How I came to be a Republican

How I came to be a Republican

I was born in of Shreveport, LA. in 1953.

When I was 6 months old my parents moved to Odessa, Texas and the mold was set, I have been a Texan, at least in my heart and mind, for all of my life, and as the saying goes; Texas is a State of Mind.

I have lived in Texas, uninterrupted, for the last 32 years and the good Lord willing I am planning to live out the rest of my life in Texas.

My folks got into the oilfield business in early 1954 and as is so common in the business, we were all over Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Louisiana when I was a child. If you worked in the oilfield you went where the work was, but Texas is, and always will be my first love and my home.

When we weren’t living in Texas I was being raised in the South during the 50′s, 60′s and early 70′s and that political setting was a huge factor in the development of my political, moral, ethical and racial views.

In the South, in the days of my youth, you were a By God Democrat and you had no use for that bunch of *crooks* of the Republican Party.

You didn’t listen to any of that guff from Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R) when he tried to tell the American public that the Democratic Party and the U.S. government were seriously infiltrated by Communists and far Left Liberals.

I have vivid memories of Mississippi in the late 1950’s and all of the happenings that were going on at the time. A lot of ignorant people were doing some seriously nasty things in the name of *purity* and the Democratic Party was at the heart of most of it.

I remember the assassination of JFK. I remember my mother reacting as if a member of the family had been killed. I KNOW that Kennedy was a Democrat but to my mother he was exactly what America needed; a young, White, Catholic Democrat that had some brilliant ideas, at least that was her thoughts.

I also know that by the standards of today’s political atmosphere, John F. Kennedy would be considered as a moderate Conservative.

I have terribly clear memories of LBJ and his brand of *closet racism*, although it was not really that well hidden.

The media just didn’t broadcast things like that back in the 1960’s, and they knew, but never said a word about the wild lives that the Kennedy brothers were living.

I was in high school when Richard Nixon was elected President and he was the first GOP President I had any real thoughts about or memories of, I was too young and not at all politically motivated when Eisenhower was in the White House.

We suffered through Caspar Milquetoast, aka Gerald Ford, we survived Jimmy Carter as we all prayed that something better would come along. To be quite honest with you, Carter was a walking disaster and most of America felt that he was the worst POTUS to ever hold office. He managed to keep that title for quite a while too.

Then came the Immaculate Conversion; Ronald Wilson Reagan was elected POTUS and a whole new wave of Americanism, hope, faith and good will came into play.

The Reagan Conservatives were born and I became a member of the Republican Party.

President Reagan set the example of what it meant to be a Republican and he led the way as only a man of his beliefs and stature could do. Reagan made America great again.

Once Reagan was out of office we got George H.W. Bush; a decent man, not evil, not a threat to every American buy he was basically another version of Casper Milquetoast.

When Bill Clinton got elected POTUS the USA was on a highway to hell, and driving in the fast lane. Clinton did more to destroy American morals than any other POTUS in my opinion. I’m sure he wasn’t the first POTUS to *carouse* in the White House but he sure did make a lot of headlines for it, the *media* wasn’t a closed-mouth as they had been in the past and I remained a staunch GOP member throughout.

Enter George W. Bush; I was so hoping that he would be a forceful and effective POTUS and I seriously wanted to like him but I just wasn’t convinced. Then the attacks of 9-11 occurred and I had a new-found sense of respect for the man.

I was 100% behind his announcement that we were going to Afghanistan and take out the mastermind of the attacks, Osama bin Laden, then, for reasons known only to GWB, he took the focus OFF of Afghanistan and sent the U.S. military, in force, into Iraq on what I have always believed to be a bogus mission.

Along about that time I believed that I needed to be more of an Independent than a GOP member even though I still supported GOP candidates on 99% of their actions and in their elections. That said; I saw a dangerous shift taking place within the GOP.

Then the GOP ran John McCain against Barack Hussein Obama and I was starting to wonder if the hierarchy of the GOP had lost their minds, and as luck would have it, Obama won and once again America was on a highway to hell.

The TEA Party was formed in February 2009. I heard about it and sort of blew it off as a *feel good* movement right up until one of my daughters told me that she had gone to a rally and that she was really impressed with what they had to say and that she thought I should give them another look.

So, I did, and I got involved with the TEA Party and supported their beliefs to uphold the U.S. Constitution, bring about Limited Government, demand fiscal Responsibility and to insure that America was involved in Free Markets, all bold, noble and worthy ideas. I continued to support the TEA Party right up to the time that I found out that the TEA Party, at least in MY part of the world, was nothing more than a support platform for Ron Paul.

The reason I finally cut my ties with the TEA Party was their propensity to run candidates for political office that were *hard-core* Libertarians. These Libertarians couldn’t get elected AS Libertarians, so they ran them on a GOP ticket. Faux Republicans.

Now, most of the TEA Party candidates (Libertarians) are being soundly defeated, a prime example is the re-election of Rep. Pete Sessions over a TEA Party candidate that has NO business seeing the Hallowed Halls on anything other than a visitors pass.

When the GOP ran the weakest string of candidates imaginable in 2012, with Mitt Romney at the forefront, running against Obama, and losing, I was totally disgusted with the leadership of the GOP, the hierarchy of the party and it was then that I decided to get *loud and proud* as we said *down South*, and I have taken on a campaign to get the RINOs and faux Republicans OUT of the House and Senate and to hopefully affect some change in the top leadership of the GOP.

