Boy Scouts approve plan to accept openly gay members

Boy Scouts approve plan to accept openly gay members

GRAPEVINE, Texas – The Boy Scouts of America’s National Council has voted to ease a long-standing ban and allow openly gay boys to be accepted as Scouts.

Of the local Scout leaders voting at their annual meeting in Texas, more than 60 percent supported the proposal.

Under the proposal drafted by the Scouts’ governing board, gay adults will remain barred from serving as Scout leaders.

The outcome is unlikely to end a bitter debate over the Scouts’ membership policy.

Some conservative churches that sponsor Scout units wanted to continue excluding gay youths, in some cases threatening to defect if the ban were lifted. More liberal Scout leaders — while supporting the proposal to accept gay youth — have made clear they want the ban on gay adults lifted as well. SOURCE

Once again I am venturing out into that area of life that may gain me some NEW haters and increase my hate mail and SPAM because, once again, I am about to speak from the heart, political correctness be damned.

Queer Scouts

The Boy Scouts have just imploded in MY not so humble opinion. The have voted to accept GAY members, and that is going to destroy the BSA.

I personally refuse to call it GAY, I won’t bastardize the word GAY by attaching it to the perversion that IS homosexuality. That is where my non-politically correct tilt comes in.

The word GAY – once upon a time it was defined as merry, cheerful, jolly, joyful, blithe, mirthful and happy.

Today it is defined as, when used as an adjective — homosexual (of a person, esp. a man) and when used as a Noun – A homosexual, esp. a man.

Homosexuality is NOT normal, it is a perversion and it should still be treated as such.

From Facebook — Texas Values President, Jonathan Saenz, released the following statement about the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) decision:

“This tragic decision is the result of personal political ideology by BSA national leaders who willing opened the door to allow homosexual advocates to overrun an organization that stands for a code of morality that these intolerant advocates reject. The BSA is a private organization, but it has chosen to place sex and politics above its timeless principles, and the BSA will likely ultimately fail because of this change. We’ll next see aggressive attacks on any BSA units that dare stand for God and religious liberty as those that seek to change the BSA will not tolerate these current BSA principles either.”

I was never a member of the BSA, I never wanted to be. I can give no real reason why but the BSA never appealed to me.

I have a close friend that was in Scouting for years and I know his feelings regarding the perverts that engage in homosexuality, and I also know that my Congressman, Pete Sessions, is/was an Eagle Scout, and has a son that is too if I am not mistaken.

I am anxious to hear Rep. Sessions statement on this move by the BSA and would welcome his comments here on The TexasFred Blog.

I say this, and I am only speaking for myself, but if YOU are a Christian Conservative, if you are as appalled by this decision as I am and if YOU personally believe the BSA is WRONG in their decision, remove your sons from the BSA.

If your Church sponsors a Scout Troop, urge your Church leaders to drop that sponsorship as soon as possible and seek other alternatives.

The morality of this nation is being tested my friends, and the Boy Scouts are being used as a HUGE test group. We, as Conservative and Christian Americans, responsible parents and grand-parents, can’t allow that to happen!

What’s next? Hot pink merit badges?

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23 Responses to Boy Scouts approve plan to accept openly gay members

  1. Alan Caruba says:

    This decision was, I believe, mostly based on the BSA board’s fear of losing further corporate support and because many community organizations refused to permit scout troops to meet in their facilities unless they admitted homosexual youngsters. I predict the BSA will lose a significant amount of its present membership and have problems recruiting volunteer scout masters, etc. It was not a moral decision and it was a betrayal of BSA’s traditional values.

  2. Karla says:

    What I have to say is “crock of crap”!! My son will not enter Cub Scouts as long as there is any question about this policy.

  3. Gary says:

    The Boy Scout oath:

    “On my honor . . . ”

    By giving your word, you are promising to be guided by the ideals of the Scout Oath.


    “. . . I will do my best . . . ”

    Try hard to live up to the points of the Scout Oath. Measure your achievements against your own high standards and don’t be influenced by peer pressure or what other people do.


    “. . . To do my duty to God . . .”

    Your family and religious leaders teach you about God and the ways you can serve. You do your duty to God by following the wisdom of those teachings every day and by respecting and defending the rights of others to practice their own beliefs.


    “. . . and my country . . . ”

    Help keep the United States a strong and fair nation by learning about our system of government and your responsibilities as a citizen and future voter.

    America is made up of countless families and communities. When you work to improve your community and your home, you are serving your country. Natural resources are another important part of America’s heritage worthy of your efforts to understand, protect, and use wisely. What you do can make a real difference.


    “. . . and to obey the Scout Law; . . . ”

    The twelve points of the Scout Law are guidelines that can lead you toward wise choices. When you obey the Scout Law, other people will respect you for the way you live, and you will respect yourself.


