Dear America: Are you paying Attention?

Dear America: Are you paying Attention?

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We definitely have the government the LEFT elected, and I’m madder than a computer geek with a busted mouse.

The U.S. Congress wonders WHY they suffer the abysmal approval numbers they do, and I can tell them in one simple post, IF they are listening that is.

But it’s not just the Left and Liberals either. There are far too many on the Right that make great and thunderous noises, all in the name of American Freedom. It turns out that they just haven’t had dinner yet and are experiencing a bit of GAS!

The better half and I went to a Town Hall meeting last night. Pete Sessions (R-TX32) hosted it at Sachse High School in beautiful Sachse, Texas and I have to tell you, it started out really well.

Pete SessionsPete was hitting ALL the right points about the economy, foreign oil, the Keystone XL Pipeline, Obama, Holder, Hillary, the current set of scandals and he was rocking! Right up to the point where he pretty much said there wasn’t a lot that could be done in any kind of immediate time frame and said that much of the reason was that there had to be an independent investigation because Holder didn’t need to investigate himself, and he’s right on that, but then he pointed out that a special investigator and prosecutor were needed and “those things cost money that we just don’t have…”

Right about then several people got up and left the meeting.

It seems that I am not the only one that believes that spending is OUT OF CONTROL and that the excuse of *we don’t have the money* is as lame an excuse as we’ve ever heard. For crying out loud! We don’t have the money? And you expect us to fall for that line?

I’m pretty sure that Congress still controls the *purse strings*, STOP the spending on things we don’t need, you know? Like Obama vacations and unlimited golf outings? Stop the ROCK STAR parties in the White House. Stop Obama and his family from living like a monarch. I would have to think that those savings alone would fund a really good investigation and special prosecutor.

Ted CruzThen, as I am checking emails this morning I have one from Sen. Ted Cruz telling me what a mess this nation is in, how we’re broke and how Obama is a crook or something and we don’t have the money to prosecute him.

But I can be a part of making it happen! Yeah, that part impressed the hell out of me.

If I would send in my generous donation of $500.00, $250.00, $100.00, $50.00 or even a $10.00 donation, that would go a long ways in helping him to fight for us and to get an investigation going against Obama and Company.

Hell man, I can’t get enough donations to keep this BLOG rolling all the time. How am I supposed to donate to help take the fight to Obama?

It’s a plot I tell you, these guys are in cahoots.

And then there was this from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott:

Greg AbbottPreventing the abuse of official power is vital to the health of our nation. Alarming reports about the IRS’s decision to target and probe conservative groups-at least three of which are reportedly in Texas-have made clear that all who are responsible should be held accountable.

Sign the letter, and join me in the call for President Obama to demand that Eric Holder appoint a special prosecutor-we must demand accountability!

I guess A.G. Abbott missed my several posts on how I feel about petitions and their effectiveness and especially how I feel about petitioning an ASS like Barack Hussein Obama. This is MY response to A.G. Abbott:

Sign a petition? Again? What good are petitions doing? NONE! That’s how much good they are doing… We can sign petitions until HELL freezes over and Obama will still be POTUS… This fight has got to happen in REAL LIFE, not on paper and it’s got to happen in the U.S. Senate and House… Unless Texas is going to secede and that petition is a NOTICE of Secession, there’s not a damned thing going to be accomplished with a petition from us and our A.G. and it’s nothing more than a waste of time and effort

The American people should not have to petition the government asking them to do the right thing!

We are Americans! By God it’s time we started acting like Americans, like the FREE people we are, at least for now. It’s time to take this nation back, it’s time to force our less than effective politicians to either become effective NOW or get the hell OUT and let someone get in the fight that has the balls to go after the crooks!

Do you think the Founding Fathers sat back, crying and complaining about the British and making excuses for all the reasons why declaring our independence was not a good idea?

Let me say this as plainly and as easily understood as I possibly can; our Founding Fathers would have been shooting by now!

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16 Responses to Dear America: Are you paying Attention?

