Lawmakers feeling heat from government shutdown

Lawmakers feeling heat from government shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP) - Lawmakers locked in a political stare-down Wednesday were buffeted by rising anger from across the nation about a partial government shutdown that ruined vacations, sapped businesses and closed military cemeteries as far away as France. Some on Capitol Hill ominously suggested the impasse might last for weeks, but a few Republicans seemed ready to blink.

Republican Rep. Peter King of New York accused tea party-backed lawmakers of trying to “hijack the party” and said he senses that a growing number of rank-and-file House Republicans - perhaps as many as a hundred - are tired of the shutdown that began Tuesday morning.

GOP lawmakers will be in meetings Wednesday to look for a way out, King said.

But GOP leaders and tea party-backed members seemed determined to press on. SOURCE

First and foremost I must say; there are NO Republicans that are *ready to blink*.

There may be some RINOs that are ready to blink, Republicans In Name Only, but REAL Republicans, true Conservatives that will be standing their ground, working diligently to open some parts of the government while at the same time, working to KILL this debacle called Obamacare, WILL NOT BLINK.

No More RINOs 2

There’s something else that I have made pretty obvious in recent times and that is the fact that I have very little use for the TEA Party.

Tea-Party-MovementNow I may be misdirecting my frustrations against the TEA Party due to the miserable failure it was right here in Rowlett, TX., maybe not; I have seen all kinds of ridiculous TEA Party advice from too many that are/were thought to be TEA Party leaders, then I hear others say, “We have NO leaders, we’re all leaders”, and that is a CROCK my friends.

Have you ever heard the expression *Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians*?

OK, I know, I’m not politically correct, I know it’s not *Indians* or *American Indians* any longer, I know it’s supposed to be something more proper, more correct or more polite, like *Native Americans* or *Indigenous People* or *Aboriginal People* but hey, work with me here for the sake of argument.

The case of *Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians* has been an anchor that has hung around the necks of TEA Party members for far too long.

No group or organization can survive, much less grow and succeed with NO leadership, and I don’t mean benevolent leadership, I mean REAL leadership where REAL leaders emerge and take the TEA Party to the position it was meant to achieve with its inception.

The TEA Party is basically a *nice bunch of people that believe in civil discourse*, and not much more.

Case in point; look at the name the Mainstream Media uses for the TEA Party … the tea party. The TEA Party encourages that *tea* thing too; look at the logo I used, I got that directly from a TEA Party site.

That is a minor point to some I suppose but this fact remains, a *tea party* is something that children hold, it’s what a tea set was invented for. A *tea party* is something that little old ladies hold for their friends in *The Home* and they serve tea cakes and crumpets.

The TEA Party being called *the tea party* by the Mainstream Media, and allowing it to go unchallenged, is a denigration to the TEA Party and everyone that fought to get it off the ground in the first place.

It’s not about a cup of tea, it’s all about Taxed Enough Already, that is TEA and it’s an acronym, or that’s what it’s supposed to be. If TEA Party leaders can’t stand for their own name how in the hell can they be expected to actually stand and FIGHT for America?

Some people in the TEA Party actually DO have a lot of good things to say, they have some good ideas and those ideas, in many cases, should be implemented and made into LAW. Then they turn around and say or do something terribly stupid and remove much, if not ALL of their credibility.

As for me and a few others that were involved with the original TEA Party and the 2 or 3 subsequent rebirths OF the TEA Party locally, all of which have so far failed miserably, I wish the Mainstream Media would forget the TEA Party.

I want to see a REAL, Conservative Party emerge, one that has LEADERS, one that has a real sense of direction and purpose, one that can take the Democrats and the GOP, now referred to as *Dem Lite*, to the woodshed.

That last statement scares far too many people, “Oh My GOD, Fred just suggested a 3rd Party!”

No, not really, we have the Dems and Dem Lite, a slightly softer version of the Democrats, we only have, in truth, two political parties. I believe that a real, cogent, responsible and forceful Conservative Party would be the new 2nd party of the two party system.

It’s YOUR call America!

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6 Responses to Lawmakers feeling heat from government shutdown

  1. dekare says:

    Here’s a damn good point. When al-qaeda terroists in benghazi attaked out embassy and killed our ambassador and our soldiers, obama didn’t lift a finger and did nothing. However, when our veterans tried to visit their memorial in DC, obama rushed to set up barricades and send armed guards to keep them out under threat of force and arrest.

    Just who does president stompy feet love more? Our soldiers or muslim terrorists? It seems that he is fine with our soldiers and veterans being killed and kept from visiting their memorial before they die. All the while, telling the world how the most beautiful sound ever heard is the muslim call to prayer.

    Of course, if obama was totally honest, he would admit that for him, the sound of an American soldier gurgling on his own blood while dying, is music to his ears.

  2. BARR says:

    Comrade Obama’s ‘barrycades’ can’t stop WWII vets

    Dozens of Mississippi vets moved barricades aside so they would be able to visit the site that honors their own accomplishments, and their fallen fellow soldiers.

    The veterans were visiting the memorial as part of Honor Flight, a non-profit group that provides veterans free transport to the nation’s capital to visit the memorials to the wars they fought in.

    The report said they had an accessory, “Apparently Rep. Steve King helped distract a park police officer while the vets tore down the fences keeping them from their memorial visit.”

    Also, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn arrived at the scene after receiving panicked emails about the closure and cut the police tape to let veterans inside.

    Veterans Cross Obama Barricades to get into the World War II Memorial

    WATCH Veterans Cross Barricades To Get Into World War II Memorial

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    It’s amusing how the American Media Maggots demonize the TEA Party; the TEA Party does this, the TEA Party does that, the TEA Party has a stranglehold on every Republican and is responsible for sunspots and tidal pull as well.

    As you point out: how interesting. There is NO LEADER to the so-called “TEA Party.”


  4. J. D. Longstreet says:

    I like the idea of a new “second party.” The GOP cannot continue split apart as it is.

    Admittedly, it’s only my opinion, but it seems to me the TEA Party has gone about as far as it can until it decides to hold a national convention and elect a complete set of leaders and become, in fact, a political party. On the other hand, that may well spell their doom as there is such a diversity of opinions within the movement. It may well be one of those rare cases where a strength is, indeed, a weakness.

    I’d like, very much, to be a member of a political party of like-minded conservatives.


  5. wayne says:

    I read your other post first Fred, and I want to point out one thing too many people gloss over. I understand the term “leadership” but when it comes to political discourse, I prefer the term “representative”. The progressives love the term leaders as they would like to think of us sheep as needing to be led somewhere as opposed to being able to make our own decisions regarding our life choices. Listen to the progressives and note thier subtelties.

  6. BARR says:

    “During the course of my presidency I have bent over backwards to work with the Republican Party and have purposely kept my rhetoric down.”
    Ba-crock Obame-o

    Pathological liar?


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