    “. . . To help other people at all times; . . . ”

    There are many people who need you. Your cheerful smile and helping hand will ease the burden of many who need assistance. By helping out whenever possible, you are doing your part to make this a better world.


    “. . . To keep myself physically strong, . . . ”

    Take care of your body so that it will serve you well for an entire lifetime. That means eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly to build strength and endurance. it also means avoiding harmful drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and anything else that can harm your health.


    “. . . mentally awake, . . . ”

    Develop your mind both in the classroom and outside of school. Be curious about everything around you, and work hard to make the most of your abilities. With an inquiring attitude and the willingness to ask questions, you can learn much about the exciting world around you and your role in it.


    “. . . and morally straight. ”

    To be a person of strong character, your relationships with others should be honest and open. You should respect and defend the rights of all people. Be clean in your speech and actions, and remain faithful in your religious beliefs. The values you practice as a Scout will help you shape a life of virtue and self-reliance.


    Seems to me they just shot the hell out of the last one, wouldn’t you agree?

  4. sdkar says:

    I say let them have openly gay boys and then allow open strict practicing muslims, both boys and leaders. Lets see the left snap as they try to side with one or the other, as we all know, homo and islam don’t go together.

    I think BSA jumped the shark…or at least is approaching the ramp. If they allow gay leaders, then all will be over for them.

  5. LittleOleLady says:

    Call me weird I guess. But considering we’re talking about “boys” which in many many cases to me means children under teenage years.. I fail to see what sexuality has to do with the group, club or what ever they want to be called. In all fairness, they need to merge with the girl scouts or just allow girls to join and then they can claim equality.

    I am so glad we chose not to continue beyond cub scouts with our kids several years ago.

    • TexasFred says:

      In many cases? Cub Scouts are maybe too young to understand sexuality but Boy Scouts are 13-17 and should be fully aware..

      • LittleOleLady says:

        Yea, had to have ‘the talk’ with my 13 y/o a few months ago. I handled it better than I thought I would.. lol!

        About half way thru HE was like “okay mom, I have heard enough.” But since we homeschool, I believe every situation is a teaching moment, no half answers, so he got told everything.

  6. LD Jackson says:

    I think you especially nailed it with these words.

    The morality of this nation is being tested

    I am afraid our country is coming up very short in the morality department. Or as the Bible puts it, “weighed in the balance and found wanting”.

  7. Braden Lynch says:

    Does an “Increase in wickedness…” remind anyone of something BIG coming up?
    Hint: …the End of the Age. Repent.

    I’m an Eagle Scout and I am ashamed of their moral cowardice. We should do the right thing even if there are consequences. That is the true measure of a man or an organization. Stand for nothing and fall for anything.

  8. Tex Reynolds says:

    Homosexuality and the Boy Scout Oath are incompatible, a lot like our Bill of Rights and Islam. Progressives just need one bite of the apple before they try to devour the whole thing. People who “compromise” are cowards afraid to stand up for their principles.

  9. Longstreet says:

    The BSA may hang around for a few more years but I expect it will soon fold.

    Seems to me the churches now supporting the BSA might look into creating a new organization for boys as an alternative to the BSA.

    If I had children young enough to be in scouting, I’d take them out instantly.


  10. BARON GARLIC says:

    After more years than I care to mention, I can still recite:

    A SCOUT is:

    I don’t recall “GAY”(or any other version of it) as part of the Scout Law.
    What’s next?

  11. mrchuck says:

    Let’s have a “circle jerk” around the campfire.
    “wanta go to my tent,,,or your tent”?

  12. BobF says:

    By allowing homosexual to join and stay in, does that mean the Boy Scouts now openly condones sexual activity by teenage boys?

  13. mrchuck says:

    Boy Scouts should not be “fudge packers”!

  14. Just pathetic IMO. No caojones, a lack of courage. Not to mention moral virtue. Granted, I was BSA for only a year before raising the ante, and becoming a Sea Scout, Jarhead brat that I am.

    Bending a knee in the name of political correctness?

    Scouting just lost all credence…

    • Just John says:

      Patrick, you have stolen my thunder! I agree wholeheartedly; the BSA just destroyed their own credibility. When an organization that was founded upon certain moral principles violates those principles, for any reason, they are no longer relevant.

  15. TexasFred says:

    And for what it’s worth…

    My Congressman, Eagle Scout Pete Sessions (R-TX32) has NOT bothered to respond to an invitation to weigh in on the blog regarding this decision…

    I guess I’m going to have to not respond when Sessions wants to get re-elected to the seat he currently holds and the “prestigious House Rules Committee” he chairs…

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