My 1st Experience with ObamaCare

My 1st Experience with ObamaCare

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I just recently, in the last few days, had what I believe to be my very first 1st hand experience with this thing called ObamaCare.

My Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, is on a HUGE campaign to *defund* ObamaCare and I am thinking that this story about my very recent experience with Baylor Healthcare Systems will be a great example, one of many, as to WHY ObamaCare MUST be stopped and defunded. Ted Cruz Explains How We Win the Fight to Defund ObamaCare: ‘Don’t Blink’.

I was discharged from Baylor Hospital in Garland TX at about 4:00 PM on August 21, 2013 and I can attest to this; in MY opinion MUCH of ObamaCare has already kicked in and it SUCKS!

I spent 5 days as a patient in the cardiac unit and I can’t fault them or the heart catheterization lab in any way, my treatment was TOP SHELF, but in addition to my cardiac problems I am also a diabetic, severely diabetic actually.

My diabetes was not being properly treated because of their *protocol* at Baylor.

The Baylor *protocol*, which is system wide I presume, called for at least 90% LESS insulin therapy than that actually needed to bring about effective treatment of high blood sugar readings, at least in my particular case.

Some people may very well respond to this Baylor *protocol*, but here is how it works in MY world; normal blood sugar readings run between 80 to 120 points on your blood meter check machine. If, for instance, the reading is 204, your reading is a bit too high, readings over 200 begin to give you problems, to your legs in my case, but diabetic retinopathy is an immediate danger too, one which can lead to serious vision problems, and in extreme cases; blindness.

Loss of limbs is also a serious threat to diabetics that don’t get proper treatment and maintain HIGH sugar readings for long periods of time. Sugar readings over 300 are very dangerous and your body begins to throw ketones into your urine.

Ketone is a chemical produced when there is a shortage of insulin in the blood and the body breaks down body fat for energy.

Ketones in the urine are a sign that your body is using fat for energy instead of using glucose because not enough insulin is available to use glucose for energy and severe diabetics MUST inject the needed amount of insulin to make up for the loss of insulin your pancreas doesn’t produce.

That is the diabetes *thumbnail*.

Well, here’s the TRUTH, it’s their (Baylor) *protocol* but its being over-written was done, in MY opinion, in an effort to align with ObamaCare and to cut costs in any way possible.

They (Baylor Healthcare Systems) withheld treatment I was getting, at home; the much needed insulin I was taking at the direction of my personal physician, taking it the way I was directed to take it at two different diabetes educational seminars at Hoblitzelle Hospital in Dallas and by Dr. Priscilla Hollander (MD PhD) arguably one of the best endocrinologists in this nation.

I don’t know when their *protocol* at Baylor was over-written, or by whom though; they couldn’t, or wouldn’t tell me that vital little piece of information.

They *claimed* that *some people* responded well to a much smaller dose of insulin and REFUSED to even consider my being a severe diabetic that is highly resistant to insulin.

The truth of the matter is this; they are afraid someone will go into a *too low* sugar level and not be able to tell them and may lapse into diabetic coma and die. Cover that tail man, cover that tail, but don’t dare take care of a diabetic patient that has real issues and concerns when simply ordering more blood sugar checks will alleviate the situation.

ObamaCare is going to KILL Americans, if it hasn’t already!

Call, text, email or snail mail your Congressional and Senate members and demand, don’t ask, BY God DEMAND that this thing called ObamaCare be killed.

I want MY America back and these folks have NO idea of exactly WHO they are dealing with I am sure. Now they will know.

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22 Responses to My 1st Experience with ObamaCare

  1. Working To Keep Freedom says:

    Glad you made it, Fred. Good to have 1st hand experience to relate to appropriate people who will most likely not be able to achieve the needed goal - killing this monstrosity called *Obama Care*. But, as has been said; *The squeaky wheel gets the grease*.

    Count me in to share the info…

  2. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Great to have you home Fred, that was a heck of a scare..
    I also must say this….hold on to your skivvies, it is only going to get worse as we get older..the older we get the more they with hold, as in your case..

    My uncle, a WWII, Korea and two tours of Vietnam also had treatment with held, he was in his 90′s when he died..but to with hold treatment because your old is tantamount to murder, my opinion of course. I guess once you reach that magic age we are expendable so we are put in a corner and left to die..

    As you said we must scream at the top of our lyngs to get this “Murder Treaty” defunded now..

    Again glad your home…I will talk to you soon, take care ole buddy..

  3. Capt Ron says:

    Glad you’re home, Fred, I’ll come over this evening for a short visit if you’re up to it.

    I believe there is an underlying plan in Obamacare to “thin out the herd” so to speak with treatment protocols such as this. That being said, the “lawmakers” would never have to worry about that. They are the elite and will get what they need when they need. it.

