Obama rodeo clown not one of Missouri’s “finer moments,” W.H. says

Obama rodeo clown not one of Missouri’s “finer moments,” W.H. says

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says he had no reaction from Obama. But he says that personally, as a native of Missouri, “It was certainly not one of the finer moments in our state.” SOURCE

Lets talk about what I like to call *selective hypocrisy*.

Liberals and race baiters (NAACP) all over America are apoplectic over this:

Rodeo Clown Obama

But the very same Libbers and race baiters (NAACP) said nothing when this happened:

Rodeo Clown Bush

Tuffy Gessling is a RODEO CLOWN, his job is to protect bull riders and put on a show for rodeo fans. It’s THAT simple. It’s NOT a *political statement*, it was an attempt to garner a few laughs and to entertain a crowd of folks that are, for the most part, Conservative and in many cases, just a bunch of good ol’ redneck Americans.

George W. Bush was vilified by the Liberals and race baiters (NAACP).

Ronald Reagan received the same treatment as well, but for the very simple reason that Barack Hussein Obama is HALF Black, it’s racism most vile if anyone on the Conservative side of the coin, even Black Conservatives, have so much as one word to say or a joke to make about Obama.

Every President has been the butt of jokes, cartoons and off-hand humor, the NAACP, the MOST racist group in America, needs to pull the stick out of their asses and DEAL with it!

Is there ANYTHING that these race baiting race PIMPS don’t consider to be racist? Display of Robert E. Lee Portrait Called Racist by Local NAACP.

Well, if that’s the case, let me give you RACE BAITING RAT BASTARDS even more reason to be angry and another opportunity to call ME a racist!


You silly asses can get all *butt hurt* over a rodeo clown but you have NO integrity, no dignity and are in serious need of a lobotomy if you think that I, or millions of others like me will stand for your attempt to denigrate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Confederate Flags 595px

If you people want this fight; Deo vindice.

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24 Responses to Obama rodeo clown not one of Missouri’s “finer moments,” W.H. says

  1. Patrick Sperry says:

    What did you expect from that pack of hypocrites? Besides, obama is a clown.

  2. Bluto says:

    The tyrannical grip is tightening.

    being fired & sent to sensitivity training


    being taken away and sent to the re-education camp

    Not much of a difference. They must control us - thoughts and all.

  3. mystere says:

    Fred, I stand with you, especially on this one. And, I’m neither black nor white…I’m a full blooded Asian. Let the race baiters call me a banana…

  4. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    It is pure bullshit Fred…what can you expect from the one way street SOB’s..the libtards and NAACP busted GWB balls at every opportunity and you showed pictorial evidence of it. Yet not one black organization said a word, not one called for Secret Service intervention…but you put Obama face on a clown and they (BLACKS) come unglued…. the hell with them.

  5. Working To Keep Freedom says:

    Get ready, Folks. If you can’t see it now you never will. Total control is what they want.

    It’s time we stand up and say enough of this bullshit from a bunch of A$$holes and tell them to take a hike into the desert and don’t come back. To all these Race-Baiting turncoats…you are liars and you pick & choose the incidents that you believe will create the most news. Got news for you! We see your tricks and this BS is NOT going to work on us any longer. Ignoring you is the best insult we can give you because you are actually NOTHING, anyway!!!

    The people in Missouri need to go to the Rodeo WEARING a BHO mask!! That ought to get you going even more!!

  6. Gary says:

    OORAH! Fred,

    Deo Vindice!

  7. Bluto says:

    When the privileged & wealthy Oprah complains racism while shopping for a $38,000 purse and the public is so passively gullible to believes such idiocy one knows we’ve reached the tipping point.

    We have collectively become a nation of sheep.

    Do I have a solution? Hell no.
    Am I going to join the sheep? Hell no.

    But I can see the writing on the wall, and I’m sorry to report….It’s not good.

  8. dekare says:

    The “N” word moniker seems to apply more and more to these assholes and it is a word I would refrain from using until recently. It seems to apply aptly, and since I have already been labeled and confrimed a racist, I might as well speak the language.

    …and there is difference…see the Chris Rock video skit. He outright states there is a difference, and if he, as a free American, can use the word, well so the hell can I.

    F**kin NIGGERS…all of em.