  1. abigail says:

    This makes me pig biting mad. What a lame, worthless, pathetic excuse to justify doing nothing. Not enough money? How much money do we give away to other nations? How much money did it cost for the IRS to target conservative groups. How much money is it costing for the ‘Administration’ to duck and weave and avoid telling the truth?

    If we don’t have enough money to pursue the cause of justice and the pursuit of truth in OUR OWN COUNTRY then we sure as heck don’t have enough money to support numerous countries with ‘foreign aid’!

  2. Hgpsurf says:

    Yeah, I stopped signing the multitude of petitions months ago.

    How about we stop giving food stamps to jailed criminals who are not eligible for it and stop taking care of all those non-citizens in this country. If we stop taking care of them millions will leave. No more foreign aid starting with Egypt. How come we have money for this and not for a special investigator and prosecutor? We don’t make sense!

    • TexasFred says:

      Exactly right! Just cutting Social Security FRAUD, welfare and food stamps fraud and making people WORK for what they have, rather than TAKE, would be more than enough to balance the budget, but our Congress just can’t see it.. .

      Maybe they are feeding at the trough too much as well..

  3. Longstreet says:

    An Independent (Special) Prosecutor would — constitutionally — answer to the President. Sorry. But I don’t see and “independence” there. And NO — I don’t have the answer, either. Impeachment … maybe? Of course, THAT would be stopped as soon as it crossed the threshold of the Senate.

    I realize I’m preaching to the choir, but seems to me we warned America about a second Obama term and what it would mean… didn’t we?


  4. Bunkerville says:

    Let the hearings continue and keep the slow steady drip continue. A special prosecutor or whatever will take it off the news and it could be years until we hear anything.
    Right, we don’t have any money for anything that counts. Thieves, all of them.

  5. NativeSon says:

    Take the $278K+ that the MUSLIM TERRORIST has been paid since his TERRORIST ATTACK at Ft. Hood-that’s a nice salary for the special prosecutor… Let congress quit worrying about Roger Clemens, Lance Armstrong and all those other “important” investigations they have going and DO THEIR JOBS!!!

    • TexasFred says:

      Yes indeed… And I KNOW FOR A FACT that Sessions heard that message, but I don’t know if he LISTENED…

    • BobF says:

      Through 26 years of professional military education, I was always taught that when you go into confinement, you loose ALL pay and allowances. Now, I find out differently. This guy has been given over one quarter million dollars to kill Americans, sit in prison, thumb his nose at military regulations, and eat specially prepared halal food.

  6. dekare says:

    I had a wonderful (and way too long but well researched) response, but damn if my electric didn’t go out seconds before hitting the post comment button.

    So, all I will say is “I Agree”. Our politicians need to quit coming to us for money…we spent all we have and more. The money is there and if they don’t stop the waste and get that money, America will be lost.

    obama is counting on no one doing anything about him and what he and his have done to this country. If six months from now, nothing happens to them, they will grow only bolder, secure that We The People only make noise, but nothing more.

    Just like the King who lost his Kingdom but for the cost of a horseshoe, America will be lost.

  7. John Carey says:

    The problem is the Republicans don’t want to get to the truth to quickly. They want to drag this out and hope that it seeps over into the 2014 elections. It’s all about timing. I don’t agree with this strategy. We are either a nation that respects the rule of law or we or not. If we are a nation that still believes in the rule of law then stop playing political games and start prosecuting people.

  8. Hgpsurf says:

    Everyone commenting here makes good points. We get it but unless we win over a few million others we are screwed.

  9. LD Jackson says:

    The emails you are getting are the main reason I refuse to give my email address out to any politician, save one. In fact, I refuse to give it out to organizations like the Heritage Foundation, etc. The only thing I ever receive from them always has to do with ME giving THEM money.

    Abigail hit the nail on the head with her comment. Enough with the foreign aid to every country under the sun. Especially those who clearly have no love lost for America. Let them fend for themselves, while we take care of our own rat killing.

  10. Patrick Sperry says:

    It seems that any and all are on the “begging for Bucks Brigade.”

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