  4. Bunkerville says:

    Glad to hear you are up and about. This will be the norm for everyone otherwise known as “Best Practices.” Otherwise known as third world medicine. One simply follows a flow chart to determine treatment. Patient be damned.

  5. mcnorman says:

    …it’s their (Baylor) *protocol* but its being over-written was done, in MY opinion, in an effort to align with ObamaCare and to cut costs in any way possible.

    As has much other type of care Fred. People don’t want to listen because it doesn’t poke them personally. When SP talked about death panels, that was only a label for the managed care idiots who will be in charge of our health. The bottom line…is your care cost effective? I have friends who are going through the same bs that you have now gone through. You witnessed only the beginning of this travesty called healthcare. Glad you are feeling better.

    • mcnorman says:

      Cost effective means that is your cost cutting into the bottom line of the insurance stockholders. The middleman who should not have anything to do with any decision regarding your healthcare, but is assured of doing so via ObamaCrapCare. That middleman now tells your physician how to handle your care. This post was quite informative on how the docs are handling this garbage.

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Of COURSE it’s going to kill people, because it’s NOT about medicine, but instead about Social Engineering and — now — with so many other Parasites about to be given more Free Cheese, about cash. YOU, as a Taxpayer, as a Host, will now be = to the lowliest tattooed, drunk, drugged-out Parasite.

    ObamaKare good enough for Obama? NO.

    ObamaKare good enough for the Senate? NO.

    ObamaKare good enough for the House? NO.

    ObamaKare good enough for DC staffers? NO.

    ObamaKare good enough for GE and other Obama corporate supporters? NO.

    Good enough to hose YOU? Of course.


  7. Dick Robie says:

    Iam 78 yrs young. Type II Diabetic. I take Metformin (1000 mg 2 x day and 15 units of Lantus at night). I also am very concerned about Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act which is an Oxymoron. I believe that one of the underlying principles of this act is to let the old ones die and get them off Social Security and Medicare. This is wrong and in my view a criminal act on the part of a Government gone totally out of control of the people.

    Best wishes from me and my wife Fred

  8. Petermc3 says:

    Welcome to the wide world of euthanasia Fred. Look at the bright side, you’re too old for the coming infanticide, the logical extension of the death panels’ duties. Hope you got my e-mail I sent you. Stay strong brother.

  9. abigail says:

    Am so glad to see you are back and feisty as ever!

    It has been my experience that ‘experienced’, esp. severe, diabetics are the most knowledgable about their own care. I am stunned to think that a hospital would try and tinker with an established effective regimen esp. considering it was not that problem which brought you in. Nothing like increasing your already high stress level! I hope you considered making an official complaint.

    I see comments on other sites about how we should be more like other countries where ‘everyone’ has access to free healthcare or some variation on that theme. Perhaps they don’t understand waiting lists. For ex. in my country of residence you can have free catarct surgery, oh yes, but the waiting list is 2 years which is just what an 80 year old wants to hear. OR you can go private and have it done ‘next week or month’. And it is performed by the same doctor using the same facilities but it costs you alot of money. You can pay to see a doctor in his private clinic and it is the same doctor you’d see in the public facility. Just have to pay out of pocket for it. (But the personal attention is better and you are not just ‘one of the herd’.)

    Obamacare needs to die. If medical care is dictated by cost then what will happen? Will individuals be assigned a dollar value for their lives and when you use it up, your care is withheld and your forehead is stamped: Sorry, insufficient funds….

    • TexasFred says:

      An official complaint was filed every day I was in the hospital as my sugar readings steadily climbed into the DANGER range, this post is a lot more than an official complaint, it is intended to see if our Senators, Congressmen and the media have the BALLS to actually take on Obama and ObamaCare when irrefutable evidence is offered…

      I am not terribly optimistic…

      • abigail says:

        Fred, maybe it’s time to talk to a lawyer…

        In any case, no one in congress will do anything serious about obamacare until it impacts them or their families.
        I hold to the opinion that obama and company can’t wait for the older ones of us to die off, naturally or otherwise. We are the ones who remember America the way it was. We are the ones who are willing to stand up for her. When we are gone…so is history and the truth. O care helps obambi on his way to get rid of those who would dare him.

  10. Doc Roy says:

    Doggone, it’s good to have you back at home! Yeah, ObamaCare is for population control, not for the care of the population and you’ve run flat up against it. The oldsters of our society are feeling the pinch of the monster first as per the design of the “Law”. God help us! Fred, I’m sending you a book that you will find very interesting. It’s about how the Socialists took over the State of Colorado. Since Texas is now in the crosshairs of that group you will find the book essential reading. Take care Fred.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    My God! Fred what do they want to do kill people? I was diabetic, now my A1C is 6.0, still on Metformin and watching what I eat and exercising (techically I am now glucose intolerant - if that). Supposedly 6.0 is a normal reading. My readings range between 90-130 upon waking, most times between 104-114 - that is the stick method with your little reading machine. I consider myself blessed, but I never take the fact that diabetes can change in a heartbeat even when you do everything right.