  9. dekare says:

    Here is the link for Chris Rock…

    Chris Rock - Black People VS. Niggaz (Bring the Pain 1996) - YouTube

    • TexasFred says:

      There is a HUGE difference between Black people and niggers, just like there’s a huge difference between White people and White trash, and I hate me some White trash..

      I know a lot of Black people that I would much prefer to associate with than some White folks… And if you want to see a prime example of White trash, Google *Honey Boo-Boo*… Trailer trash at its finest..

  10. Kiril Kundurazieff says:

    Great post, Fred!

    Over the last 7 yrs. I have written 2 versions of a poem I call “The Jabberliberal” in imitation of the famous Lewis Carrol piece and, since 2008, 2 versions of a poem I call “His Name Is Barack Obama, You See” in imitation of a famous Edgar Allan Poe piece.

    I am surprised the PC Police haven’t bitched and moaned yet. :-D

  11. Bunkerville says:

    Apparently we need to be race baited on a weekly basis. After trayvon, they are really having to struggle to come up with one weekly. I haven’t been able to find a clip of it, but CNN had someone say it was Putin’s racism toward blacks was now the reason for the Obama dust up.

  12. J. D. Longstreet says:

    Fred, we need to lock arms ’cause NC and Texas have just got in the face of the political left with our Voter ID laws. I can’t think of two finer nor more able states for the feds to choose to do battle with. The Gadsden flags (Don’t Tread On Me!) will be waving from the beaches of the stormy Atlantic to the western slopes of the Blue Ridge in support of state sovereignty. If the battle is to be joined, I can think of only one thing to say: “CHARRRRRGE!”

    Deo Vindici


  13. mrchuck says:

    NAACP = niggers ain’t acting like colored people.

  14. Bluto says:

    I, on occasion, will get relentlessly teased about living in California. But, for what it’s worth, there are no black people in my neighborhood and very few within a 30 mile radius.

    So I’ve got that goin’ for me.

    • BobF says:

      Northern Michigan above Saginaw is like that.

    • PatriotUSA says:

      Where I live there are very few niggers, hardly any mussies, just lots of stinking chicanos. I do not mean Mexicans nor Hispanics but stinking full of ‘you owe me my entitlements’ chicanos. I cannot stand them. Most of their parents came here, became legal citizens, worked extremely hard and had some kids. Sadly, many of these kids end up thinking we, us gringos, white interlopers own them a life, and all the entitlements they can get their hands on. I have a BIG prob;em with them. I have a big problem with NIGGERS who are still living on the ‘plantashun’ as made up by the NAACP, CBC and the likes of the race baiters, Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, Holder and spit Farrakhan.

      I hate NIGGERS and they come in all skin colors. I grew up with the word and I will use it as I see fit.

      They are already here and coming at us, full force. So be it. MY SKIN IS WHITE and I have NO SHAME, NO GUILT at all about this. You gotta a problem with this then come find me. I will take as many of you with me, as I can.

      NIGGERS, spit, spit, spit!

  15. BobF says:

    A local Kansas City TV stationed interviewed people at the Missouri State Fair yesterday bout the incident. Every one they interviewed on their first segment supported the clown. They said things like…that’s what clowns do…all presidents are mocked like that…this has been going on since Washington took office…I missed it and wish I was there. On the second segment, they did find a guy: white, early 60’s, balding on top with longer hair on the sides in a pony tail say how offended he was by this. I have customers coming in where I work just totally pissed off about all the stupid ignorant fuss being make over what clowns do. Blacks and Whites get along very well in rural Missouri contrary to what these black politicians from St. Louis and Kansas City say. And now, we’ve got the epitome of racism, the NAACP, calling on the Secret Service and DOJ to investigate the clown. It just shows you what those overseers of the plantation think of freedom and the Constitution.

  16. dekare says:

    Let’s talk about words, more specifically, the word “nigger”. Does the use of this word make one a racist? I say no, it does not. In fact, there is no word or group of words that can be used that would make anyone a racist.

    If I say “Res Ipsa Loquitur” or spout the rules against perpituity, does this make me an attorney?

    If I say hemoblobin, hepatosplenomegaly or any other medical term, does this make me a doctor?

    If I say debit, credit and captital gains, does this make me a CPA?

    Using any of those terms makes me no more than what I actually am. These may be terms used by those professions, but using these terms does not make me a professional in those specific fields.