Is the GOP perfect? Certainly not, but I returned to the GOP because I believe that they are the only hope Americans have if we intend to remain a free nation, but I will offer a few words of caution to the GOP; in the elections of 2016, if you run the same kind of ridiculous ticket like you did 2008 and 2012 you are only setting the GOP up to lose, and in the process, America will lose as well.

NO MORE RINOs, select candidates that are CONSERVATIVE GOP members and not some idiot that wants to please everyone they meet. Forget the all-inclusive *Big Tent* policy that the GOP has become so well known for and take a laser focus on defeating the Democrats.

Don’t let the fake Republicans ruin the chances for the GOP to hold the House, retake the Senate and the White House and thus control the Supreme Court. That *court control* thing might be the most important task the GOP has at hand because if the Dems retain power we’re going to have a LIBERAL dominated SCOTUS. Then all we can do is pray.

Stop the GOP infighting, we MUST promote the best of the best, no more Libertarians posing as Conservative GOP members, no more Casper Milquetoast, no more RINOs, no more FAKE Republicans! Remember, America 1st!

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8 Responses to How I came to be a Republican

  1. Alan Caruba says:

    Your history of conversion to conservatism and becoming a Republican is reflected in a great new book, “Takeover”, by Richard Viguerie, the master of direct mail who played such an important role in revigorating conservatism in politics for the past decades dating back to Reagan and earlier. Fred, you will enjoy it and so will anyone else wanting an excellent and entertaining history lesson of politics since the days of Eisenhower and the Republican Party establishment who were, in Truman’s words, “dime store Democrats.”

  2. Kiril Kundurazieff says:

    A great, and interesting, essay, my friend.

    My Mom was a Democrat, but when I registered to vote, as Democrat in 1978, I eventually ended up becoming a Reagan Democrat by 1980…
    Even as I read such mags as The Nation, The Progressive and others, I also found myself reading National Review and other Conservative mags.
    I voted for Bush 1 and Clinton…pissed off with Bill & his peckerdillos I went for Bush 2 as I became more Conservative, eventually switching parties when I voted for Ahnold for CA. Guv (he was a huge boo boo).

    Believe it or not, even as I listened to NPR & Michael Jackson I fell in love with El Rushbo in 1991, soon leaving Left Talk behind entirely. :-D

  3. Wayne says:

    What a surprise. I thought you were my age but I have 6+ years on you. You put a lot of my thoughts into this great post. When I was a sophmore in HS I came home to my neighborhood and all the moms were outside talking about JFK’s death and I was surprised to see the TV coverage on all 7 stations. To get back to Reagan, in ’73, Z Brezinski and D Rockefeller started the Trilateral Commission to separate it from the Counsel on Foreign Relations and GOT Carter elected in ’76. Bush 41, Clinton, Cheney are members of the TC. If you do a little Google search on the TC, you will find a list of the distinguished members of this org. They are the one world order guys and gals who would see the country cede soverignty to the UN. Voter fraud is definitely in play in my opinion. This is why people see very little difference between the D and R parties. I too vote conservative republican but might have voted for Kennedy if I was old enough to vote at the time(21). My thoughts are a little disorganized tonite, but I hope you get my point.

  4. Capt Ron says:

    I stand as a Conservative, wanting government according as outlined in the Constitution. I generally vote Republican having grown up in a family of old school Democrats. I know there are some conservative Democrats, but they aren’t very vocal about it. I served in the Navy under President Reagan and began paying attention to a lot of things I didn’t so much in my youth. I saw in President Reagan how a man with strong conservative principles can get a lot of things done correctly, and how he can motivate a country. He won even with the Republican machine being against him. We are ready for another of his type to lead again, and it can be done. This individual is out there, we have to find him or her, bring them forward and raise them to the Office.

  5. Robert says:

    Well Fred, we rarely disagree on much and as much as I’d like to agree with your take on the GOP I can’t. The GOP left me, but it doesn’t matter. I’m in CA and this state has gone full on Liberal extremist Democrat. There’s hope but the hope isn’t from “White people that are still here” its going to come when there’s no other party representative left to blame.

    I will vote in the elections, but when Moonbeam was re-elected, when Elizabeth Emkin was defeated without so much as a debate, its over here. I can’t do anything else except help the democrats get what they want here. In CA the only hope is that reality forces inward thought. When the state/fed money dries up, when chaos and anarchy become front page news for more than a day or two, perhaps an awakening can happen.

    The GOP here in CA regards McCain as a conservative. That alone should tell you why I support the tea party here.

    • Bloviating Zeppelin says:

      I too live in Occupied Fornicalia. I was also, first, a registered Demorat in my collegiate years. Becoming a LEO changed that. Two other things changed me: Reagan and Limbaugh — both gave me and Conservatives an actual voice. Since then, as with Robert, the GOP left me; I didn’t leave them. I am now a registered Independent but an actual Conservative.


    • TexasFred says:

      Rob, we don’t disagree, it’s just that YOU are in Califuckyou and they have turned on the *mind disruption device*… And since you HAVE a mind it’s hitting you particularly hard…

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