Glenn Beck Irate Over Leaked Boehner Office Emails: ‘Defund the GOP’

Glenn Beck Irate Over Leaked Boehner Office Emails: ‘Defund the GOP’

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck was incensed Wednesday over reports of leaked emails that indicated House Speaker John Boehner coordinated with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to exempt Congress from Obamacare.

“This is John Boehner. This is your speaker of the House … this is exactly what we’ve been saying they are doing,” Beck said with disgust on radio. “They are making special deals behind closed doors. They are one part and parcel with the Democratic Party. They are in bed with them and they are lying to you.”

Read this story from The Blaze and see the blog post I made earlier today. It appears that many of us in the Conservative camp are seriously like-minded in what we think of the GOP and RINOs.

John Boehner and John McCain are the epitome of RINOism and all that it encompasses.

Beck urged his audience to call the Republican Party and say they won’t contribute “another cent” to the party at large.

“Individual politicians, you bet,” he added. “But here’s how you do it. You go find people like (Texas Congressman) Louie Gohmert. There’s no reason why we have somebody like (Texas Sen.) John Cornyn. No reason why we have him in Texas. None…This next election needs to be the last election for these kind of people. They all need to be kicked out.”

I have a great and wonderful friend that blogs under the nom de plume Bloviating Zeppelin. That of course is NOT his real name, I can’t and won’t divulge it either, but I have to encourage you to read his blog. BZ has advocated for at least 8 or so years now, that I am aware of, “I won’t contribute another penny to the GOP; I’ll support individual candidates if I feel them worthy but not one penny to the GOP itself!”

Funny that Beck should mention John Cornyn, saying, “There’s no reason why we have somebody like (Texas Sen.) John Cornyn. No reason why we have him in Texas. None…”

I have been saying for quite a long time now that Cornyn was also a fine example of the RINO. It’s kind of funny actually; all of a sudden Glenn Beck is espousing a few things that people like BZ and myself have been hammering our readers with for a long time.

Maybe Glenn Beck reads our blogs? Hey, it *could* happen … in some alternate universe … maybe.

Beck said he wants to make it “very, very clear” that he is not a Republican, and went so far as to urge his audience to use the Twitter hashtag #DefundtheGOP.

Not an altogether bad idea in MY opinion, defund the GOP. As I said in the previous post; “I want to see a REAL, Conservative Party emerge, one that has LEADERS, one that has a real sense of direction and purpose, one that can take the Democrats and the GOP, now referred to as *Dem Lite*, to the woodshed.”

I need to add this one other item to the *I want* list; a party that SHOOTS RINOs as opposed to letting them breed indiscriminately.

“Tea Party, they have said that you are just a GOP shill. They also say that you are nothing but anarchists. I tell you now, I am neither of those,” Beck declared. “I am for hope and change. I am for transparency. I am for somebody saying what they actually mean. I’m saying I am for somebody going to Washington and fighting against this system in their own party, and across the aisle and linking arms with anyone on any side that wants the same.”

And once again I wonder, is Beck reading this blog?

Personally, I don’t give a damn what the TEA Party thinks, I believe them to be a *weak sister* at best, but as Beck says, I will stand with the righteous, the brave, the VOCAL, those unafraid to speak the truth and not fall into the trap that D.C. lays for all who enter; *the public trough* that feeds millions of dollars to those that can’t resist the partisan politics, one world government and corruption.

Please read the other post I made today, Lawmakers feeling heat from government shutdown, made quite a bit earlier than this one made by The Blaze, and note the similarities.

Maybe Glenn Beck and I have a lot more in common than I once thought! What with great minds being great minds and all.

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7 Responses to Glenn Beck Irate Over Leaked Boehner Office Emails: ‘Defund the GOP’

  1. wayne says:

    Fred, I got hooked on GB a long time ago. Hard to beleive he was ever on cnn. I know your disdain for the TEA party patriots, but the fact remains that we the people seem to think alike……. Great minds?

  2. Patrick Sperry says:

    I’ve been preaching give to individuals for so long it’s pathetic… Clear back when I was active in Libertarian politics, and they ran a creep that didn’t believe in the Second Amendment.

    Go figure!

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    And I suspect we all have more in common with Glenn Beck than we thought. He went astray for a while. I’m not an overtly religious man; I keep my faith to myself and I do not proselytize. Beck went over the cliff with religion for a time; good for him, I suppose. That said, his strength is politics and I am very certain that he is a Conservative.

    And so am I. And so is Texas Fred. Not Republicans, not members of the GOP. But actual Conservatives in terms of being fiscal, military and governmental Conservatives.

    I was a registered Demorat. I changed my affiliation in 1980 to Republican. I changed my affiliation last year to Independent. Because I am DONE with the GOP. Many of them, McCain in particular, simply need to disappear or be truthful and change their (R) to a (D).

    There’s a lot to be said for honesty. Mr McCain is as dishonest as the day is long.

    Let’s hear it for fighters like Texas Fred.


  4. LD Jackson says:

    I believe it is time we all stood up for the Conservatives in Congress, not the Republicans.

  5. mrchuck says:

    I am a hard ass Conservative, and don’t tell me I am not.

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