UPDATED: Cruz supporter apologizes for calling disabled vet, a Dewhurst backer, ‘deformed’

UPDATED: Cruz supporter apologizes for calling disabled vet, a Dewhurst backer, ‘deformed’

UPDATED 7:13 a.m., June 13: James Bernsen, spokesman for Ted Cruz’s Senate campaign, issued this statement late Tuesday:

“This was a poor choice of words and Katrina Pierson, who is an unpaid Tea Party leader and single mom, has appropriately apologized. As an Iraq War Veteran, I can tell you unequivocally that Ted Cruz respects Dan Moran’s service and that of every veteran.”

ORIGINAL POST: A conservative activist from Garland who appeared in GOP Senate hopeful Ted Cruz’s first TV spot called a decorated, wounded military veteran “deformed” in a comment on Twitter on Saturday.

Katrina Pierson also protested that Cruz rival David Dewhurst was exploiting medically retired Marine Capt. Daniel P. “Dan” Moran of Cypress, by featuring him in the lieutenant governor’s introductory video at the state Republican convention in Fort Worth.

“David Dewhurst exploits deformed disabled vet in intro video,” Pierson wrote. “So sad.”

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UPDATED: Cruz supporter apologizes for calling disabled vet, a Dewhurst backer, ‘deformed’

Supposedly, “It was simply a poor word choice,” according to Pierson. A poor choice of words? Oh c’mon Katrina, lets call it what it REALLY was, SHEER STUPIDITY!

If Dan Moran is willing to accept your FORCED apology, OK, that is HIS decision. As for me, I am of the opinion that you are what I like to call *a basic moron*, one that has NO business making public statements.

You are entitled to your opinion of the Dewhurst video, personally, I do NOT believe it to be in *bad taste*, and I can only wonder what kind of anti-military feelings you secretly harbor. Is your support of Ted Cruz SO STRONG that you would thoughtlessly denigrate a combat veteran that was forever changed because he did his duty and served this nation as he was ORDERED to do?

“Katrina Pierson, who is an unpaid Tea Party leader”, here we go again with the TEA Party thing.

The TEA Party is supporting Ted Cruz, and that is, in MY not so damned humble opinion, one of the most hypocritical moves that the TEA Party could make.

Once in a while these posts get some great comments on the Dallas Morning News, this is one of them:

Scott Phillips • Top Commenter • Texas El Paso
Mr. Cruz was not born in the U.S. He was born in Canada. Further his father fought *for* Fidel Castro in the Cuban revolution.

If Cruz were running as a Democrat, these same Tea Party activists would be all over him as a foreigner with Communist roots. They would be questioning his loyalty as an American and slinging all the “pro-Castro” mud they could.

To which I responded:

Fred Witzell • Top Commenter •
Excellent point, and as a former TEA Party official I have taken Cruz to task over that exact same thing! I don’t care what party he runs under, the truth is the truth, and the TEA Party has gone so far out into the ozone, I don’t believe they can see the hypocrisy of their guy Cruz!

I say, in all honesty, I have never been so incredibly disappointed with ANY organization as I am with the TEA Party and their incredible hypocrisy. Every word typed by Scott Phillips in that particular comment is 100% correct; if Cruz were running as a Democrat the TEA Party would do everything in its power to vilify him.

I doubt that the words of Katrina Pierson will cost Ted Cruz an election, but she certainly didn’t help his cause with such a thoughtless commentary.

Were Pierson’s words a reflection of Ted Cruz and his beliefs? I personally have NO idea, one way or the other, but I have to say, the Cruz campaign got involved in throwing a *lid* on Pierson’s stupid comment in a big hurry. Was that *lid* put in place because Pierson was so foolish as to say this, or was it done to deflect ANY blame from Ted Cruz? One can only suppose.

Oh, one other thing; the part about Ted Cruz being Canadian born and his father having fought *FOR* Castro, I covered that here: It’s Political Season here in Texas. I may be a lot of things, but I am NOT a *blind* supporter of Ted Cruz, or any other candidate, I DO my research and I look for ALL the facts, not just the ones that fit MY beliefs.

And I am NOT a hypocrite, I went after Cruz because of the stated FACTS regarding his birthplace and his fathers former allegiance to Fidel Castro even though Cruz IS running as a Republican. God help him if he was a Democrat.

I am supporting Lt. Governor David Dewhurst for the U.S. Senate seat from Texas. I am supporting the AMERICAN, I am supporting the TEXAS born and bred candidate!

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