Obama, Mandela and their commonality - Africa and Communism

Obama’s ties to Mandela loom over S. Africa visit

JOHANNESBURG (AP) - Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s struggles in South Africa, a young Barack Obama joined campus protests in the U.S. against the racist rule that kept Mandela locked away in prison for nearly three decades.

Now a historic, barrier-breaking figure himself, President Obama arrived in South Africa Friday to find a country drastically transformed by Mandela’s influence - and grappling with the beloved 94-year-old’s mortality. SOURCE

Do you know what the REAL story is concerning the *bond* between Obama and Mandela?

Nelson Mandela Commie 1

One is a Communist and the other is a Socialist. And they both sincerely hate WHITE people.

Obama yet to have African legacy like predecessors

CENTURION, South Africa (AP) - President Barack Obama is receiving the embrace you might expect for a long-lost son on his return to his father’s home continent, even as he has yet to leave a lasting policy legacy for Africa on the scale of his two predecessors. SOURCE

Never come back Obama
So, stay in Africa, honor your REAL heritage.

Mandela family feud over where he should be buried

JOHANNESBURG (AP) - As Nelson Mandela remained in critical condition in hospital Friday, a family feud over where the 94-year-old former president should be buried went to the courts, according to South Africa’s national broadcaster. SOURCE

When Mandela dies there will be a terrible mourning period for *Saint Nelson*. The only thing is, he’s not a Saint, he’s a Communist THUG and he’s a terrible racist.

There are many similarities between Obama and Mandela, the one big difference being;
Obama hasn’t spent MANY years in prison. Yet.

That story hasn’t been fully written to completion, but it’s a best seller in the works.

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5 Responses to Obama, Mandela and their commonality - Africa and Communism

  1. Bunkerville says:

    And the once prosperous South Africa is going the way of the other stone age countries in Africa. Colonialism moved them forward about 500 years, now they return to their “Roots”.

  2. dekare says:

    I think we ought to settle this whole “where mandela should be buried issue” so everyone is happy. The only solution is to cut him up into pieces and bury him everywhere. If they want equal parts, not a problem…give one the head and the one asshole….after all they are equal parts.

  3. Mike Flynn says:

    South Africa will be joining Rhodesia soon as a severely failed country where whites are hented down and murdered. To Bad it was once the most prosperous and successful of African Countries.

  4. BARR says:

    Damn Fred, you’ve outdone yerself this time….
    because this Red bastard Joe Slovo, (See above photo) is the LINK in the world-wide spred of the cancer of Soviet style Socialisim / Marxisim. Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, Fidel Castro… Even though the following is from Wikipedia, it is true to the best of my knowledge….Hoo Roo!

    Slovo was a leading theoretician in both the SACP and the ANC. In the 1970s he wrote the influential essay No Middle Road which stated that the apartheid government would be unable either to achieve stability or to co-opt significant sections of the small but growing black middle class - in other words the only choice was between the overthrow of apartheid or ever greater repression. At the time the SACP’s orthodox pro-Soviet and stage-ist view of change in South Africa was dominant in the ANC-led liberation movement.

    Being Jewish and a Communist, Slovo was a demonised figure on the far right of Afrikaner society.

    In 1989, he wrote “Has Socialism Failed?” which acknowledged the weaknesses of the socialist movement and the excesses of Stalinism, while at the same time rejecting attempts by the left to distance themselves from socialism. Slovo died in 1995 of cancer. In 2004 he was voted 47th in the Top 100 Great South Africans.

    It was he who in 1992 proposed the breakthrough in the negotiations to end apartheid in South Africa with the “sunset clause” for a coalition government for the five years following a democratic election, including guarantees and concessions to all sides.

  5. Patrick Sperry says:

    Nelson Mandela was / nothing more than a shot calling thug terrorist. He regularly ordered African neckties while he was in prison. He also was a sexually aggressive rapist while in prison, and ordered bombings of his rivals as well.

    So, what does mandela have in common with the obama..? Has had others do his killing for him; Pretended to be some sort of common mans friend and social organizer, and, if the rumors are true? A homosexual. When I was in Rhodesia the local blacks referred to mandela as a person without a tribe. Sort of like BHO, and the forgeries associated with him for all his life…

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