Fears about fallout from GOP divide with tea party

Big Eagle 1Fears about fallout from GOP divide with tea party

FLETCHER, N.C. (AP) - Tea party activists, once unquestioned as a benefit to the Republican Party for supplying it with votes and energy, are now criticizing GOP leaders at seemingly every turn. SOURCE

We have all heard it said before; ‘America is in a lot of trouble’, and that my friends is the truth!

We have political troubles, we have money troubles, we have moral and spiritual troubles, and we have a government that threatens Americans if they denigrate Islam yet have no qualms about banning prayer, Christian prayer, in American classrooms.

We have schools, right here in America, that want to ban the pledge of allegiance, stop all Christian prayer before a sports event and take ALL reference to Christianity and Judaism OUT of American education.

We have a President that has said he will no longer wear an American flag lapel pin because it has become a substitute for “true patriotism” since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. NBC News

We have an American President that is not fit to hold the office and should have been the most easily defeated presidential candidate in U.S. history except for the fact that the American people have slipped into a malaise that has rendered them so apathetic that they voted for Barack Hussein Obama, not once, but twice, and all on the promise of FREE STUFF, Hope and Change and in all honesty, because he, Obama was the first Black President in U.S. history, was thought to be the one that would end all racial strife in America and was believed to be, by some, to be the Second Coming of Christ.

Well, it looks to me like Obama, the Democratic Party, Obama supporters and the FREE STUFF crowd has struck out on ALL counts.

We must face the facts too though; the responsibility for Obama’s infestation of the Oval Office isn’t ALL the blame of the Dems and the Obama bunch; much of that responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of Republican Party and the RNC for their incredibly weak offerings in the last two presidential races.

John McCain was a walking disaster right from the start; he bears the persona of an angry and confused old man that has stayed in office long past his usable shelf life. McCain is a total *wild card* and you can never count on him to be anything more than a RINO, a Republican In Name Only.

McCain was known then, as he is now, as someone that will attack the Dems on every point on one day and stand WITH the Dems on every point the next day. He is seen as a *flip-flopper* and a daft old bird.

The next sacrificial lamb was Mitt Romney.

I supported Romney, much more than I supported McCain, I saw Romney as a decent man, an honest man, one with great integrity and no chance of EVER having a personality and Obama trounced him as he did McCain.

Now we’re looking at the 2014 mid-term elections as they rapidly approach and the battle seems to be shaping up, not between the Dems and GOP but between the GOP and the TEA Party.

We all know that politicians make stupid statements from time to time, some more than others, but right here in Texas we have some TEA Party folks that are about as dumb as it gets.

One of my friends, a former Rowlett TEA Party activist, sent me this today: Freshman Tea Party Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) said he’ll vote to authorize military action against Syria if President Obama returns his Nobel Peace Prize. SOURCE

He then followed it up with this very brief remark: “Typical Tea Party nutcase…”

What can you say? The truth can cut deeply, and few words are necessary; some TEA Party people are notorious for making outlandish statements, backed by little or no facts, it’s just all about the way they *feel* at the moment. If that’s not true then please explain to me WHY Obama giving back his Nobel Prize would have ANY bearing on a vote to strike Syria.

And then there’s the local TEA Party activist in Garland, Katrina Pierson, that called a disabled Veteran *DEFORMED*. Pierson wants to challenge Pete Sessions for the TX-32 Congressional seat.

What all of this leads me to is this; America has got to wake up, we have got to stop electing destructive MORONS, RINOs and people that run their mouths with no thought to the consequences.

We hear a lot about American Exceptionalism, we need to see a return to that American Exceptionalism right about now, and a lot less of the exceptionally STUPID thoughts and statements that make up the base of ALL political parties of late!

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9 Responses to Fears about fallout from GOP divide with tea party

  1. DrummerXD says:

    America’s best and brightest have, in the majority, lost the motivation to serve their country. They look at what our government has become and think they want no part of that mess. This problem can be traced directly back to our schools and our churches. Patriotism is seen as a detriment to ones ambitions and is painted as something only a dumb redneck would espouse. Our churches have been steering clear of any political teachings while the Bible clearly tells us how we should be governed.
    As a side note: Isn’t it amazing that the progressives make full use of the churches that their base attend, while conservative churches are scared to say anything. God can’t be happy about that.

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    McCain is indicating that he “might retire.” That would be one of the BEST things to happen to the GOP. Get OUT, McCain. You’ve done “enough.”

    And who is that IDIOT Stockman? He’ll vote to invade Syria on the heels of no-to-stupid information in “exchange” for Obama giving back his Nobel Prize? Who the fuck CARES if Obaga gives back his Nobel Prize, you moron? That you want to send a few missiles into Syria because Obaka says so is INFANTILE.

    Again, so TYPICAL of most of the GOP idiots these days.

    Again, why I do NOT donate to the GOP or RNC, but to specific candidates.


  3. BobF says:

    As usual Fred…spot on target.

  4. Wayne says:

    As with anything ploitics related, it becomes vulnerable to groups, groups that would see an opportunity for some fame and fortuine. The idea that standing shoulder to shoulder against a government gone awry, got me and the wife excited that maybe we the people could band together and forment change. The two party system sucks and I would like to see a credible challenger to repubs. and dems. My wife and I are Tea Party Patriots at heart, the idea being, we the people are the Soverign. Fred, as with the repubs and dems, there are insincere people in every crowd, people who care not for the country, but for personal gain. I give you Marco Rubio.

    • TexasFred says:

      Wayne, I was one of the founding members and Vice President of the Rowlett TEA Party, I severed ALL ties with them and with the national group… I cannot and will not stand with a *rabble*… The TEA Party is, for all purposes and intents, a loosely organized rabble, you can’t call a leaderless bunch an organized group..

      IF, and it is a HUGE IF, but IF the TEA Party ever gets its shit together they CAN be a force to be reckoned with but that will NOT happen until such time as they learn that yes, leadership IS needed, real organization IS needed and that it’s a lot more than a few old ladies taking a day off from the rest home to hang out with their Ron Paul supporting contemporaries…

      Where the TEA Party hasn’t been co-opted by the GOP it has been over-run by Ron Paul retards… The strength WAS there but I don’t see it any longer, and that is why so many of us walked away… And so you know, I walked away after the THIRD rebirth of the TEA Party here, each having morphed into something worse than its predecessor…

  5. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Wayne: I submit that Marco Rubio is not someone with which you wish “to give.”

    Further, you need to clean up your language and syntax here. You need to prove you are not the product of a current public school, as you so currently display.


  6. Charles Phipps says:

    Part of the problem as I see it is the people who would be the best choices to have in leadership positions in our country do not want to subject themselves and their families to the onslaught of hateful and sometimes downright evil attacks which they would have to endure. The Democrats, the media and all the leftist groups in this country would make it their mission to completely destroy such people and history has shown us that they are very good at it.

    I cannot blame anyone who chooses to not take part in the war of politics. It’s a travesty that we’ve reached the point in this country when good men and women stay away from public service in order to protect themselves and their families. I’ve read on many occasions that the best people to lead our country are smart enough to stay away from elected offices. I cannot help but think there’s some truth to that.

  7. Wayne says:

    To BZ: Your sarcasm is appreciated.

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