Clay Jenkins announces plan for county to house up to 2,000 illegals

Clay Jenkins announces plan for county to house up to 2,000 illegals

Clay Jenkins 2Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Saturday that the county would house and care for hundreds of unaccompanied children in the country illegally from Central American and Mexico.

Jenkins told delegates at the Texas Democratic Convention that the federal government would pick up the cost for the effort, which would be centered in Dallas and another city inside the county.

The unaccompanied minors could start arriving here at the end of July, Jenkins said.

“My hope is that when Dallas County steps up, the state and others will step up as well,” Jenkins said in a news conference after his convention speech. SOURCE

That’s some marvelous rationale on the part of Judge Clay Jenkins, he told delegates at the Texas Democratic Convention that the federal government would pick up the cost for the effort.

So, the feds are paying for it? Where does Jenkins think the Feds get their money? I have never liked Clay Jenkins very much but now I like him even less, you see, I knew he was a bleeding heart Liberal but I had no idea that he was a total MORON too.

Jenkins said Dallas and the unnamed city would each house up to 1,000 children. He did not say which facilities would be used for the kids, except that they could be in the form of unoccupied schools, hospitals or large buildings.

Though the plan does not have to be approved by the commissioners court, Jenkins said there would be community meetings. He added that Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings was on board.

For those of you not from Texas or the DFW area; the City of Dallas is about as *blue* as it can get, not quite as bad as Houston or Austin, but very close. Dallas Texas is owned by the Democratic Party and if you read the comments on the original story you’ll realize that this story fully illustrates, they are over-run with bleeding heart Liberals.

Dallas County is an altogether different matter. Most Dallas suburbs are RED, in some cases, VERY RED. Dallas County is a Conservative Republican county and that’s a good thing, you see, the entire Texas border with Mexico is under Democratic control and that, when coupled with the idea that all the big cities in Texas being under Dem control doesn’t bode well for the future of Texas.

In most areas of Texas the GOP and Conservative see this idea of housing and caring for a few thousand illegals, even if they are children, as an effort by the Democrats to increase their potential voter rolls in a few years.

Texas Democrats are hoping that Barack Hussein Obama will use his *magic pen* to sign an Executive Order declaring full amnesty for ALL illegals while opening up a path for instant citizenship.

It appears that the Democrats are planning a long-term strategy that will incorporate giving these *New Citizens* the proper motivation necessary to make them vote for Dems in an effort to express their gratitude for being allowed to stay in the USA and for their U.S. citizenship.

The county, according to Jenkins, would have a contract to house the children for 120 days. Depending on the state of the crisis, the children could be in Dallas County much longer.

If the Dems have their way these children will remain in Dallas until they reach adulthood. That’s when the long-term plan comes to fruition and the new voters become a force.

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez supported Jenkins’ efforts.

“There are human beings, little children, that we need to take care of,” she said.

Well of course Lupe Valdez supports Jenkins. Lupe Valdez is a Hispanic female, a Lesbian, fact, not making up accusations, and she is a good Democrat. I don’t believe you can get any more Liberal than that!

I have to wonder though; how many of these poor little children is Lezzy Lupe going to take in so she can raise then, care for them, feed them, educate them and so forth?

Jenkins said he reached out to federal officials after his eight-year-old daughter express concerned about the children flooded across the border. She even offered Jenkins Highland Park home as a potential site, saying it would be fun to play with other little girls.

“We cannot turn our backs on the children that are already here,” Jenkins said.

Here’s an idea; you take them in Clay Jenkins, quite a few of them, then YOU can pay for their food, clothing, health care, education and all the things that go into being a good parent. Wouldn’t that be what a *caring and compassionate* Libber would do?

As for me, take them to the border, deport them and let them find their way home; after all, they found their way HERE they should be able to find their way home.

And one last thing; secure the border!

EDIT TO ADD: From the *I’ll believe this crap when I see it files*
Obama to seek funds to stem border crossings, speed deportations

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26 Responses to Clay Jenkins announces plan for county to house up to 2,000 illegals

  1. TexasFred says:

    From one of my blog fans that comments to me via email:

    They need to tell the illegals to go to California they will get free food, free housing, free education, free medical care, free dental and free transportation when they get there. Tell them NANCY PELOSI is waiting to welcome to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

  2. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    The Dallas County Commisioners, under John Wiley Price’s urging, also recently passed a bill Supporting restitution for Blacks. Dallas County may be mostly red but the commisioners court is pretty damn liberal.

  3. Alan Caruba says:

    The one thing liberals love doing is spending other people’s money on useless causes.

  4. Tex Reynolds says:

    When will dimocrats realize that the term “funded by the Federal Government” means more taxes and that the working people will be paying for it? Cloward-Piven says overwhelm the system so that it fail. The Soviet Union war plans consisted of overwhelming American troops with Soviet conscripts who were instructed to “surrender” so that NATO fighting troops would be too busy escorting the pows to “safe” zones. What Clay Jenkins is doing is surrendering the future. The “Feds” will quit supplying money (remember the Katrina refugees, that are still here?) and the surrounding “Red” areas will be stuck with the bills.

