we need YOU and your fellow Conservatives to stir this up like a radical Texas blogger from Rowlett would do!

I don’t just sit here pecking on a key board and making blog posts, I engage my elected officials, on ALL levels; local, state and federal.

I like Pete Sessions and I have great confidence in him and his integrity, that said; we, the American people, have a right to know EXACTLY what happened in Benghazi. We have a right to know everything that takes place within our government, it’s called transparency I believe, and I am pretty sure that we were promised that the Obama administration was going to be ‘the most transparent administration’ in the history of this nation. Were we not?

I understand *classified* information needing to remain a secret, but the atrocities that our people suffered at Benghazi are now PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. We need to know WHY these people were allowed to perish, to be MURDERED at the hands of Islamic radicals and WHY there was no response from American *teams*.

Yeah, TEAMS … as in CIA or military emergency reaction teams that were there, in the area, and set up to take care of exactly this type of thing, and to have done so in a timely fashion that would have saved the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two embassy security personnel, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

We need to know WHY those *TEAMS* were ordered to *stand down*. We need to know the truth, not the BS LIES that have been told so far.

We need to know WHY Barack Obama and his minions watched this massacre happen, in REAL TIME via satellite, and not at least order *close support air strikes*.

We need to know WHY the President of the United States ALLOWED these men to be MURDERED and WHY the then Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton said, “Why does it matter?”

We deserve to know WHY this moron of a Press Secretary, Jay Carney said, “Let’s be clear,” Carney said. “Benghazi happened a long time ago. We are unaware of any agency blocking an employee who would like to appear before Congress to provide information related to Benghazi.”

We deserve straight and honest answers and I am going to keep on hammering my Congressman and shortly, both of mu U.S. Senators, until such time as the truth is told and We, The People are satisfied with the answer!

Do you remember the character Dr. David Banner? The Hulk? Do you remember the line that Banner used to tell people? “Don’t make me ANGRY. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

Well, guess what? I am getting angry!

I hope Pete Sessions is getting angry too. We could make a formidable team if we can work together on this and I am confident that Pete Sessions may well be the one that can stir this pot up and get some serious response from *the powers that be*!

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10 Responses to Why can’t we get any REAL answers regarding Benghazi?

  1. Capt Ron says:

    I’m with you, Fred. Answers, correct answers not lies, need to be addressed and given to the public. A harsh and decisive response from the United States is justified and demanded.
    I truly feel bad for the members of the military while serving under Obama. He’s far worse than Carter.
    I’m going to write an email to Congressman Pete Sessions myself.

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Of course, the Demorats will do everything in their power to bury it.

    Check the difference:

    Benghazi, where FOUR persons were killed, deserves — apparently — no scrutiny or resources applied to its investigation so that the error does not recur. . .

    As compared to:

    The Boston Marathon bombing which killed THREE and deserves — apparently — every resource the US possesses.

    WHY the difference?


  3. Hgpsurf says:

    Keep the pressure on and stay with this, please.

    I hope any lack of response from Pete Sessions is not the result of pressure from some source. We all know there has been a massive cover-up by the administration and we all deserve the truth which is likely very damaging to both Obama and Clinton. What we do know is the truth will not come from the mouths of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    My guess is that when the dust settles we will find out that Obama and Morsi are the culpable parties. That the kidnapping attempt was set up so the blind sheik would be relaesed to the brotherhood and Obama would look good prior to the election in rescuing the ambasador. But the scheme sort of blew up. Suspect Clinton was in on the deal also. Could be wrong. Will be interesting in how this plays out.

  5. Steve Dennis says:

    Very well said Fred and thanks for the link! We deserve the truth!

  6. LD Jackson says:

    The truth deserves to be heard. I have said more than once that this is about more than bringing down or damaging the Obama administration. Four of our fellow citizens died while serving our country. They deserve justice, not coverups.

    • Hgpsurf says:

      But LD Jackson, don’t you know Benghazi happened a long time ago and what difference does it make anyway? Obviously covering their asses is way more important than telling the truth. The MSM and the rest of the American people better get riled up about this very soon.

      • LD Jackson says:

        Obviously, the right people are not concerned about what happened and why. Thus, we see very few people interested in this story, much less digging for the truth.

  7. Bunkerville says:

    It makes watergate look like child’s play doesn’t it.

    • Bloviating Zeppelin says:

      A massive, MASSIVE investigation into Watergate —

      And NO ONE DIED in Watergate, yet. . .


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