    So why then, if a person uses certain words, terms or phrases, they are deemed to be a racist? In order to be a racist, you have to be one in your heart. In fact, a person can be a extreme racist, practise every horrific act of racism, and never once utter a single improper word.

    So how is it, that way too many of those in society think they can measure a person’s beliefs based on a single utterance of a term that is associated with racism?

    The fact is, these people who yell racism at the drop of a hat, are shallow and lazy and do so for the sole benefit of feigned victimhood. In fact, what I truly find odd is that these people are upset over the perceived notion of being wrongly judged based on something perceived as bad by others, and then respond by doing exactly the same thing to others. How ironic is that?

    If I say “nigger”, “darky” or “comminity organizer”, none of this makes me a racist. It is what is in my heart and whether or not I judge others by the color of their skin or on that character as a human being that makes me racist or not.

    This needs to stop. Somewhere along the way, certain people realized that they had been given the power to shut other people up, by simply yelling “racism”. If life got tough, yell racism. If someone accused you of something bad (even if you did do it), yell racism, if you don’t like someone else’s opinion, yell racism, and all of a sudden, you became the victim, and along with it, all of the sympathy and perks of being one.

    Well, the time is come, just like the boy who cried wolf, and we need to stop with this nonsense.

    Real racism today is quite insignificant. Racism is blacks being dragged behind a truck or strung up on a tree for looking at a white woman…not asking for a ID when voting, or any of the now perceived signs of racism, that exist only in the mind of those yelling loudly.

    The yelling of racism has become a weapon, to be used against whites for the benefit and advantage of people who do not deserve it.

    I can tell you this, what is promoting racism, is those that keep using this “weapon” to shut up others, to marginalize others, and gain advantage at the expense of others. After a while, those accused of racism, start to develop real and actual resentment. Feelings that were NOT there before. If you keep accusing someone of something, they will eventually become that which they have been labeled.

    I for one have never had a racist attitude until recently. In fact, I don’t hate people because of the color fo their skin, I am starting to hate them because of what they accuse me and others of being. I do NOT like being labelled a racist when I know who I am in my heart. And after a while, my accusers beome my enemy, and I have no love for those trying to destroy me.

    So, if we truly want racism to die, then leave it alone. Quit bringing it up. Everytime a black person unfairly yells racism, more and more whites start to develop that attitude. And it will not be long before we really no longer care for the people who only use racism as a weapon. Eventually, and hopefully soon, we will simply ignore these people. And if that doesn’t work, how long before we start dragging them behind a truck or hang them from a tree, just to shut them up. See where this is going. Real and actual racism is being created and built up by those that claim to want it gone. They are creating more racists, not less.

    Accusing racists of racism does not cure them of it. Bue accusing people who are not racist, of being racist, will turn them into one. Do you think Paula Deen now looks favorably on her accusers? I bet there is now some darn real resentment that did not exist before. (Of course, I don’t speak for Paula Deen, but I bet I’m right, even if she would never admit it).

    Anyway, my point is this. I believe that whites are growing quite weary of being labelled racists. Soon, we will stop caring about the label and those that throw that label around. Eventually, we will take decisive action to shut theses people up. Kind of like when I was a child and would whine about some perceived wrong by my parents. After a while, my father would say…”If you want to cry, I’ll give you something to cry about!’. And if I didn’t shut up real soon, he would.

    Well, same here. If these niggers don’t shut about about their stupid perceived notion of racism, eventually, the world is going to give them some real racism to whine about. And it won’t be pretty. But I can only bet, that many, like me, are growing sick and tired of being labelled. They don’t like it…well neither do I.

    • Bluto says:

      Excellent post. I agree and find myself feeling the same things.

      LMAO @ “If you want to cry, I’ll give you something to cry about!” Oh man, Dad used to say those *exact* words to me. A person of lesser character might find that attitude harsh, but let me tell you, Dad was and still is the best person I know. I thank him for being strong and teaching me to be strong in mind and in spirit as well.

      I wonder how much of this crap will be enough. When will people finally stand up and say “NO MORE!”. Sure, the people contributing to and reading this blog are fed up and not afraid to say so. But when it comes to the majority in our sleeping nation of hypnotized sheep I’m still skeptical…..not without hope, but skeptical.

    • TexasFred says:

      If I don’t get called a racist at least once a day I feel like my day isn’t complete..

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