Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Make NO mistake, I honor each and every one of our fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. I respect their sacrifice for this nation and I hurt with every American family that has ever lost a loved one in the line of duty, but I am seriously angered by those politicians that send our troops to foreign lands to die in vain.

This is not my normal Memorial Day type post, I hope you will read it all before you *twist off* and start thinking I have lost my mind.

Since the end of WW II our troops have been sent to many foreign lands and told to fight the enemy, and they were told that their sacrifices were being made to keep America free.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I still see NO positive results from the battles of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.

We lost nearly 34,000 troops in Korea and are still in South Korea, with the North still being considered a viable threat.

We lost over 58,000 troops in South Vietnam and we were told that if Vietnam fell to the communists that the rest of Southeast Asia would become a communist stronghold and that communism would spread to the rest of the world and would be the downfall of the United States.

Some of that may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Long term plans and patience by the Communists, and other enemies of this nation, may just now be coming to fruition with the regime of Barack Hussein Obama. Regardless, Vietnam fell and the world didn’t end. Vietnam is now a strong trading partner of the United States.

Our venture into Iraq was nothing more than a tantrum by a Son that desperately wanted to impress his Daddy and win his admiration. Over 4,400 American troops gave their all because of that tantrum and Iraq is still just as big a disaster as it was prior to George W. Bush ordering Americans into harms way on HIS whim.

To date, what the Libbers called *A war for oil* has yet to generate ANY monetary gain for America and has, in all fact and actuality, nearly bankrupted this nation, all the while the violence in Iraq has continued, Muslims killing Muslims.

Here is an example of bombing attacks in Iraq, ALL perpetrated since we pulled out.

_May 27, 2013: A wave of car bombings tears through mostly Shiite Muslim neighborhoods of the Baghdad area, leaving at least 66 people dead.

_May 21, 2013: Car bombing at a Sunni mosque kills at least 20 people.

_May 20, 2013: A wave of attacks, some at markets and in rush hour crowds, kills 113 people in Shiite and Sunni areas.

_May 17, 2013: Bombs rip through Sunni areas in Baghdad and surrounding areas, killing at least 76 people. MUCH MORE HERE

There is one good thing to keep in mind; NO American troops were killed in these attacks, attacks that were carried out BY Muslims AGAINST Muslims, and I believe that this points out what a WASTE of life and treasure Iraq was for America.

To date we have lost almost 1,100 troops in Afghanistan, but to what resolution?

In its inception the war in Afghanistan was exactly where we needed to be. We were attacked by al-Qaida and that was where al-Qaida was based. Afghanistan was where we needed to fight, and I was a staunch supporter of that effort, IN ITS INCEPTION.

Now, Osama bin Laden is DEAD, Afghanistan is still a lawless frontier, over-run by al-Qaida and the cash crop that keeps the *War Lords* going is opium.

Our troops, under the thumb of Barack Hussein Obama are NOT allowed to fight, not allowed to prosecute the war as it should be done. They are forced to fight with one hand tied behind their back and are constantly reminded to use all caution to not accidentally say or do anything that may offend the delicate sensitivities of the Muslims.

Our troops, being the ultimate professionals that they are, have bent over backwards in an effort to follow the most ridiculous rules of engagement that troops have ever faced!

They have made the ultimate sacrifice for God and Country in doing so.

Our troops will serve this nation and do everything possible within their powers, to protect and defend this nation from its enemies. Our troops will fight and DIE to protect us ALL.

We can’t let so much as one more troop die in vain!

Don’t let their sacrifice come from defending a people and a religious belief that wants to kill us ALL. If our troops are to be in those nations let them take the fight to the enemy and let them WIN their battles and then return home victorious, with this nation safe from those that seek to destroy us as WE keep those heroes that gave their all in our hearts and minds!

Barring that; Get our troops OUT of Muslim nations!

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25 Responses to Memorial Day 2013

  1. mrchuck says:

    Close all skirmishes, wars, engagements now.
    Bring home all military personnel immediately.
    Cut off all AID, $$, to all nations, villages, anybody outside of the USA!
    Obamster just gave Egypt a ton of cash!
    All this aid stops now.
    If any warring actions take place, screw them.
    If some potentate, foreign country takes actions against this and harms US citizens, we immediately send in B1 bombers and bomb them back to a 1000 years BC.
    Simply put,do exactly what Israel does.

  2. Mike Flynn says:

    Great Blog post Fred……..I agree, the rules of engagement are ridiculous. No one wins a war like that, and the enemy has NO rules………..and yeah after the cceremonies this morning heard many folks talking about the ‘state’ of our poor country, but we still find young men, who knowing that enlisting almost definetely means combat……..still enlist. God Bless them all, but especially the ones who have died since 1775.

    We will only see an increase in the actions of Muslim fanatics who are emboldened by a weak wristed Prez, whose own religous affilliations are really…..unknown, but who definetely is the worst president in the history of the nation

  3. James says:

    During the time that our troops where fighting and dieing in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan and protecting South Korea’s border our government was allowing Mexico to invade the border states and are poised to cede sovereignty of those states to Mexico.

  4. Hgpsurf says:

    We talk about bringing Democracy to these countries. It won’t work as they live in a different era, with different ways of thinking, different cultures and backgrounds, laws and more. Leave them to their own ways and deal with them if they screw with us.


  5. “Barring that; Get our troops OUT of Muslim nations!”

    Yes. Unless it specifically interferes with our acquisition of oil. Which is doubly confounding due to the fact that Leftists are stupid enough to DEMAND the Conflict Oil from unstable nations and the Middle East, DESPITE the fact that we have a HUGE reserve of oil under our very FEET and Leftists REFUSE to let us tap our OWN RESOURCES.