    Obamacare wants to keep the healthy and slowly kill the sick, especially if you are over age 45. It is sickening because his idea of optimal health is euthanasia! I am sure with all his money he won’t have to deal with his own healthcare plan…lucky him. He is stench in my nostrils.

    I am not sure what Baylor was thinking, but in my experience, they were not and are not. So much for Obamacare - or should we call it the Obamacraper?

    I am back blogging. Just click on my name Fred and you will find The HILL Chronicles is back. Sorry I do not mean to “pimp it” here and am not trying to steal your readership, just wanted you to know since you used to enjoy my fodder.

    Take care of yourself and find another hospital!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    My real name is Elizabeth (Layla - just a name I wish I never picked up!)

  13. BobF says:

    Anyone who’s been in the military for any amount of time knows what Obamacare is going to be like. All I’ve known since I was 18, 58 now, is the military healthcare system. As far as I was concerned, it’s good system but that’s all I know. My wife, who works in healthcare, of 11 years has only known it for that long and doesn’t like it. Reason is you never see the same doctor all the time; she had the same doctor for years before we married. You’re constantly being shifted between different provider groups and can only see a doctor in your particular group unless they’re on Temporary Duty outside the hospital/clinic or Deployed. I’ve never thought this a big problem until the past couple years when I started having sever problems with my high blood pressure. I saw a doctor who actually did something to correct the problem but was transferred to another doctor for my Primary Care Provider and can no longer see that doctor who helped me. On my last visit, I saw a totally different doctor who detected a few things and had me go in for tests and wants me to follow up in 6 months. As I left that doctors office, he then let me know he was transferring to another base next week and won’t be here to read my tests results or see me in six months. He said, “if there are any problems with the tests, someone SHOULD notify you”. So, not hearing on the results of my tests, I’m able to access the results on-line which I then printed and had my wife, a lab technician, interpret them for me. Most likely you all would have had your doctors office call you on the results and take appropriate actions if necessary or put your mind at ease with a good report. That folks is what Obamacare is going to be like but only much worse.

  14. BaMoiBa says:

    Fred - good to see the fire in your belly again I wish it was under better circumstances.

    I’m type II and have been able to manage it with exercise and diet. I monitor with the “strips” and find it works for me. Some where some one noted that “we” diabetics know what works for us. What does a “protocol” know? We know (old folks) too much - about ourselves and what GOOD care was back in the day.

    I’m 60% service connected disabled (Vietnam) and have seen Obamacare up close and personal - it’s known in some circles av the VA. Bob F. has had the same experience and he speaks the truth. The system is a beast that has been turned into a staging area for medical professionals in-training for Obamacare. These folks mean well but the system is about numbers not care. Its funny that Bob F. noted the merry-go-round of physicians and it’s for a reason. The so called Affordable “CARE” Act is not about care at all - it’s about control. If those doctors seen a patient more than once it could be construed as CARE.

    They don’t want to go there.


  15. LD Jackson says:

    It was good to talk to you on the phone, Fred. Glad to see you are back in the saddle.

    Concerning the experience you had with Obamacare, let me say this. Every individual is different in the way they respond to medical treatment. Treating everyone with the same protocol is certain to come back and bite them hard. Someone is going to die. I wonder if they will even care?

  16. dekare says:

    How long before there is a “list” that will be checked to see if you get life-saving care or simply palative care? That list I’m referring to is of course, your political persuasion. Do you vote republican or democrat? Of course, no one will ever say or think this will happen, but I wouldn’t bet on it NOT being done sometime in the future if obama and ilk get their way.

  17. TopGun says:

    First, I wish people would stop putting the poser’s name before the word “Care” to describe this new [cough] heath care system. Acknowledging this pile of dung by using his last name is nauseating and places him at Martyr level.

    They tried to kill you Fred, just as the new system is intended to do for unproductive (retired, disabled, old and still breathing) citizens…KILL. You made it out still breathing…this time.

    Take care of yourself, and next time, have a relative stay with you round the clock and check your sugar, and medicate yourself as needed. They can’t stop you from bring your own from home, and using your own prescription medication. Just tell the nurse how much you used so they can put it on your chart. If they reject to you [saving your own life as needed] self-medicating, tell them to go to hell, and don’t hesitate to tell them also they are traitors to the country for attempting to kill you.

    Tyranny is inside the wire in America.

  18. Steve Dennis says:

    Glad to see you back and to hear you are okay! I don’t doubt for a moment that the changes in protocol were due to Obamacare and in fact I would bet on it. The sad part is that this is as good as it is going to get, it is all downhill from hear if we do not repeal or defund Obamacare.

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