War on the U.S./Mexican Border

War on the U.S./Mexican Border

Mexican Helicopter

Mexican Helicopter Crosses U.S. Border, Fires on Border Patrol

A Mexican helicopter that crossed into Arizona and fired on US border agents on Thursday appears to have done so accidentally, a US government official told NBC News.

In a brief statement, Customs and Border Protection said that a Mexican helicopter crossed approximately 100 yards north into Arizona on Thursday morning. Two shots were fired from the helicopter, which was on a law enforcement operation.

The official described the rounds as “warning shots,” and said they were fired at two border agents sitting in an unmarked car. When the Mexicans realized what happened, they landed the helicopter and apologized profusely.

No injuries were reported. The incident is under investigation.

US and Mexican border authorities have been working on operations to stem human trafficking, the official said. SOURCE

So, what is everyone so upset over? They said it was an accident, they only fired 2 shots and then after they realized what they had done they landed and apologized profusely.

Sheesh, some people just can’t accept an apology, I mean, it wasn’t like an Act of War or anything, no one was hit by gunfire, it’s not like the sovereignty of the United States was violated or anything. And you know they left a gift basket with tequila and burritos.

If this had been a hostile incursion the most caring POTUS in history, our benevolent leader, Barack Hussein Obama would have told us that the Mexicans had just invaded our nation and fired on our Border Patrol agents and so forth, right? He would have stood and faced these *alleged invaders* down and immediately sent attack helicopters and fighter jets to the border and followed up by bringing the power of the United States military to bear on the border if we REALLY needed to be protected from the Mexicans.

Wouldn’t he?

Well hell no, he wouldn’t, and anyone with more than 6 working brain cells knows it.

Let me get back to serious writing here; there have been many incursions into the United States by the Mexican military, and not all of them were made under the reign of King Obama.

This is from 2006:

WASHINGTON — Armed men in Mexican military uniforms have illegally crossed into the United States to provide cover for drug smugglers, and have fired upon U.S. Border Patrol agents on several occasions, a congressional panel was told Tuesday. SOURCE 

This is from 2014 :

Mexican Military Incursions into US ‘Not Rare’.

Cartel connection? Senator presses agency on ‘Mexican military’ incursion into US.

DHS Covers Up Another Mexican Military Incursion Into U.S..

This is from 2013:

Mexican Military Incursion – AGAIN.

From 2007:

Watch the video. Mexican Military Incursion into U.S. - YouTube.

From 2010:

Mexican military copter over U.S. neighborhood - San Antonio Express-News.

I could go on and on posting links that document Mexican incursions, INVASIONS, but this link covers it much better; See How Many Illegal Border Incursions Into U.S By Mexican Police | The Federalist Papers.

Make NO mistake my friends, we ARE at war on the Southern Border. The Obama regime won’t say that we’re at war, they would rather focus on flooding the nation with ILLEGAL children in an effort to tug at the heart strings of the bleeding hearts, or they are too in the process of trying to get $500 MILLION dollars to use to train and equip Syrian rebels.

The current and on-going conflict along the border appears to be of no concern to Obama, but that comes as no surprise does it?

Texas has stood and fought against Mexico since 1849 and it’s seriously starting to look like we may be doing it again as Perry orders DPS to begin law enforcement surge at border.

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9 Responses to War on the U.S./Mexican Border

  1. Miss Beth says:

    At least your governor has a set. Here in Arizona, we have wimpy Jan who “toured the facility” with Jeh Johnson and then started a “petition”. What the hell good is a petition going to do? I want Sheriff Joe and his posse on the border! Not to mention the freaking bleeding hearts who are donating rooms, beds, clothes-all that stuff-for the “women and children”-including the interfaith counsel, with all our religious leaders. I told our Bishop to keep his damned nose out of politics, but nooooooooooooo……

    And, in the meantime-what about our OWN homeless, what about OUR vets, what about OUR OWN CITIZENS?

    God I just want to puke.

  2. Gary says:

    Here’s a question:
    What were the warning shots for if the agents were sitting in an unmatked sedan?
    I mean, if they were doing something questionable like shoving a bunch of mexicans in the trunk, well,,, okay, maybe.

    No, these ass holes are testing the resolve of the US, typical to islamic terrorists before a major offensive… Think TET offendive also

    Our girly-man president hasn’t a hair on his sack if he chooses to ignore this incident.

  3. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    I just wonder how many muslim terrorists have waltzed across our perferated honeycombed raggedy unprotected border in the last 50 years. How many agents of foreign enemies from Russia to China to Cuba have crossed that border. I don’t know if any president since Eisenhower has been serious about our border, illegal aliens and terrorists and the various weaponary(CBR-chemical, biological, radiological) they may have brought with them.

    I think the classic response was GW Bush’s when he was questioned about border security. He got the deer in the headlights look and stuttered, “but they take jobs Americans won’t do”. He was clueless. Our present leader looks at a porous border as one more weapon in his arsenal to destroy America.

    The border issue is just one of many issues in which we find out our leaders of both parties have screwed the American citizen royally. Gitt’n close to revolution time.

  4. John Graves says:

    Hell Fire missles as a parting gift from Texas

  5. Wayne says:

    Again and again we see our own government testing the resolve of WE THE PEOPLE. The Mexican government is in collaboration with the progressives in our government. pelousy assessed the border situation and declared “we are all americans”. This is an example of the treasonous shit that are elected to represent the american citizen. As a country I feel defeat, as an individual I am inspired to do what I can to reverse the trend to stateism. I just don’t know where to start. If the gov’t. shuts down the internet, we will know the beginning of the end is here.

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