    We could EASILY tap our own resources and kick the barbaric Muslims to the curb, but DC CHOOSES not to do this.

    And “democracy” in the Middle East? Don’t make me puke. . .


  6. BobF says:

    Well said Fred!

  7. mystere says:

    It will be great to watch the Muslims screw themselves up and fall apart. Satan can have them for lunch.

  8. Abigail says:

    Why we feel the need to get involved all over the place is beyond me. Why we give our tax dollars to other nations is way beyond me. Why we seem to not want to put America first I will never understand.

    The militaries take those who are fit, courageous and with a sense of duty. War after war as they die doesn’t it make sense that the overall effect eventually results in a form of culling?

    The muslims will hate us if we fight for them or against them. They have no concept of democracy. Get our troops out and let the Afghans take care of themselves. And for heaven’s sake, do not get us into Syria in any way at all.

    • MissBeth says:

      Right on Abigail! I am at the point I don’t see the need to needlessly waste one more American life for this crap. Let the barbarians fight it out among themselves WITHOUT our money, our machinery and logistics, and more importantly, WITHOUT OUR MEN AND WOMEN.

      Years ago, my son (Fred I think you remember this) got into some serious trouble at school. He was 17 and I took him down to the recruiter’s office. The only branch that would take him was the Army and even then, he was too young and had to graduate first. However, he was put into the program to prepare him for boot camp.

      He hated it. His lazy butt couldn’t handle the prep.

      Graduation came around and he graduated by the skin of his teeth. In the meantime, this young man had been doing some serious thinking. He finished his probation with flying colors. He considered his options of job, college, or military. He chose a job (at 21, he has passed his 3rd anniversary with a company that has trained him in welding, forklifts, all kinds of literally hard manual labor and he is a supervisor). I asked him about military. He said, and I quote. “While the military would give me training for a higher paying career, I do NOT intend to be cannon fodder for the asshole in the white house. He is not my president and I will not serve under him”. He was 18 when he said this. I respect his decision.

  9. It should now be apparent to most people — even the neocons — that our endeavors in Iraq and Afghanistan were “a WASTE of life and treasure.”

    We haven’t won a substantial number of hearts and minds, either.

    • MissBeth says:

      Get off the “neocon” bullshit. There are many, many of us here who are conservatives and the word neocon is a back-handed bitch slap to us. We stuck by our TROOPS and what they were up against, not the crazy politicians in DC. We were called such insulting and derogatory terms by people who simply couldn’t fathom the idea that we DO AND DID support our troops and didn’t buy into the ridiculous notion of war for oil, imperialism, etc. My troops are awesome; my politicians suck rocks.

      • TexasFred says:

        The word neocon is one that assholes like Donald Douglas actually use to describe themselves, and I say again, Douglas is a faux Conservative and a poser… Anyone that does the *Rule 5 Blogging* bullshit is a poser…

        And Miss Beth, I too hate the word *neocon* and all it conjures up, but you left me nothing more to say about it… LOL :)

        Our TROOPS are 1st rate and the pride of this nation, our politicians, and that bastard that is supposed to be a CiC is a disaster…

        • “Neo-Con” Means New Conservative, not Conservative. In other words a phony conservative. Don’t believe me? Look up the very definition of “conservative.” Then look back at the policies of the neo-cons… The spending alone tells the tale.

          • TexasFred says:

            I believe you… I knew what the true definition was… But some *so-called* or *wannabe* Conservatives, like Douglas, well, that’s just a waste of skin and air… And sadly, some of MY readers still read his ridiculous SHIT and have NO idea of what he really is or that the animosity we have between us came from Douglas denigrating the USMC and ME taking his sorry ass to task for that denigration…

          • MissBeth says:

            Regardless of the dictionary meaning, the term is used as an insult to conservatives of any ilk. Nor am I defending the crap that has gone on in this country’s capitol, particularly spending, on either side of the aisle. I don’t appreciate being insulted for basing my beliefs on conservative, Judeo-Christian values, regardless of the dictionary use or the vernacular. DC is overrun with the biggest bunch of selfish, immoral, tantrum throwing, wasteful children I have ever seen–my grandchildren are more responsible than this clown filled circus. And the fact these clowns are sending our troops into harms way then tying their hands so they can’t effectively fight and win, makes me physically ill. And yet our men and women continue to enlist to defend us. To them goes the honor.

  10. Steve Dennis says:

    I agree with you Fred, I think it is time we realized that nothing is ever going to change over there no matter what we do so we should just let them fight and out and kill each other instead of killing Americans. Once bin Laden was dead we should have started the process of leaving Afghanistan.

  11. Capt Ron says:

    I’m with you, Fred, and I think MrChuck nailed the whole thing.

  12. Bunkerville says:

    We can only hope that whatever engagement we may find ourselves in the future will be run by the military with victory in mind. Otherwise, we have no business getting involved. Winning hearts and minds? Blast them into oblivion or stay home.

  13. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    While we are fighting fanatical muzzies in places I don’t think we should be, muzzies are still allowed to immigrate here. On 12Sep2001 Bush should have banned all muslim immigration to America. Instead he made two of the most stupid and erroneous statements in history since Neville Chamberlain in 1939. “islam is a religion of peace” and “we are not at war with islam”. Those words and that concept will be very very costly to us and the Western world.

    The results of our efforts in Iraq show that the only way to deal with muslims is via superior firepower. The few successful and the almost uncountable failed efforts of terror attacks by muzzies in America and the total lack of public patriotism by American muzzies show that they do not belong here. That is a factor we will face head on some day when it is probably too late to do much about it because we don’t have the will. Maybe armed citizens will be the only answer.

  14. God bless the souls of all those that gave all for this nation, it’s people, and it’s values. I’d say the families as well however that would be, or at least sound self-aggrandizing.

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