Ted Cruz Scares The Heck Out Of The GOP

Ted Cruz Scares The Heck Out Of The GOP

Conservative Leader-In-Waiting?

LongstreetA Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Conservative republicans are focusing on Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. I sense a collective holding of breath amongst the right wing of the Republican Party. The same holds true, in my opinion amongst conservative independents.

Cruz is talking old style conservatism. It’s the kind of conservatism that wins elections because it stirs the blood of conservatives, I mean, TRUE conservatives.

Many conservatives, myself included, are not yet ready to endorse Cruz simply because we have been burnt too many times in recent decades.

And there is the problem, at least for me, of Cruz having been born outside the US. (Cruz is a Cuban-American from Texas who was born in Canada.) Obama’s eligibility problems for President aside, Cruz is a republican and we all now there is a separate set of rules for republicans. To understand how that works one must understand this: It is legal — when the democrats do it. Not so much when republicans do it.

The plain and simple truth is, that if Cruz does decide to run for president in 2016, he will be battered beyond belief for not being a “natural born” US citizen. Understand this, too. He will be attacked by both the Democratic Party AND the Republican Party. There are many in the GOP of the country club set, the blue bloods, if you will, who see Cruz as a direct threat to their power — within the party — and they will do everything they can to insure failure for any Cruz presidential run.

Then there are those, like myself, who are not ready to climb aboard the Cruz band wagon until we learn whether or not he is a “penny match candidate.” (For you youngsters — a penny match , back in the day, was famous for flaring up into a huge extremely hot flame for just a moment when struck, then quickly burn out leaving you with a small piece of worthless smoking charcoal in your fingers.)

At the moment, Cruz is hot.

Conservatives are yearning for a true conservative champion. We are tired of staying home on Election Day. We are tired of being told we MUST support the so-called conservative candidates the GOP pushes to the forefront in every campaign.

Allow me to make something clear today: Trues conservatives are NOT ready to support another Bush in the Oval Office. And we are not going to support Rand Paul, a libertarian republican, for President, nor will we support Marco Rubio. Rubio’s immigration reform philosophy sunk any chance he had of getting to the Oval Office anytime in the foreseeable future.

The GOP is leaderless at the moment. That is because, in my humble opinion, the internal leadership wants it that way. The hierarchy of the Republican Party is its own worst enemy. So long as the party remains splintered there is no chance a conservative can ascend to the leadership position.

With an extremely important election coming up in 2014, the old guard republicans have a death grip on the upper echelons of the party and they will see it die a slow and painful death before they will relinquish power to a representative of the great unwashed conservative masses within the GOP. Would you care to guess how they view Ted Cruz??

Consider this: “The bulk of the conservative movement, and thus the base of the Republican Party, recognizes this reality. They have become increasingly alarmed at the fate awaiting the country if these radicals are not purged from the mainstream of American governance in the 2014 and 2016 election cycles. But when they look to the leadership of the Republican Party they see a nauseating deference to the party in power and the media — in other words business as usual in Washington. Apparently the Republican Establishment believes it will eventually win when it is their turn if they just can find a way to bribe minorities, particularly Hispanics into voting for them.” SOURCE: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/3001392/posts

So, while the GOP establishment is content to “wait their turn” at the Oval Office, the GOP base, the conservatives, are chomping at the bit, leaning forward, rattling the trace chains, even threatening to overturn the wagon, all in an effort to get back in the fight with a real competitor, an honest to goodness conservative candidate, whom they can really trust — AND believe in — AND support.

At the moment the fire in the bellies of conservatives has been banked. That accounts for the lackluster GOP these days. Senator Cruz COULD be the fuel that will turn that conservative fire in the belly into a human blow torch again … or NOT!

The reason so many conservatives are holding back on Cruz today is that we get the feeling he is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! It has been a long time since someone espoused the conservative platform so completely and, well, it is disconcerting.

So, we’ll watch a while longer “with hope in our hearts,” as they say.

Problem with waiting is the crumbling of America as we wait. The country is being eaten alive, from the inside, by the “Marxocrats” of the left. Their campaign to reinvent America as a police state is well on its way to fruition. The recent problems with the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service are just bumps in the road.

Conservatives can’t wait much longer.

America can’t wait much longer.

The “progressive overlords” of the Obama Administration, such as those in the Department of Homeland Security, are growing stronger readying themselves for the day when the half of America that still values freedom and liberty says “ENOUGH” and rises up in righteous indignation to restore constitutional government to this once great land.

All that is lacking is a national leader for the conservative movement. Is Senator Ted Cruz that leader in waiting? Well, IS HE?

© J. D. Longstreet

INSIGHT on Freedom: Cruz Scares The Heck Out Of The GOP

I urge you to follow Longstreet and his great blog, you won’t be disappointed!

Let me add one thing to this story, Longstreet points out that Rand Paul and Marco Rubio would not be supported by TRUE Conservatives. Longstreet is correct. I have to add Sarah Palin to that list as well. Palin is not electable in any position in MY opinion because she is too polarizing.

Too many on the Right, myself included, wouldn’t vote for her because we consider her to be nothing more than a Drama Queen, that would seriously affect her poll numbers.

Then, once you take into consideration the reaction of the Libbers when they hear the name Palin, well, you know that they would turn out in record numbers to vote against her even if her opponent was Satan himself.

That’s MY opinion of where the GOP is right now; and saying that the GOP is without a leader is an understatement.

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8 Responses to Ted Cruz Scares The Heck Out Of The GOP

  1. Lou says:

    If Cruz isn’t a natural born citizen of the U.S. then why in the heck is he even being considered for the office of President? Do we go by the Constitution or do we allow persons to do whatever they can away with and use the Constitution only when it’s advantageous to the desired agenda?

  2. Hgpsurf says:

    I read JDL’s blog before you put this up and he does a good job with it as usual. I do agree with you about Palin as way too many people would never vote for her. She, herself, and the media took her out of the running years ago.

  3. J. D. Longstreet says:

    Lou: I’ll go with the constitution.


  4. Patrick Sperry says:

    Palin has a place, as a POMS girl or a spot in the Cheers section. Not enough substance there and she has a record as a quitter.
    Rand Paul has a problem of guilt by association to go along with more than a few positions that simply will not fly with Conservatives.
    Ted Cruz isn’t a natural born American, and that rules him out.

    All three do have a place within the movement to restore America. But none can be a General of the sort needed.

  5. Abigail says:

    If he decides to run for president he should be battered. It would tell me that he thinks the Constitution can be manipulated to suit him. That he is somehow above it. Much like the current resident. I have heard him say that all his energy is focused on being a senator for which I applaud him. However, also, I did not hear him say, no, I cannot run for president because I was not born here.
    It is no secret, so why not say it?

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Palin is unelectable. She already made her bed.

    What’s in the future for the GOP? I suspect: too much of the same.

    Even if they did take the House and Senate, history has proven they will NOT take the power they have and lay waste to their surroundings.


  7. Braden Lynch says:

    If he even considers running for POTUS, in violation of the Constitution, then he demonstrates that he is unfit for the office. No wiggle room what-so-ever.

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