    • TexasFred says:

      100% agreed… Those Katrina refugees are one of the reasons Houston has fallen further into the abyss..

    • Mary Anne Harper says:

      We have a Rogue president and a party who wants to overwhelm the system with chaos. I don’t want to collect anything for a charity because it will be used to help the Democratic party and help the illegals. We all need to volunteer for and vote straight Republican this fall and next year. Of course CYNTHIA MUNOSA WHO STARTED 3 YEARS AGO WITH obama started this idea of an influx of children to overwhelm the border and we didn’t hear about it openly until now.

      • Mary Anne Harper says:

        The spelling may be incorrect of Cynthia Munosa but I heard the information FROM Rush on his radio show.

  5. HGPSURF says:

    Once Texas falls to the Left will there be any hope left for this country? We may be getting close to the time when we have 2 countries.

  6. mrchuck says:

    I drive into Dallas now an then,,,,,and ALL the white people have gone!!
    They must drive in with tinted windows, park in underground garages, and take their “security” elevator up to their desks.
    My Sig-Sauer 45 auto lays comfortably in my lap “cocked and locked”.
    I have carried this way since I left the Academy in 1965.
    Dallas has no redeeming value anymore for me and my tired, worn-out ass.
    I know the huge Conservative republican Convention may be here, I really do not care.
    Thanks Fred,,, for bringing me the news from the front lines,,,,,

    • TexasFred says:

      I don’t live in Dallas, I live in Rowlett and where I live is about 3 blocks from the Rockwall/Dallas county line… That line is looking better every day…

  7. Wayne says:

    Good post. How on earth can these politicians call themselves citizens of this country. I firmly believe that there is so much corruption in our voting system that if all the R’s and Indy’s stayed home, you would see the msm declare close races in vital elections across the country. I don’t believe bo got 51% of the popular vote, do you? (I count Libertarians as independents) If we had a government of patriots as the founders intended, there would be a shortage of stout hemp the likes of which would baffle Wall Street. The whole country in in for a very rough summer.

  8. I, too, advocate that a liberal take in two of these illegal immigrant children — one very young child and one teenager. And pay for everything out of the individual liberal’s pockets.

    Of course, we all know that no such thing is happening.

    These weasels (politicians) are forcing us the taxpayers to foot the bills.

    As more and more of these illegal immigrant children move into geographic areas all over the United States, the individual’s real-estate taxes will have to rise as these children enter our school systems in August. See my post today, which is about this particular topic.

    It won’t be only federal taxes which will be affected; local taxes will soar, too.

  9. Proving once again, Demorats and Leftists congregate in hordes; areas of high population demand more Free Cheese and, therefore, the Demorats and Leftists follow their Free Cheese Brethren and Sistren. Tejas or Fornicalia, it’s the same. Leftist devotees want MORE Free Cheese.

    Illegal schmegal. Leftist’s don’t care; THEY are not paying for it because THEY predominantly do NOT have jobs. Except, of course, for the Political Left. They have GREAT jobs which are guaranteed by their Free Cheesers.


  10. It is YOUR job, Fred, to STFU and fork over whatever cash Leftists and Demorats demand. Know your place.


    • TexasFred says:

      LMAO… Yeah, I am in my place, right in the middle of these SOBs and their sorry-assed attempts at wrecking Texas… 😛

      • Wayne says:

        It’s only starting in Texas. The plan is to plant these “SEEDS” all over the country. This should get really interesting when the muzzies start demanding more exceptions to constitutional law to advance the shariah.

  11. Bunkerville says:

    Florida is close behind. Push one for Englee. I do not want to push one so I can talk to someone in English on the phone. Walmart’s overhead speakers recite specials in Spanish, even the hamburger is written in Spanish. Did I ever think it would come to this.

  12. TexasFred says:

    Well folks, I KNOW how to stop ALL of this *Press 1* bullshit but it’s not something that any ONE person can do; we have been invaded and THAT is an act of war… In war you kill your enemies, in great numbers..

    We either mount up and fight or we fall by the wayside a watch America the Beautiful become America the 3rd World Spic Heaven…

    Yes, it IS called CIVIL WAR but it’s either that as we remove the wetbacks and ragheads that our government won’t or we suffer until death what being a Liberal Democrat nation can do to us…

  13. Abigail says:

    Pretty clever idea to disperse all these illegals. Firstly it won’t seem as many if small groups are scattered around, secondly more people will be able to interact with them thus engaging their emotions and putting a ‘face’ on the illegals which makes it harder to get people to say kick them out. But best of all it increases dramatically the spread of disease and parasites to all the corners of the country thus potentially setting the stage for a national public health crisis and yet another ‘opportunity’ not to be wasted .

    • Mary Anne Harper says:

      Tb which won’t have a drug that will be effective and can be death for a lot of people; of course Dallas City employees won’t give the accurate numbers or names of contacts just as they have for STDS.

  14. Me thinks the Judge is Bat Shit Crazy! They say you “Can’t Fix Stupid”….I disagree, but my solution would likely end me up in Prison for life or strapped to a gurney for my last breath.

    • TexasFred says:

      Calling Jenkins *bat shit crazy* is one of the nicer things he’s been called, and somehow, I think the *solution* you have is the one that I have…

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